Best and Worst Christian Bale Performances

If you are a movie freak, then you know how fast the names of potential stars both appear and disappear from the Hollywood sky, not solely because they are not good enough to make a name for themselves, but also because of the innumerous titles hyperproduction industry potentiates almost daily. We would agree that one must have supernatural-like methods of coping with the demands of the market over the years, and both reach and remain at the top of most successful actors ever to have performed. Per Aspera ad Astra, they say, and we assure you that Christian Bale can act out any of the segments required to make that type of journey realistic. Thus, read the following list of his best and worst performances we have prepared for you.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


If you have seen this movie, then you know how unnatural it appears to the viewer. Basically, it does not have a bad plot, since it represents a screening of the popular novel of the same name, but the atmosphere created by the director and the actors fail to deliver the real deal. If you reckon people talk in English all over the world but do not understand each other because their accents are different, then this might be just what the doctor ordered. Otherwise, if authenticity is what you need, you might want to skip it. Besides that, actors seem to pretense, more than commit to their performance, which potentiates that the movie was more a gig than a professional venture, even though the acting setting was full of stars to be. Anyway, Bale plays a handsome young Mandras who prefers dying for his homeland to taking the hand of a beautiful girl.

Exodus: Gods and Kings


Even though when you gather around an astonishing crew starting from the producer, over the director, and state-of-the-art special effects experts, to the movie crew, nobody guarantees you will come up with an extremely quality watching material. We all know the plot, and how hard and sci-fi must have been back in the days, but the guys overdid it, only to deliver a strange interpretation of a Biblical story. The movie has scenes worth your attention as well, but the general impression is that it underdelivers, especially when Christian Bale plays Moses, who fights his half-brother Ramzes II. Bale seemed to be out of the role, thus, contributed to the strange energy this movie delivers. A blockbuster, yes, but not a special one.



Even though Christian Bale did exactly what he should do acting as one of the most important screws of the new dystopian society, the whole movie unravels in a strange fashion, even though the point is eventually made. In a world where any emotion is forbidden and punishable by law, he somehow manages to free the world by not taking the morning dose of globally consumed medicine. The resistance wins again, and the world awaits rebuilding based on love and compassion.



Once you see the Hostiles, you try introspecting yourself, as the main motive of this movie is an internal struggle, although the scenery helps you teleport to the wild west era almost instantly. Bale plays Blocker, an old and stiff-minded cavalry captain who receives an order he would rather avoid by dying than accepting it, but things change on the way. Even though the plot is not perfect, you will become a part of this modern-day western easily, thanks to both the amazing performance and convincing emotional transmissions delivered by the cast and the out-of-this-world movie footage. Consult Scott Cooper Miami for a more detailed report on this hard but honest movie masterpiece which tells a story from the perspective of a man that has fought many wars, but now needs to win the one with himself. If you want to find out more about this film, feel free to visit this site.

Vice/The Machinist


If we wanted to speak about how devoted actor Christian Bale is, we would talk about these two movie accomplishments. For a vast majority of extreme movie fans out there, it is not only hard but almost impossible to lose a pound or two willingly, especially if they savor in popcorn anytime they watch something. On the other hand, for Bale, it is just a part of him doing what he does best, that is becomes one with a character he portrays.
Vice is a story about how the world as we know it is shaped behind the scenes, and what is the difference between reality and the material that is served to the audience. One way or another, the protagonist is Dick Chainey, played by one fat gentleman, also known as I-can-do-it-all, or even better, the Transformation, Christian Bale. There is no chance you can tell that is him until you realize that no one else can deliver the role so realistically but him.
On the other hand, we have the Machinist, a 2004 movie that highlighted the potential Bale has and knows how to make something with it. As opposed to Vice, you shall witness another transformation, only the other way around. Can you imagine that someone loses 62 pounds for a role, and still deliver an amazing performance of a psychotic man who loses his grip on reality due to countless sleepless nights? We suppose that hefty weight loss contributed to realistic performance, but should not that be the point?

The Dark Night


The whole trilogy where Bale acts as Bruce Wayne is one of the best performances in the history of movie-making, but the Dark Night is something special. In a world where prequels do not make so much sense, this one will teach you how some of the biggest legends Gotham City has ever seen have become their true selves. It is not just about the brilliant acting done by Bale, but also about Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent and one and only, the Joker, performed by Heath Ledger. There is nothing about this film you would not like, except its length, because2 hours and 32 minutes do not seem to be enough.
Even though we would like to present more roles played by Christian Bale, we reckon you have all you need to start a movie night any time. Thus, choose your favorites carefully, and be careful not to break the replay button if you get fond of particular pieces too much.