How to Learn to Bet: A Bit About Services

Experienced gamblers who actively bet at bookmakers have already developed their tactics and betting strategies a long time ago, using additional resources to carry out a quality analysis. General information is freely available on internet information resources. The website gives everyone the necessary data to place a successful bet.

All bettors who are actively involved in betting at the bookmakers’ offices eventually pick up certain additional services to make it easier to manage their betting. Many beginners are convinced that it is better to use paid services and apps for high-quality analysis of a sporting event. But this is far from being the case.

There is no doubt that sports betting is one of the largest and most popular forms of gambling in the world. Whether you are a beginner who needs advice for beginner bookmakers or you already have some experience, it is worth remembering the most important things related to sports betting. This practical knowledge will make it easier for you to access the game, but also make your wallet more difficult.

Are there safe pairs and alerts? Is betting on big and dubious odds worth it? Why bet on singles and Asian Handicap? Why is live betting important? These are probably just some of the questions that bother you.

But don’t sweat because we will help you get a perfectly played ticket. These tips for beginners in betting will definitely help you! So let’s start.

The best free betting services

The statement “the more expensive, the better” does not always work in real life. Many people pay a lot of money to buy analytical software, but it does not always allow them to accurately assess the match. This consequently reduces the chances of a winning bet.

Today, in-depth analysis can be done with the help of free websites. There are three types of additional services available:

  • Informational;
  • Statistical;
  • Scanner.

Each has an important mission for quality sports betting at the bookmakers.

Statistical services


Success in gambling betting depends, as much as half of it, on a thorough review of statistical data. A couple of sites can easily be identified in this area.

  1. Myscore is a fairly popular resource among bettors on a free-of-charge basis, where a wealth of information is available:
  • Historical data on matches played a long time ago: results and statistics.
  • Calendar of club games and participants in individual sports.
  • All about the squad: who makes up the backbone, who is in reserve, the strongest scorers, who is injured, suspended, received yellow cards and their amount.
  • All information about the player: which clubs he has represented, injury history, transfers, and his value, and statistics on the seasons that have passed.
  • It is possible to keep track of how bets are placed on the selected match.
  • It is possible to track statistical data online with the text broadcast.
  • Short video reviews of the competitions and current news.

A professional approach to studying the information enables one to understand the current team or player level, the game tactics, and the presumed strength of the play in the forthcoming match.

2. Official betting web resources — these are additional resources that provide data on sports and championships. Bookmakers’ offices list such sources on their websites, but not all use them in practice.

3. 24 Score — this is a very useful resource for those who prefer to make statistical bets on yellow cards and corner kicks. It provides detailed data on the cards for each team: the total number, the away and home games separately. With this information base in hand, it is easy to analyze the forthcoming nature of the game and make a promising yellow card bet.

Informational services


The second step, following the statistics, is to know the current team atmosphere and the psychological state of players in individual sports. This information can be found on official club websites, players’ pages on social networks. Or it is possible to use several resources:

  1. Championat — an excellent news resource that provides essential information: transfer deals, changes in coaching squad, recovery period of players after injuries, relationships within the team.
  2. Lifetv — the website is full of video material. An opportunity to watch the matches played allows one to get a better idea of the team’s current form, strengths, weaknesses, and tactics of the game.

Each of the services helps the bettor to find important and useful information, which enables one to make a good bet.



The last step, after studying statistics and general information, is to look at the traffic around the chosen team. Some free websites will be invaluable helpers:

  1. Oddsportal provides a real insight into the changing odds from the start of the opening of the lines to their closing. This resource will be very useful for those who use a betting strategy based on odds traffic. There is a large archive of results from previous seasons for a variety of sports, not the most current championships, as well as archived information about the odds’ traffic for them.
  2. OddsMatch — shows the strongest drops in football based on 24 bookmakers.
  3. ArbWorld — the main interest is focused on actual cash flows. Experienced players use them to develop working game strategies.
  4. BetExplorer is a service that allows users to find interesting matches by applying various filters.


The services described above require absolutely no additional financial investment. The information base they offer, if used correctly, makes it possible to predict positive bets frequently, which will help to stay in the black for a long time.

Bettors with a lot of experience carefully study all the websites, looking for important information. And they also find brilliant forecasters by subscribing to their newsletters, but they are not looking for predictive betting, they are looking for valuable information.