How To Store Beer 2022

When you need a cold beer on a hot afternoon, you shouldn’t have to deep your hand in ice or make your guests the same. If you store beer correctly then I can assure you would never have to go through the disappointment of not having a cold beer on a hot day. Storing beer properly can improve and maintain its quality over time. here we are going to take a look at the proper ways to store your beer properly to keep up with the quality.

First of all, how about we discuss the correct position you should store your beer in; just like everything that goes into your fridge there’s is a good and bad way to store your beer to keep up with its quality. Your beer bottles should be standing upright instead of sideways. This will ensure that the yeast settles at the bottom of the bottle. Storing your beer upright also reduces oxidation thereby ensuring the beer is kept longer


Also, you should definitely place your beer storage away from light. If the beer is struck by light too much especially in beers with green and brown bottles, it changes the taste to pretty much something you wouldn’t like at all.

Beer is best kept at cool but not frozen temperatures and it is very important to get storage temperature right at all times. However, the right storage temperature is dependent on the type of beer

If you’re thinking of age beer, then you should be aware of how long you can store beer. This depends on the type of beers and the processed used for brewing them as some are actually for fast consumption. In general American beer can be stored from four to six months while most imported beers can last up to a year.

Beers over 7 percent alcohol tend to fare better for aging purposes. And most importantly don’t even try storing opened beer. The carbonation will evaporate and you’ll have an awful flat beer which wouldn’t be awesome.