Slot Machines in Online Casinos

To the average person, all slots may look the same. These slot machines have spinning reels to display betting functions, symbols, and jackpots, and they use software to highlight losers and winners.

Despite what many people believe, there are many types of slot machines. Nowadays, new and modern versions of the games are available, as well as classic games released in the late 1990s.

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Virtual Reality


Since the creation and development of virtual reality, almost every business sector wanted to involve this innovation into their processes. Social media platforms, video games, computers and televisions now have large-scale projects built into virtual reality.
As you might expect, the gambling industry has also developed games that can be used with virtual reality. Unfortunately, this market seems to a bit low; nevertheless, some of these games are still available today. Moreover, only five of at least 10,000 games in the industry support VR. The games are as follows:

  • Miss Midas;
  • Book of Dead;
  • StarBurst;
  • Thunderstruck II;
  • Gonzo’s Quest.

The main reason VR slot machines are not in demand among users is that they require advanced devices. Some people don’t want to purchase them.

Progressive Jackpots


Have you ever heard about the British soldier who had won £13.2 million on Mega Moolah? John Heywood has won one of the huge jackpot prizes by playing the Mega Moolah progressive slot. So, if you’ve ever desired to win millions overnight, consider playing a progressive jackpot game.

The main feature of this game is the money pot which always increases until you win. One of the most famous games is Mega Moolah from Microgaming. It has four prizes in one game. These are:

  • A mini-pot of $10 or more.
  • A small jackpot from $100.
  • A large jackpot from $10,000.
  • Mega bank starts at $1,000,000.

Progressive jackpots work by taking some of the money played out and adding it up to the prize pool. What’s interesting is that players draw the same pot even when they bet at other casinos.

That is why some of these games have very high jackpots, because there are many players from different countries. Also, progressive slots have lower RTP from bonuses or main game; therefore, experts recommend not playing these games unless you have an itch to win the jackpot.

Video Slots


These games are the most popular ones in casinos. Video slots have higher payouts, beautiful graphics, great soundtracks and unusual themes, unlike classic slots. So, if you are an incorrigible gambler, these games are perfect for you.

The games you play depend on the characteristics of the game and your interests. If you like sports, choose sports-themed games. Moreover, be sure to look closely at features such as mobile compatibility, paylines, jackpots, free spins and the mechanics of the slot itself.

When looking for the best video slots, compare their payouts, themes, bonuses and limits. Don’t forget to read reviews to understand what other players and experts think about these games.

Note that some games have lower payouts but unique features. On the other hand, some of them have high payouts but are unimpressive.



In general, any of our slots are 2D games; however, over the years, several software providers have tried to develop games in 3D format — a game that feels more realistic on video screens.

3D machines work like regular video games, apart from their many distinguishing features, such as symbols that seem to pop out of their screens. Therefore, the games turn out to be very engaging and interactive. Like VR games, there aren’t many slot machines with 3D graphics.



These games were developed in the early years of the gambling industry. Classic machines were developed exclusively for computers and desktops; thus, most of them are not compatible with smartphones.

As the name implies, classic games have not changed; thus, they do not have enough bonus features and low payouts. You may ask yourself, why play these games? Well, you can play them to treat yourself to a nostalgic feeling.

These are not the best slots available today because their low RTP means you will win less than you should. Also, their outdated graphics mean that they are not as appealing as the modern versions.


Online slots are undoubtedly favorite games of modern players, and due to their immense popularity, they have become a staple in both offline and online gambling establishments. There are plenty of slots available online, and each one has its own theme to suit all preferences and interests. The only problem many players face is deciding which game to play or where to get in.

It should be noted that progress also does not stand still. Software developers come up with new and new features. Buying bonuses, additional games inside the slots themselves, skill games, etc. is also impacts the slot payout. In order to keep track of this cycle of news, updates and suggestions, we recommend you to add to bookmarks and subscribe to a specialized site Spy-Casino. There are always plenty of no-deposit offers, free spin bonuses and important information regarding online casinos.

The latest innovation from many manufacturers was a customizable RTP. A few years ago, it was unimaginable, but today it is practically an integral part of the market. RTP with the value of 90% and below — earlier this could be distinguished only by fake slots, but today providers carry about this. Many players do not like it, and we can understand them. But the providers justify themselves and assure that this is a desperate measure, and no one is going to cheat the players. All information about understated RTP is available to the player, so there can’t be a situation when players believe they play a slot with RTP of 96%, but in fact it is 90%. However, we all understand that this information can be manipulated. In addition, most players will not bother to search for reliable data about RTP. Most of them will just play their favorite slot in hopes that it has the usual high RTP by default.

In general, new opportunities in the gambling industry not only offer options to meet players’ growing demands for innovation and quality, but also make their lives more difficult at the same time. In some way, paying for innovation in the gambling industry comes at the expense of players’ money. Is that fair? Yes and no. Finally, it’s all done for the players, and they should pay for it more than anyone. But the big question remains: how fair is it all?