5 Tips For Finding Safe and Durable Cheap Hair Vendors – 2022 Guide

A wig or a weave can be a great addition for any woman. It gives you a level of customization on your styling like nothing else. But, finding a realistic wig with real hair can be very difficult sometimes. To be more precise, it is hard to find a reliable and trustworthy vendor that sells such products. Since a real weave or wig can be an expensive investment, it makes sense for them to be durable, safe, and long-lasting. Unfortunately, they are not of high quality every time.

This is why it is so important to do your research beforehand and find a cheap hair vendor that will always sell safe and durable products.

However, finding such a vendor can be especially hard if you are purchasing your virgin hair online. How can you know what kind of quality you are working with if you are unable to physically touch the product? You can’t. You will have to resort to different methods if you want to find out about the quality of the vendor.

To help you with that, I wrote this article to provide you with several tips that focus on this topic. I hope that you will find this article useful.

1. Don’t get baited by big discounts

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In this market, often you will see vendors and shops offering ridiculously big discounts reaching up to a decrease of 90%. This does seem like a lucrative offer, but think about why is there such a big discount? There has to be a reason why the cost of that certain product has been cut down so much. It is either because the hair has a defect in some way or just because the product was never real in the first place.

There are a lot of websites out there like this that will try to scam you. Think about it, a real high-quality wig with short hair can cost somewhere around $60 or $70. That’s the lowest it can get. On average the pricing is at $100+. So, if most of them cost well over $60, how can a certain vendor sell them for $15 or $20?

That is a clear sign that something is not right with the product they are offering.

So, if you want to end up with a wig that will last you for a long time while always looking pristine, I suggest that you avoid very low costs and huge discounts. It is always better to be safe and pay more than to be sorry.

2. No official website and contact information

The reality is that this market is filled with vendors that are not even businesses. People think that it is simple and easy to make a wig out of real hair. It is definitely not. That is probably why there are so many wigs out there that look awful.

Creating a proper wig requires skill and knowledge on the subject. So, if you end up finding a vendor that is advertising reliable products, I would suggest checking out their website first. Every online vendor should have an official website with all of the required contact information. Phone number, physical location, and email.

If the business does not provide any of this, I suggest asking them to share their contact information. If they are not willing to do so, that is a definite red flag. It is probably not a real business.

3. Ask the right questions

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One of the best ways to find out what kind of product you are looking at is by asking the right questions. Every vendor should be willing to ask all of your questions if they want to make a sale and to stay relevant to the market. If they are not willing to ask all of your questions, they probably are not even a legitimate vendor.

Ask them about the origin of their hair, how they process it, where they do their processing, and other similar questions. You want to obtain as much information as you can. If you want, you could even request a video of the wig. It is much easier to see the quality of hair through a video than a picture.

If you can, look for professional wholesale hair vendors that have a lot of experience in this industry as suggested by blackshowhair.com. Those companies that have been in the industry longer have probably delivered high-quality products most of the time. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be on the market anymore.

4. Order a hair sample

Not everyone is willing to risk $100 only to find out that the wig is not made out of real hair. Being scammed like that doesn’t exactly feel good, especially when you realize you have just wasted $100 or more. To save yourself the trouble (and money), I suggest that you ask for a hair sample.

If you can establish proper communication with the vendor, I am sure that they will be willing to send you a sample to check out their product.

Once you get the sample, you can get a good idea of what the company really has to offer. If you like the style and the feel of the sample, you can expect that the products will be of the same quality.

Of course, if you are not satisfied with the sample, it would probably be best to look for a different business on the market. Never settle for a subpar solution.

5. Check out reviews

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One of the quickest ways you can find out more about the quality of a certain product is through reviews, especially on websites such as Amazon, eBay or AliExpress. These websites have a working and a very reliable review/rating system. I think it would be a good idea to trust those reviewers.

Although, if you notice abnormally high five-star/positive reviews, they might be bots. So, you should still be careful even if it is positively reviewed.

If you follow all of these tips I mentioned in this article, I believe that you will always end up with safe, durable and even affordable hair.