6 Reasons Why People Can Get Kicked Out of Casinos in 2022

The traditional casino code of behavior has been largely unchanged for generations. Of course, with new technology, there are going to be some new trends and aspects, but all in all, there is a general consensus on what guests are allowed to do and what they must never try. It does not matter if one is a player or just a visitor, there is a strict set of rules that have to deal with the right kind of conduct when on their premises.

With that being said, in this article, we will talk about the most common reasons why people can get kicked out of a casino. No matter if it is a small local establishment or a top-tier casino resort reminiscent of the famous ones on the Las Vegas Strip, an average person can get thrown out or banned from any place of gambling for breaking the rules.

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1. Disregarding the Etiquette

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Most casinos deem themselves as places of above-average class and style, meaning they have a certain kind of etiquette. Disregarding this set of simple rules is absolutely the most common way of being kicked out of the establishment. Being rude to other players, the staff, and especially the security is a recipe for disaster that you should avoid at all times. General problematic behavior is unwelcome in all places, let alone casinos where people come to relax and have fun. If a member of the staff or security asks you to comply a few times, you better listen. Else, you will not be staying for long.

2. Overdrinking and Being Drunk

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Ordering too much to drink with or without becoming drunk quickly will not go unnoticed, especially since the barman is probably in constant communication with other staff like waiters and the security. From the moment they realize that you are definitely going to end up drunk, they will pay more attention to you waiting for a bad move on your end. And it does not take long when alcohol takes over even for the calmest person to act irrationally. Sit back and think about how many drinks you have already had. Getting drunk in such a public space that is not associated with drinks first is a problem. It would be different if it is a bar or a pub, later and night. A casino is not the best place to do so, and people get kicked out for being drunk and causing problems no matter what caused them to overdrink.

3. Overreacting and Losing your Manners

Gambling is stressful, both when winning and losing. Losing your cool is another amazingly efficient way of ending your session prematurely. If you have a problem with containing your happiness of frustration, work on that before going to a casino. No matter if you act out of excitement when you win or anger when you lose, the staff will react and probably remove you from the table. You may even lose the money you have put in or won if you cause serious problems. If you are rude to the dealer, you will be almost instantly removed from the game and eventually from the whole casino. Losing streaks are hard to deal with, but they have been cases when repeated winners were thrown out for rubbing it in, acting like fools, and behaving as if there are no consequences now that they are somewhat richer. Do not be that guy. Never be that guy! Be polite and kind at all times and you will not have bad experiences.

4. Taking Photographs

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If you do not know this already, it may come as a bit of a surprise to you. Taking photographs of the games as well as the staff once you are inside a casino is prohibited. This mostly has to do with the actual act of taking photos looking suspicious. The employees cannot know what you will use the photos for. Maybe you are planning a heist or a cheating scheme that will rob them of their money? Maybe you are a spy from a rival casino from down the street. However funny or impossible this may seem, this is what they will think, especially the owner. And do not think you can sneak a photo or two. Casinos nowadays have numerous security cameras, and they are usually dark enough for even a slight flash from a smartphone to be easily spotted. If you wish to take a photo for souvenir and tourist purposes, ask for permission and do not act out if you are denied.

5. Scheming, Loitering, and Being Suspicious

All of these are viewed in much the same way as taking photos. If you are constantly moving around other players, inspecting things, overlooking the tables and games, everyone will think you are planning something malicious. What would you think if a stranger came onto your property and kept looking around as if they are preparing a scheme? Do not attract unwanted intentions to yourself and no trouble will find you. Act normal, behave as you would in a restaurant or a bar, or even a shop. Do not stand out in any way and you will be fine. Too many times have casino owners and their employees had to deal with actual perpetrators so they must be extra careful all the time.

6. Cheating and Counting Cards

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Any form of cheating to win more than you should and rob the casino is illegal, that much should be clear even without any word put to it. This is the big one, the mother of all reasons for being kicked out of a casino. The way around it is simple. DO NOT CHEAT. Learn the games, practice, and try your best. Trying to bend the rules is the fastest way to a lifetime ban from an establishment. When counting cards is concerned, it is not technically illegal but nobody likes it, and casinos can “ask you politely” to do something else because you appear too good for that particular game. If this happens, oblige politely and next time around try to appear less suspicious while doing it. One cannot really make a law against memory and mathematics, so counting cards is not the same as cheating.