4 Best Sleeping Positions Guide 2022

The position in which you sleep can be a matter of habit, and habits can be changed, with a little effort. The quality of sleep is crucial to your health. But, if you do not pay attention to sleep and the position of your body while you sleep, it can be the cause of the pain, stiffness, and many other health issues complicating your movement. According to Nolah Mattress, by choosing the right sleeping position we can improve our blood circulation, reduce pain in the back, and prevent snoring, which you have to admit is sometimes more irritating than the pain.

There are many causes of sleepless nights, for example, many people find it hard to fall asleep during the summer days. The heat, the mosquitoes. But these are things a simple mosquito net and an air-condition can solve. Even more, people have difficulties sleeping because of the pillow or the mattress on the bed. This is also solved by purchasing the right pillow and a quality mattress. Websites like talkaboutsleep.com offer a wide choice of orthopedic pillows that will support your neck during the sleep, making sure it’s in the proper position, safeguarding the health of your central axis, the spine. This is very important for the blood circulation towards your head and the brain, so do not be afraid to invest in a quality pillow.

Tossing and turning until the morning hours is not normal, and if this starts happening to you, you should consider solving this problem. While it is easier to blame your mattress for the sleep problems you are facing, the real cause may be that you are just not sleeping in a suitable position. Science says that some poses during sleep will not only help you relax but will also prevent certain health problems.

Your sleeping position must ensure the adequate position of the spine. Do you know what are the best positions for your spine, while you are asleep? Do you know which position creates the least wrinkles and has a relaxing effect on the body and mind? We will guide you through finding out.

1. On the belly

Source: gogopillow.com

Well, nothing’s good about this sleeping position, but it sure as hell feels the best, at least for most people. When positioned like this your body puts pressure on the muscles of your head, neck, and jaw. Your ankles are damaging the lower part of your back because they are stiff. The effect it has on your breathing system is also not good. But everyone who sleeps next to people who snore has probably heard that it’s best to roll your partner on the belly, to stop snoring. Snoring prevention is the only good thing about this position. This position will cause painful areas, loss of sensation in the arms and legs, or tingling.

2. On the back

Source: uprightpose.com

Many experts agree that the sleeping position on the back is the healthiest for the human body. And this is something you will read through the internet. Although this pose rarely suits anyone, the lucky ones are those who are used to sleeping on their backs. It is recommended that the neck, head, and upper chest are slightly raised during this position. It provides the best rest for the shoulders and back, which are the tensest during the day, and it also helps in the proper flow of acids, because in this case, they do not return to the esophagus. Women find it good because it prevents the formation of wrinkles on your face. However, snoring is almost guaranteed in this position.

3. Fetus position

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Some articles write about how this is the position mostly chosen by the female population, even though it is the worst position a person should sleep in. Even when looking at it, it just seems that the body is in constant stiffness. The position of the hands also signalizes some kind of insecurity, combat mode. The biggest advantage of being positioned like this is that people snore less than when they are on their backs. However, this position is bad for your back and creates wrinkles. The position of the spine due to curled legs attracted to the chin can cause pain and distortion. It also affects your breathing process. It gets hard this way. Try to gradually mitigate the impact on your body by straightening your legs and straightening your body, opening up the diaphragm for deepening the breath as well.

4. On the side

Source: mattressesguide.com

Sleeping on your side also often contributes to not having that annoying back and neck pain, the intensity of snoring is zero and this is the easiest position for pregnant women. We did mention wrinkles in the previous paragraph, unfortunately, this position does not have a beneficial effect on your skin. This position is good for your overall health and has a positive effect on your spine as it is in an elongated position. However, this type of position can affect the formation of wrinkles as your facial skin is constantly leaning against the pillow. Some even say that positioning yourself on the left hip side is particularly good.

Some of the reasons are: it helps your lymphatic system perform its function better, the spleen also functions better, and your liver is resting better in this position. However, medicine also says that sleeping on the left side is not good for people with heart disorders.

Regardless of what is the healthiest position, people will still choose what they are most comfortable with. But you should still know that during the night we change the positions, so you do not need to be burdened by all of the side effects mentioned in the text above.

According to some research, we move 2-4 times during one hour of sleep. Sounds impossible? These shifts don’t necessarily mean turning completely o switch the position, but they also don’t mean we don’t turn around sometimes. Nobody ever sleeps completely still and unmovable. These micro-movements are good for the body because they improve the body’s circulation and by making them, we can more easily fall into the deeper phase of sleep, which allows us to rest our body more easily and recover faster.