4 Toughest Online Casino Games To Master in 2022

First-time gamblers don’t always have an excellent time in a casino. There are simply too many games, and they often try out so many without even managing to get a grasp of at least one. Sometimes it’s hard to pick which one you want to play and know-how, with so many options such as poker, blackjack, or roulette. The issue is that at first glance, many games look easy to learn, which leads you to believe that win is on the way. Unfortunately, things are a little bit different. Most casino games have science to them, which makes them complicated, not easy. In order to win in a game and beat a casino, you need skill and knowledge. Rookie players lack both, thus the failure. If success is on your mind, first, you need to learn how to play. Before you go head-on in a casino looking for an easy win, see our list of four toughest online casino games to master.

1. Blackjack

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Surprised? We bet you are because most people think that blackjack is the most straightforward game out there. Guess again; it’s not. It might seem easy as the rules are simple: player and dealer receive every two cards, and the winner is the one who first reaches closest to twenty-one without going over. How hard can it be? It can trust us.

The most popular version of blackjack is the one where you can split your cards into two hands. This happens when and if you are dealt two same cards. After the initial draw, you are given cards for every hand, while the bet gets doubled. This gives you two opportunities to come on top ahead of the dealer. There’s also an option of doubling down, which means that you can split your bet, but then you only get to draw one card.

If you remain keen on playing blackjack, having luck is important, but it can be managed if you know-how and a couple of tips we have for you can help. First of all, if you are lucky enough to draw two 10s, don’t split them. With this hand, you’re almost there, with the dealer having the upper hand only if draws 21.

Furthermore, when you have two 5s, here’s what you do: don’t split them. Instead, double down. This gives you an opportunity to go straight to the top with 10s drawn. If you split and get a 10, you’ll stand at 15, which isn’t a great position to be in. The cards that should always be split also include two 8s. Considered as the worst hand in blackjack, having a 16 won’t get you anywhere.

If you are a rookie playing this game, be sure never to force your hand when you’re facing a 17. If you have this number, stand. If the dealer is having 6 or less in his hand, while you’re at 13, also stand. If the version you play allows splitting aces, always do it. This should be enough for starters. Not an easy game to master, now is it?

2. Roulette

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Roulette is a game known to everyone, regardless of their affinity to gambling. The ball spins and falls, and everyone wins. No, it’s nowhere close to this. There are simply too many numbers to allow anyone an easy win. This game is nowhere near easy to master. You can bet on numbers from 1 to 36, but also on colors, red and black, and on odd and even numbers. There are many combinations. The winnings can be lucrative, but there is plenty to grasp first. Roulette is by no means a simplistic game. It’s part luck, part physics, and part your knowledge of numbers. If you decide to bet on individual numbers, you can have massive gains. This is not as easy as the odds are against you. But, you can try your beginner’s luck at Casinobernie, as they offer plenty of games to try out, roulette being among them.

3. Craps

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If you like roulette, you’ll love craps. The beginnings in these games are not hard, and you can get a hold of essentials, but as it progresses, it gets more complicated. What craps players do is they bet on a roll of two dice. Shooter, the player who throws the dice, needs to hit the end of the table with both. If he fails to do this, the throw won’t count. At every table, there are plenty of players and an extensive crowd watching. This is what makes it hard to learn on the site. Many players begin playing even before they know the rules. This sets them up good for later failure. This game moves at a fast pace, and many players can’t adapt, even less learn the process. It would be best if you were a quick learner and thinker in order to muster this game to a significant extent. We dare you to try. It won’t be easy, but hey, what is in this life?

4. Baccarat


This one is somewhat similar to blackjack. It is a showdown between you and the dealer. But, there are differences. You can bet on your hand, on the bankers, but also on a tie. We do not recommend this as your chances of winning are slim, and this bet favors the house. All cards also don’t count the same. Those from two to nine hold their value. Aces count as one, while royal cards account for a zero. The same goes for 10s. The first draw gives two cards to the dealer and the paler. If the total is less than five for each of them, another card is drawn. The counting system is also unique—only the last digit of your total counts. If you have 18, you count 8. The winner is the one who gets closest to the nine. You’ll need a lot of luck to win this one, but you can win once you master the basics and a bit more.

After reading our article, be sure not to play these games before learning a thing or two about them. They might seem easy, but they’re not. Be careful!