6 Best and Worst Sports to Gamble on in 2022

Sports betting is the most interesting type of gambling for most people, even in front of slot machines and poker. There are many reasons, but two reasons stand out. The first reason is that most people in the world watch at least one sport, and then betting makes watching the game even more interesting. Another reason is that not everything is based on luck like when you play a slot machine. You could even say that luck is only 20 percent, and the rest is the knowledge of the sport you bet on.

But you should definitely keep in mind that outcome of no match is 100 percent sure, otherwise sportsbooks would not have it in their offer because it would bring them a certain loss. Occasionally it happens that there is no specific match on offer because one team is too big a favorite, but even then a surprising result sometimes happens. Still, luck is something we can’t influence, but we can influence how well we know a particular sport. And something that is certain is that some sports are easier to bet on because they are more predictable, while others are not. So read which are the best and worst sports to gamble on to know which ones to opt for and which ones to avoid if you are not an expert.


1. NFL

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The NFL is not a sport but a league, as you know, but since it is the only professional football league in the world, we will list it separately. It is very difficult to gamble and even experts almost never guess successfully who will be the champion and the like. Every year it happens that a team that was expected to fight for the title has a score below .500 and also always at least 2 or 3 teams reach the playoffs from which this was not expected. Also, more than in any other sport, unexpected results happen every round. Let’s just take the last round as an example when the Los Angeles Rams, one of the best teams, lost to the New York Jets, who were winless until last week and Jets are by far worst team in the league. Bets on individual players are also popular, which is also very risky because in-game injuries often occur.

2. Combat sports

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First of all, we think of MMA and boxing, as the two most popular, but also of any other. Although there are always favorites, one second is enough for the winner to be decided. Only one punch, kick, or move can decide, so that distinguishes combat sports from all others where the game lasts an hour or more and the favorite can’t just lose so easily. So that they would not lose money because of one knockout, it is better to gamble on something else.

3. MLB

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Like the NFL, MLB is something we all think of when we say baseball, although there are certainly other pro baseball leagues in the world, unlike with football where NFL is only one. Either way, stay away from baseball, but above all MLB. The reason is very simple. The season is too long. Over 150 matches are played and it is absolutely impossible to know who teams will approach which match. Since one defeat means nothing, it can always happen that the team approaches the match uninterested or rests the best players.


1. Soccer

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In most parts of the world, soccer is certainly the most popular sport for betting. The seasons last a long time, both national championships and continental competitions, so soccer is available to you almost all year round. It is best to gamble on European soccer because there is the highest level of soccer and it is unlikely that a match is fixed. Of course, we mean the top-level leagues in Europe, not the lower-level leagues that should be avoided. The Champions League is one of the safest competitions and mostly the favorites win. What makes soccer also a good choice is that most online casinos like ufa.bet, as well as sportsbooks, have the soccer as primary sport in their offer. You will be able to choose from almost all world leagues, and there is also a large offer of different games.

2. Basketball

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However, we do not mean all basketball competitions. For example, the NCAA is a basketball competition that should be avoided because it is impossible to predict, especially March Madness. But that’s why the NBA and the Euroleague are good choices. According to lines.com mostly the favorites live up to expectations and reach the playoffs, and often the finals or win the title. Also, the Final Four of the Euroleague generally has the same participants every year, only a few teams have changed for decades. That is why our advice is to gamble on those two basketball competitions, and to avoid the others if you are not an expert. Also, never gamble on Asian basketball before you first learn all about their leagues. The reason is that incomparably more points are being scored than in the rest of the world.


Tennis is certainly one of the sports where the results are the easiest to predict, so it must be among the best for betting. Of course, we are talking about the biggest tournaments that include the Grand Slams and Masters. And even a lower level, in the form of a tournament whose winning gives 250 or 500 points. In tennis, upsets are very rare. And the odds are relatively low, but your chances of winning money are high. The best tennis players in the world, and especially Big3 – Nadal, Djokovic and Federer have only lost a few times to low ranked players in their entire careers. Also, other favorites usually win, especially when the best of 5 is played. So you can safely invest money into tennis, and when players with similar skills play, so the outcome of their match is difficult to predict, it is best to play single because odds will be favorable. Women’s tennis is harder to predict than men’s, especially in the last few years, so our recommendation is to stick to ATP. Tennis is continuously advancing, with the quality of the game to the surrounding. Stadiums and courts are getting better with this progress. Companies have started investing a lot in its infrastructure.  Fields and courts are getting much better. Better grass, clay. Protecting them with different type of soils, roofs, tennis windscreens and many other additional equipment which are keeping them in really good condition will eventually help in the quality of the sport itself.


Any sport can be profitable if you know it well enough. That is why our advice is to specialize in one or several, because that is the only way you can achieve long term profits.