10 Unusual Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in 2022

Online gambling and betting have been a growing trend in the world since the mid-1990s. Today, by some estimations, it is the global world market worth forty billion dollars.
There are thousands of online casinos on the Internet where users can try their luck. Passionate fans are no longer conditioned to visit the nearest casino, and they don’t even have to wait in lines and suffer because of the crowds. Online casino users are not even weather conditioned and can access the games at any time of the day or night.

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Different countries regulate online betting and gambling differently, so in many of them, it is illegal. In some parts of the US, Canada, as well as in most countries of the European Union, online gambling is legally allowed, but that does not mean that it is not legally treated. Namely, in most countries where online gambling is allowed, each online casino must have a special license from the country where the server and provider are located.
That is only the tip of the iceberg, and here we gathered the ten most unusual laws about online gambling.

1. New Zealand

Source: gamblingsites.org

In New Zealand, this type of entertainment is allowed to New Zealanders only if the site they use is not from the territory of New Zealand.

All New Zealand sites are directly regulated by the New Zealand government and are for foreign users only. Some of the great opportunities for easy earnings are also some of the most popular games among New Zealanders like horse racing, lottery, slot machines, and sports betting.

2. South Korea

The odd thing about the law that covers gambling in this country is that even though online betting is illegal, the land-based casinos are not. And this is where it gets weird, as only one of the 17 casinos is for their citizens, and others are strictly for the foreigners.
Quite unusual and strange.

3. UAE

If one would like to place a bet in UAE, they should know that it is highly illegal to do so. But, if the online casino is physically based somewhere beyond the borders, there are no penalties for that.

4. Canada

Source: newsamericasnow.com

As mentioned above, there are some things about online gambling that are, in some countries, not as clear as they should be, and in some, they contradict each other. One of those laws in Canada states that if a company does not get permission to provide gambling and betting services to the citizens of Canada, that sort of gambling is illegal, and there is no problem there. The problem occurs when Canadians register and use those sites, and they are located overseas, since no rule, law, or regulation covers this topic. And since provinces can regulate their gambling laws individually, the confusion is much worse, as some of them operate and have their online gambling outlets.


There are many countries in Europe, and although European Commission is in charge of those who are a part of the European Union when it comes to the law, every country can pass and have their own rules and laws. That is why the regulations and laws differ, especially when it comes to online gambling, as some of them consider this type of gaming as illegal, while in others, it is legal and under the law.

5. Switzerland

The first thing to know is that here we have a federal and cantonal level of laws regarding gambling. The first one is in charge of giving license to casinos, and the second one deals with sports betting and lotteries. Since January 2019, and the effect of the Money Gaming Act, the IP address of every foreign site dedicated to online gambling is blocked, and the purpose of this act is so that everyone will pay their share of taxes. Of course, every website can apply and get a license, but they will also have to pay taxes, which is why there are still not that many legal online gaming sites available in this country. A good thing to know is that there is also a similar law in Austria.

6. Russia and Norway

Source: casino.org

While in Russia, where every way of online gambling is illegal, and only the land-based casinos are legal and covered by the law, in Norway, although there are some strict rules about land-based casinos and gambling, there is no clear mention of their online versions. It is unusual, but maybe that is the reason that this type of gaming is flourishing in this Scandinavian country. As a bonus to this whole confusion, the Norwegian law states that it is illegal for their banks to have any money transaction with the foreign gaming companies. But people have found their way around this law.

7. Germany

Most forms of online gambling in Germany is illegal, but you can bet on sports and horses via those companies that are licensed by the government. But for those who want to play, a good thing to know is that in one small state in the north part of the country (Schleswig-Holstein), online casino betting is legal.

8. Netherland

It is quite unusual that this highly liberal country has some of the pretty confusing and weird laws when it comes to online betting. But as things are, currently, any foreign websites dedicated to betting are illegal. Additionally, for domestic sites, any type of advertising is strictly forbidden. All this still doesn’t stop, neither the Dutch people nor foreign companies continue with this activity, with the government unable to stop them.


Source: europeangaming.eu

In the USA, there are only several states where you can bet and play casino games online legally, and yes, there are some weird and unusual regulations that we found.

9. Colorado

Since May 2022, sports’ betting is legal in Colorado, after a period of six months after the vote on this matter. But there is one really unusual part of this law, which states that if someone transmits betting info via phone, radio, or telegraph, it is a class 3 misdemeanor, and for repeat offenders, it goes up to class 6 misdemeanor. So, if you are in Colorado, be careful.

10. New Jersey

It is a growing industry with a market of 225 million dollars a year in New Jersey, but still has one pretty unusual restriction when it comes to sled dog racing. Namely, it is only allowed for exhibits and agricultural fairs, which we all must agree is quite a strange thing.


There is some weird law in almost every country in the world, and when it comes to online gambling, most of them simply do not know how to regulate them in the best possible way, and also how to make the most of those rules and regulations, money-wise. That is why we have mostly confusing and contradictory laws, but all that still does not change the fact that online gambling, with all the benefits and comfort, is simply the future.