Simple Trick to Beat Aggressive Poker Players

Poker is a game of nerves. You know this much. It can be an online version, a live dealer one at an online casino, a real game in a land-based casino, or a game between friends. The one who wins is not the player with the best hand. It’s the one who pulls all the right moves. You can with by bluffing, or by simply knowing when to raise and when to fold. Poker can be a game of strategy. This especially goes when you play for a prolonged period. But, people often face aggressive poker players. They make strategizing hard.

You probably had instances when you faced an aggressive guy at a poker game, right? We all did. They’re hard to counter, and nobody likes them. But, what you want to hear is that they can be beaten, right? Of course, they can. No strategy at poker is bulletproof. All you need to know is how to counter them. You need to be like Benzema, Ronaldo, and Ozil in Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid side that reinvented the term counterattacking. Did you know that soccer and poker had similarities? Now you do. So, what do you plan to do about it?

Well, there’s not much you can do. The little you should do is to read this article top to bottom. Why? That’s even simpler – we are about to tell you a simple trick to beat aggressive poker players. This is a valuable lesson. Aggressive players can take your money if you don’t know how to handle them. What’s even worse they can ruin even the best poker games. But, legally, you can’t do anything against them. What you can do is beat them at the table. That’s the best way to do it. Once you learn the lesson we have for you, you can click here and try out what you’ve learned this time around. Let’s see what you can do about those pesky aggressive poker players.

Who Are Aggressive Poker Players?


If you’re an avid poker player you’ll meet all sorts of players. When it comes to aggressive ones, you have three primary groups. The first ones are tight-aggressive (TAG), the second ones are the loose-aggressive (LAG), and then you have the loose-aggressive/passive ones. The difference between them is in the number of hands they’re prepared to commit to. The loose aggressive type will play many hands, and it will be hard to track them. The tight aggressive will go aggressive but only on a selected number of hands. The remaining group will go somewhere in between and to high ends in both specters. In the same way, you have different types of aggressive players, you have different techniques for countering them. So, in a few short lines, we are going to tell you which one to apply to which type of your opponent. Let’s start with the lessons.

How to Counter a TAG Player?


This one comes easy at first. The best way to leave them hanging is to fold them when they start rising. When they rise it means they have a strong hand. By folding you give the app thinking they have a strong hand which they probably do. Another approach includes applying the LAG technique of your own. This means that they will start tracking you when you’re having a good hand without a chance of knowing what you hide because you’ll be covering many hands during the game. Your biggest advantage is that you are too a player at the table. This gives you a chance to read other players. With time you’ll notice how a TAG player operates. You can also count them and see if they fold. This way you’ll always know when they have a weak hand and are bluffing. In other instances when they raise on you, you should fold knowing that they have a good hand.

How About LAG Players?


With them, the situation is a little bit different. They are players who look out for their opponents and how fast are they adapting to their play style. So, you need to be careful watching them, as they are also watching you. They will follow each hand, check and raise on almost every occasion. This is why you shouldn’t go into a dispute with them if you have a weak hand. It will result in a large pot but you’ll end up with a weak hand. What you should look for is to lead the raise party when you have truly a strong hand. This will discourage a LAG as they will follow you even with a weak hand. After a few losses, they will calm down. You should also look to check-raise as much as you can as this will signal to them that they’re not running the game. Also, you’ll be able to notice when they’re not giving up which will signal to you that they have a fine hand and that you should fold.

General Advice


This will be some advice in general which is best applied to the third group of aggressive bettors we mentioned. Regardless of who you’re facing, once you notice an aggressive approach you need to take things slowly. Calm down, and pay with your mind. You should let your opponents lead the way. Let them bet first. Allow their aggression to take the best out of them. With time they will bluff you every hand which will give you an advantage in the moments you have a strong hand. Furthermore, you must bluff too. Do this on your weaker hand sometimes. But, whatever you do, don’t let them dictate the tempo. You can get lost in their game. Also, you mustn’t mistake which player you have against yourself. If you do this, you won’t be able to get the real value from the hands you are having. It’s important to know that the same hands won’t work against LAG and TAG. In the end, what we are giving you are tips and tricks, and for the most part, they give results. But, do not be angry if you lose despite doing what we told you. These players come prepared too.