Best Mini Fridge for Beer 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Best Choice
Kalamera 15'' Wine Cooler 28 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Double-Layer...
Good Choice
Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan – Stainless Steel 120-Can Capacity
Premium Pick
Avallon ABR241SGRH - Beverage Center Refrigerators
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NewAir AB-1200BC1 Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity - Mini Bar Beer Fridge with...
Kalamera 15'' Wine Cooler 28 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Double-Layer...
Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan – Stainless Steel 120-Can Capacity
Avallon ABR241SGRH - Beverage Center Refrigerators
NewAir AB-1200BC1 Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity - Mini Bar Beer Fridge with...
Best Choice
Kalamera 15'' Wine Cooler 28 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Double-Layer...
Kalamera 15'' Wine Cooler 28 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel & Double-Layer...
Good Choice
Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan – Stainless Steel 120-Can Capacity
Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan – Stainless Steel 120-Can Capacity
Premium Pick
Avallon ABR241SGRH - Beverage Center Refrigerators
Avallon ABR241SGRH - Beverage Center Refrigerators
Don't Miss
NewAir AB-1200BC1 Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity - Mini Bar Beer Fridge with...
NewAir AB-1200BC1 Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity - Mini Bar Beer Fridge with...

What makes you pull the house down after a sweaty long day at work and you can’t find it? Beer. What gets you hitting the corner store in panties leaving your credit cards behind? Lager beer. Why does everything fall back in place after a crate of KBS in the condo? The spirit. What replaces that bad feeling with a winning vibe on your team’s side before a soccer live show? A thick dark bottle of beer or a cold Heineken! Okay… but how about the best mini fridge for beer for a consistent gulping of crispy cold strong lager?

An expensive moderate-sized refrigerator that doesn’t disappoint in any way. One that keeps the front of the line bottles coldly sweaty and the backend crate icy all the time. Once you don’t splash out on for repair now and then.

Whether you’re planning on a house party. Or you’re about pulling off with the 6 months food and beer only challenge. Or you enjoy casually drinking beer while tripping without getting shit-faced. Or you’re taking too much and want a mini-fridge to keep things away from the wife’s nagging. You are in the right place. Regardless of why you need a moderate-sized refrigerator, this is the place for that one best mini fridge for beer

Right here we recommend the best mini fridge made for beer that suits your lifestyle perfectly. We give out our FREE buying guide for the best mini fridge for beer to you. In the end, you have an answer to the frequently asked questions about mini-fridge. This is great! Right? See our mini-fridge number one below…

Comparison of the Best Mini Fridges For Beer

Best Beer Fridge – Review

  1. Phistina PH-CBR100 106 Can Compressor Beverage

Imagine sinking into the comfort of the sofa after a sunny day at the gym. The tiny soothing beads of your after-shower streaking down your skin. And as you feel the heat in your throat burning, your eyes run into those ice-powdered bottles behind your coolant’s glass door. You reach for the front-liners, pick one of the best low-carb beer−the Lagunitas DayTime ale−and to start gulping. It is as if though your boat is floating in your own little planet. A mixture of chillness and thrill coursing your inner self from every side. The Phistina PH-CBR100 106 air-cooled refrigerator has made it so.

Phiestina PH-CBR100 106 Can Compressor Beverage Cooler Air-Cooled Refrigerator Stainless Steel & Glass Door with Handle


Phiestina PH-CBR100 beverage cooler is a freestanding cooling system designed ground-up with you in mind. Made to make your beer last longer, it features a blue led lightning used medically to keep off bacteria and kill them faster. This 15.5×22.83×33.7 sized solid machine fits in just anywhere in your home without taking much space. No annoying noise from cooling fan, no horrible vibration, the next Thanksgiving Day finds you praising the advanced energy-saving compressor of this system. Phiestina PH-CBR100 with a dedicated built-in air circulator ensures every can, bottle, and other things in it receive the same coldness regardless of arrangements and shelf position.

Phiestina PH-CBR100 106 Can Compressor Beverage Cooler Air-Cooled Refrigerator Stainless Steel & Glass Door with Handle

Load your regulars up unto the 6 adjustable shelves. Lock each slidable/adjustable shelf up with the tough stoppers to stop your valuables from falling or breaking. And finally set the temperature between 38°-50°F or Celsius and other settings on the digital touch control. Phietina PH-CBR100 takes an input voltage of 110V/60 Hz and an input power of 90W to keep your next session bear under your desire. Sounds like your ever best mini fridge for beer? See more recommendations below to expand your choices. But first, see the pros and cons of Phistina PH-CBR100 below.


  • Takes up less space
  • Wide temperature range option
  • Safe, strong, and responsive adjustable wire shelves
  • Stores up to 80 cans
  • Sturdy design in a beautiful black or silver-white painting
  • Convenient for outdoor guests
  • Durable stainless steel build material
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Responsive digital touch control


  • May make noise after 4-6 months

Side note

The manufacturer says 106 cans but we find it won’t take more than 80 cans. Also, so that you don’t get it wrong, when you plug it in it gets hot initially. Instead of unplugging or calling customer service or splashing out on a repair, allow the projected cooling temperature to be reached and you’re fine. Again though most users just like the manufacturer say it doesn’t make noise we find it starts making noise after 6 months or so. Though this is if you use it on the outside. Perhaps it has a thing with the sun.

  1. Kalamera 15” Beverage Cooler

Kalamera 15


Okay here’s a little big secret. For your business. The more satisfied your customers are the greater the chances of having them around all the time. And this means that your cash register bell rings! But customer’s satisfaction goes beyond selling great products or delivering tip top services. The thing is, your customers are humans. They get tired every day, the everyday grinding sucks the life from us all. So where do you come in? Make an attractive beverage fridge stand where they see it, choke it to death with beer, soft drinks, and alcohol. And lastly, tell them it’s free. The expression? You only know how they feel and what effect that has on them when you get to get that kind of treat from your bank or your HCAV guys. So to speak, we find Kalamera 15” beverage fridge the right one for your office and this is why.

Kalamera 15” beverage fridge takes up nothing more than 22.4”×14.9” of your office space. No bacteria gets into it, and if they do, Kalamera 15” gives them a bad treat with its interior blue LED light most dread by bacteria and germs. This means that your drinks are safe, healthy to drink and last longer. Tell that to your customers and they begin to think you care. As a 15” wide design, Kalamera 15” takes up to 154 cans. However, this is if you go for the KRC-150BV type. Step on the smart digital control, switch temperature between 38°-50°F and watch the temperature display function in real-time. Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Increase and decrease the brightness of the blue LED light as you want. 

Kalamera 15

But how about safety? First off, Kalamera 15” gives you control when you need it over who gets the beer thanks a hexagonal built-in bolt lock. Second, there’s an included carbon filter that comes with Kalamera 15” to filter out odor from the outside, away from your stuff even when it’s opened all the time. Also the 6 sliding adjustable durable easy-to-use metal shelves with dedicated security locks prevent drinks damage and user’s injuries. Finally the advanced cooling technology of Kalamera 15” offers quality compressor unit with less vibration. That is to say you have less to worry about noise and vibration except maybe from other in-office equipment. Let’s see why and why not to spend on this ice-shelling machine.


  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Increased storage space
  • Best mini-fridge for beer in the office
  • Efficient vibration reduction function
  • Included carbon filter is hard to come by
  • Durable design material and aesthetic painting
  • Reversible door is responsive and strong
  • Comes with temperature memory
  • Sets itself back to the last temperature on power loss
  • Compact size takes less space
  • 22.4 inches depth is great for a beer fridge below 500
  • Advanced compressor
  • Versatile system (Built-in and freestanding)


  • Efficient refrigerator but pricey
  • Glassdoor demands care when opening it

Side note

This system won’t come down to 38° instantly plugged in. You want to give it the needed time, say 24 hours or less. Meanwhile most purchasers claim this model comes with bad odor, a rotten sort of, on the inside. We recommend deodorizing it with baking soda or freshly ground coffee immediately you notice this. Another way to get rid of smell in fridge is by placing sliced fresh lemon in it for hours or rubbing the sliced lemons on the inside and rinsing. Whichever works for you, or maybe you’d rather spend on the best refrigerator odor eliminator, see our next recommendation below.

  1. EdgeStar 80 Can Built-in Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar BBR901BL 15 Inch Wide 80 Can Built-in Beverage Center with Slim Design


Wait! How long could somebody live drinking nothing but beer? That question came up on a favorite Reddit group and it drew several discussions from every angle upon itself. In the same direction, if you’re thinking of doing a beer-only trick for days, we believe you want each gulp icy. We mean cold enough to kick your liver and kidney back to life just when they’d get shot. Right? We put right in front of you the EdgeStar 80 can built-in beverage cooler. It’s your funeral. And we know… 80 cans of your favorite brands all getting cold at once in a built-in cooling system in your bedroom does the job. However, this home equipment goes right into the space in your kitchen cabin. Does your family do a sort of weekend unwinding with a few crates of Duchesse De Bourgogne? Something tart, cold, and refreshing?

Get right here. This is the auto defrost all refrigerator with glass door tinted dotted black, beauty. Install it unto the cabin space, it stands. Place it in the game room to keep the pads burning with friends on one of those days, it stands. Or maybe just clear up a space for it in the garage for quick refill when you get drained under a car chassis on a busy day, it stands. EdgeStar 80 can built-in beverage cooling system is a front-vented design. The reversible tempered glass door made to stand pressure and knocks opens to 3 shelves made with glass. The internal width is 15” which makes it the best mini fridge for bear when looking to stand bottles than lay them flat on the shelves.

EdgeStar BBR901BL 15 Inch Wide 80 Can Built-in Beverage Center with Slim Design

Unlike most of its peers, EdgeStar 80 can built-in system comes with an internal cooling fan dedicated to spreading the coolness to every corner. This means that whatever you put inside and wherever you put it gets to be at the temperature you decide upon. Speaking of temperature, EdgeStar 80 has 38°-50°F temperature range that you control on the soft touch digital control system at the front side. This must-have home equipment for drinks takes 115V/60Hz input voltage and input power of 130W/1.8A to function at its best. It also comes with a security lock to prevent unauthorized access to your bottles. There’s no such refrigerator that is a one-solution-fits-all. But for a 32”×15”×23 ¾” size machine best to keep the beers in at home the rubber bushing in-built compressor and the blue LED light of EdgeStar 80 is a master at its work. Uncover the pros and cons below.


  • Highly efficient cooling system for drinks
  • Best mini-fridge for beer at home
  • Aesthetic design with tinted glass door
  • Durable tempered glass door easy to open and close
  • Large storage space for 80 12oz cans
  • Advanced shelves design and material
  • Fits perfectly and easy to install
  • Rubber bushing absorbs vibration perfectly
  • Less noise-making
  • Adjustable bright blue LED light for beer showcasing


  • Heavy-duty fridge for beer but the price is high
  • 83lbs overall weight may be too great to move it

Special note

Do not use Edgestar 80 can built-in beverage cooler before reading this. Several users claim that the system only cools on the upper shelf leaving the lower shelves out of the regulated temperature. Okay, this happens when you do not leave space on the center on the first shelf. Like how really do you expect the air cooling system to circulate the temperature evenly? Though this cuts back on the 80 cans capacity but it’s a better option. Right?

  1. Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

When the New Year comes you have more visitations to host. Friends, colleagues, family, and just everybody come visiting. And as expected there’s nothing more cost-effective and generally enjoyed and preferred than crisp chill refreshment. But with your ol fridge acting up and all that you are either splashing out to repair it, which of course may be followed up by another fault. Or on the other side, the wise decision most times, cash in on an energy-saving powerful cooling machine for drinks with large capacity. Good luck with the first choice. But for the second this Whynter BR-130SB beverage serves you for years. Here is why we believe so.

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan, Black/Stainless Steel


Whynter BR-130SB beverage refrigerator holds 120 standard 12oz cans in its shelves under 30°-60°F temperature. It spots 5 slide-out wire shelves. You load 15 cans on shelf 1. Shelf 2 takes another 15 cans. Shelf 3 holds another 15. And also 15 cans stay in shelf 4. The last shelf however has 25 cans holding capacity. This one feature makes Whytner BR-130SB one of the best mini fridges for beer with the greatest capacity on shelf.

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan, Black/Stainless Steel

Talk about dimension and Whynter BR-130SB spots 18.5”×17”×33” freestanding machine built specially for your garage, kitchen, and rooms. Grip on the recessed handle and open the reversible door to your precious icy beer lightened up in blue by the blue LED light. The powerful cooling compressor inside is constantly in a networking with fan-forced circulation of the built-in fan to keep the inside under your preferred temperature. Finally there’s an exclusive cylinder lock to restrict access to drinks and not to the settings on the digital touch display. Enough of the jitters, see why Whynter BR-130SB is the best mini fridge for beer below. Also, see the downsides.


  • Space-saving design
  • Compressor cooling is powerful
  • The fan circulation system makes for an evenly distributed temperature
  • Cylinder lock doesn’t get you stuck
  • Best mini fridge for bear with the highest capacity of 12o cans
  • Increased temperature range
  • Durable and efficient freestanding cooling system for your drinks at home
  • Great refrigerator at a horribly low price
  • Provides a sleek showcase for your collection
  • Lightweight system at 57 pounds
  • Stainless steel design made to last long


  • May be noisy after a few usage

Side note

While calling in a technician to fix your new noise-making Whynter BR-130SB beverage refrigerator may not be cool for some reason, we recommend a quick-fix. Simply open the grill to the condenser coils and see if there are any factory dust in it. Dust the coils clean and fix the grill back. By the way, another reason this fridge makes noise is that most users put it at the lowest temperature. Whynter BR-130SB like every other system makes the most noise at full capacity.

  1. Marshall MF3.2-NA Medium Capacity Bar Fridge

Okay… so you have the right spot. There are some best bartenders signing up for your bartending offer already. You have the large screen TV set because, obviously, your future customers are coming with the intent of having fun and maybe watching sports events with friends in your bar. What else do you need to open a bar that reels ‘em in every single night and day? Really it depends… but hugely on your budget. So to speak, for a medium capacity bar fridge that doesn’t disappoint in a way, we have handpicked one out of many. A standard mini system to keep the bar iced in cold hard blocks. Check out on Marshall MF3.2-NA medium-capacity bar fridge.

Marshall MF-110-NA High Capacity Bar Fridge, Black


Marshall MF3.2-NA medium-capacity bar fridge is one of the oldies known for strength, functionality, and resistance to all the pressure your customers throw at it. Don’t want to raise a voice when a customer sits on your cooling machine? Marshall MF3.2-NA to the rescue. Do you think a digital touch control panel gets faulted-out prematurely in the club? We think so too. That’s why Marshall MF3.2-NA comes with 10 strong responsive control knobs that last long. And what does the inside look like?

Marshall MF-110-NA High Capacity Bar Fridge, Black

You get to load up to 5 mini cans plus 35 small cans on the inside of this 3.2 cu ft fridge. Or you may just switch that with 25 large cans along with 4 bottles of wine. But whatever you load on the inside you get to keep them all at 34°-48°F temperature with the blue LED light giving them a sleek display. Right inside your club you place plug this 48.8 pounds black 120volts freezer and your customers keep coming for more bottles. The only downside is revealed below though.


  • Best mini-fridge for beer for the bar
  • One of the greatest designs with low price
  • Beautiful design with black painting
  • Standing legs raise it above the ground so spilled drink doesn’t sink into the system
  • Standby mode
  • Bright internal light for when the bar is at dim light
  • Durable tempered glass shelves are easy to clean up
  • CFC-free, harm-free
  • Lightweight


  • Less storage space
  • Requires 1 AA batteries to works

Side note

Our verdict that this fridge acts well in the bar doesn’t give it a restriction. If you’re looking to add a small size freezer in the house or the garage you’re getting a great deal with the Marshal MF3.2-NA medium-capacity bar fridge.

  1. Avallon ABR1515GRH 86 Can 15” Built-in Beer Cooler

Avallon ABR241SGRH 140 Can 24


Wait. Let’s sit back a little and look at the obvious signs that you need a new refrigerator. The first reason to get a replacement is when a continuous excessive condensation has creeped in. Another sign that your cooler is on its last legs is when the motor is running hot or the body is overheating. Also, the noisy fridge that gets a voice on your calls or those that won’t go up or down anymore in temperature needs replacing. But whatever your case is, the entire thing boils down to spotting a great deal on a fridge that lasts up to 10 years. Isn’t it? We recommend Avallon ABR151GRH as the best mini fridge for beer for a great replacement. Okay, here is why.

Avallon ABR1515GRH cooler for beer is an 88 pounds 115volts system for up to 86 cans icing and cooling. A gentle touch on the digital control and your collection is falling from 50°-34°F which is displayed clearly in white on the temperature display. What color would you want your soda, whine, and beer in? Strong white light to complement the powder-ice sticking to your crate of soda? Soft blue for a more beautiful display? All it takes is a tap on the soft digital control panel on the front.

Avallon ABR241SGRH 140 Can 24

Durability? Safety? Avallon ABR1515GRH closes your stuff up behind double paned glass door known for great resistance against pressure and knocks. Open it to the right side with a grip on the stainless steel handle that is comfy and responsive. Empty your crates and arrange your collection on the sanded glass shelves. Make sure you decide on who gets a drink and who doesn’t by using the true-key lock. This is the home equipment, the perfect one really, to replace that ol scrappy one with. Want to make the right decision? We have unveiled the pros and cons of Avallon ABR1515GRH below.


  • Great storage capacity
  • Strong and responsive door
  • Comfy and easy-to-grip handle
  • Even cooling active or inactive
  • Two LED light color options
  • Can be left freestanding or installed as a built-in
  • Touch control is soft and responsive
  • Great fridge for beer for the money
  • Glass shelves don’t bend like those made with wire
  • Great for can bears


  • Not great for bottled bears
  • A tad noisy from start

Side note

This cooling system does its job well on your beer and soda when you lay them down in bottle or stand them in cans. However, to make bottled beer stand straight in it you want to cut back on the numbers of shelves to create the space.

  1. HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler - 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine - Small Drink Dispenser Machine for Office or Bar with Adjustable Removable Shelves


Is the next party coming to your home? Do you want to serve up to 120 people at once with cold crisp beer, soda, lager, and whisky? Are you looking to spark that desire for more cans and bottles in every attendee? Is it a part of your plan to defrost your freezer when the party is over without doing the work in the least? I bet you answered yes to every last one of those questions. But you’re getting, even more, offers and exclusive benefits in exchange for your money with what we recommend here. With hOmeLabs 120V 240W heavyduty beverage refrigerator and cooler the entire refreshment part takes care of itself.

For one, hOmeLabs HME030065N is a 68.3 pounds lightweight construction with 17.3”×18.9”×33.3” dimension. It is a stainless steel black modern electric beverage cooler of 3.2 cubic feet exactly 33.3inches tall from the black adjustable feet meant for level placement. As a freestanding system also installable into the cabin, hOmeLabs HME030065N opens its door to 3 removable racks as shelves. You enjoy a uniform temperature on your cans and bottles thanks to a speedy but noiseless temperature circulation fan.

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler - 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine - Small Drink Dispenser Machine for Office or Bar with Adjustable Removable Shelves

Take your time and give your 12o cans collection the perfect arrangement. Remember to allow a free space on the first rack to open other shelves up to the cooling effect. Switch on the blue LED light and set the thermostat to the lowest at 34°F, the blue temperature display function shows it up. Finally the auto defrost function of this 68.3 pounds advanced technology fridge lets you defrost it automatically after the party. But is hOmeLabs HME030065N a good deal? Consider the ups and downs of it as pointed out below.


  • Powerful cooling system from a reputable manufacturer
  • Perfect choice for a basement beverage fridge
  • Sensitive touch buttons
  • Good weight at 68.3 pounds makes it easy for one person to move and install
  • At 120 cans this holds more bear than most 120V 240W fridges
  • Energy-efficient technology
  • Responsive personal temperature control
  • Compressor makes less noise
  • Fan regulator keeps the tightest corner at your desired temperature
  • Restores set temperature on power outage
  • Best mini-fridge for beer for party


  • Wastes away what could have rather been a fourth rack space
  • Not ideally to store foods and fruits in

Side note

Users are tempted to load drinks up on the fourth rack space that has the circulator fan hanging down it. We recommend leaving this space free. A waste it appears but it’s far better to have your hOmelabs fridge last longer than to force cans unto this area that leaves the fan vulnerable. Note taken? Moving on to model number 8.

  1. NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator

NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Glass Door, Perfect for Soda Beer or Wine, 126-Can Capacity, AB-1200


This is yet another black stainless steel finished freestanding compressor cooling system. But in this case you load up to 126 cans of your regulars on 5 removable chrome shelves without a shelf missing out on the cold. If you think baby it’s cold outside then you don’t want to be on the inside of the sub zero 34 degrees of NewAir AB-1200 cooling system for beer. Inside of the 3.4 cubic deep space is that blue light from above adding beauty to your selections. Want to put this in your home bar? In the office? Or a dormitory?

NewAir AB-1200 19”×18.25”×33.13” in dimension. So to speak you need just 19”×18.25” space to install or make it stand in. what’s more, you have 7 temperature choices at your disposal from 34°-64°F to play around with. Why would you go for it?


  • Smart mini refrigerator for beer under 300
  • 7 custom thermostat settings is more options and satisfaction
  • Built to last beautiful design
  • True temperature setting, thermometer confirms it!
  • Any size of bottle and or can fit in it like water
  • Ads beauty to wherever you install or place it
  • Great construction material for high durability
  • Auto defrost function is hard to come by
  • Bright LED blue light
  • Quiet compression cooling
  • Great refrigerator for the money


  • No thermal settings display or readout

Side note

So far we haven’t had any heads up on this model but we are constantly in search of more updates and we will feed you back on anything we find soon.

Found your beer cooler from our recommendations? Check our FREE buying guide for the best mini fridge for beer below.

FREE Complete Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Mini Fridge for Beer

  • Capacity; is the first thing to consider to buy a fridge that suits your lifestyle. Are you regularly having up to 80 people visiting a week plus your own personal drink? Go for at least something that takes more than 80 cans plus bottles.
  • Durability; though tricky to figure out. But a few reviews from real users exposes how durable a model is. Another way to confirm durability is on the construction material. Is the construction material for the door durable? Something like the double-paned glass door of the Avallon ABR1515GRH? How about the handle? The legs? The shelves? Door? Control panel?
  • Effectiveness; is also an important deciding factor here. You want to make sure that the compressor, the circulation fan, condenser coils, and everything works effectively. Again you may need to bring in a technician to check these things up for you.
  • Why and where; you need a refrigerator in. Is it for your little bar business? Something like the Marshall MF3.2-NA Medium Capacity Bar Fridge is a better choice in that case. Get the idea?
  • Freestanding or built-in; okay this not as important if your design choice comes as a freestanding and installable cooling equipment. But apart from that, you need a built-in for say your kitchen and a freestanding in the office or the main lounge.
  • Design and painting; of your model of choice must blend with your taste. The more it does the more you love your mini-fridge.
  • Responsiveness; is even more important. Every build-up parts must be responsive to control and easy to use.
  • Maintenance; must be low. You don’t want to keep cleaning after your fridge like it’s a baby.

Finally to get your questions answered we have included a FAQ section below.

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FAQ And Discussion on Best Mini Fridge for Beer

What is the best mini fridge for beer?

There’s no actual BEST model. You’ll just have to go through our buying guide and see how to choose that one design that blends with your needs and personality.

Can you store food in a beverage cooler?

No. Except you want to wake up the next day to a smelly fridge loaded up with spoilt or even rotten food.

How many cans can a mini-fridge hold?

It ranges from 30-150 or more. You want to check the specifications of your design of choice first.

Who makes the best mini-fridge?

This depends on what you’re expecting from your fridge. Low power usage? Large capacity? It depends but still here’s a few nuggets. Magic Chef is known for simplicity. Danby is known for its large capacity. Black + Decker is recognized with versatile and dynamic designs. Haier is known for its portability.

How long do mini fridges last?

There 2-5-10 years cases but again how your fridge lasts boils down to how you use and maintain it.

Can you put a mini-fridge on the carpet?

Why not? Sure you can. But when your fridge starts leaking or someone takes water from it and splashes apart on the rug you decide to just leave it on the bare floor.

Do mini-fridge leak water?

A good system wouldn’t at the start but after months or years of usage, this can be unavoidable.

How long does a mini fridge take to get cold?

Most times you have to plug a new mini-fridge in for 48 hours or 24 before it hits the lowest temperature. But as time goes on it gets cold faster.

Do you set up a mini-fridge?

No. All you do is take it out of the box, follow the user’s application guide, and plug it straight in.

What causes ice buildup in mini-fridge?

The main cause for this is a faulty or bad door gasket. 

How do I stop ice buildup in my fridge?

Call a repair or your manufacturer’s customer service.


Did we leave you out of our listing? How about you tell us exactly what you’re looking for in a mini-fridge? We help you go through the crowd and bring back to you the best model for your needs. Do you have a question or a query? Have a piece of useful information we need? Use the comment box. We are right there with you.

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Check out which are the best selling mini-fridges on Amazon right now:

Bestseller No. 1
Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler 60 Can Beverage Refrigerator Glass Door for Beer Soda Wine Small...
  • BIG STORAGE-1.6 Cu. Ft. capacity holds up to at least 60 12-oz. cans in this beverage refrigerator. Mini size fit for everywhere, specialize for your playroom, small kitchen and office.
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT-3-grade temperature control knob to keep your wine in a good condition.Working temperature range is 40°F- 61°F. This temperature ensuring your beverages are perfectly frosty.
  • DOUBLE GLASS DOOR-Double-pane tempered glass door and air tight seal ensures maximum insulation, which could keep the heat away.Clear double paned glass door make it easy to see what drinks are being...
  • ESSECTIVE BEVERAGE COOLER-This beverage refrigerator runs on a powerful but quiet compressor. Soft LED light making it easier to get a drink in the dark.The shelf is removable and can control the...
  • NO VIBRATION and QUIET: No disturbance to its natural occurring sediments. Equipped with Movable Black Shelves, Glass Door and Adjustable Leveling Legs.
Bestseller No. 2
Joy Pebble Beverage Refrigerator Cooler 12 Bottle 48 Can - Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Beer...
  • Powerful Cooling:Our drinks cooler built-in R600a Compressor that Energy saving operation and fast cooling. The Noise Level of the Small Fridge below 43dB, bring Quiet environment for work and rest.
  • Flexible Space Design:The Beverage Refrigerator Able to partition space usage with removable chrome shelf, help you store and categorize Beer Soda or Wine in separate layers, and LED interior...
  • Adjustable temperature setting: Mini Beverage Cooler with adjustable 7-level temperature control knob provide the optimal temperature (40°F to 61°F) for Beer Soda or Wine, to maintain the flavor of...
  • Compact Size design: The Beverage Refrigerator is 1.3 Cu.ft capacity -48 Cans Small Fridge With Glass Door for dormitories, bars, apartments and office, more favorable use of space. With Air...
  • The freestanding Beverage cooler have Super Tight Seal glass door. The temperature is not affected by external air to keep normal operation of internal temperature to prevent cool air leaking. The...
SaleBestseller No. 3
hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler - 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or...
  • MODERN ELECTRIC BEVERAGE COOLER - This 3.2 cubic feet, free standing beverage refrigerator features an elegant see through, left hinge glass front door with a stainless steel frame for you to view...
  • LARGE CAPACITY BEER & WINE CHILLER - Under counter beverage cooler with large, internal storage design is equipped with 3 adjustable and removable chrome shelves. Drinks organizer conveniently holds...
  • ADVANCED TEMPERATURE CONTROLS - Single zone beverage mini refrigerator has an easy touch temperature control that cools down to 34°F, and large digital display for quick monitoring and setting of any...
  • POWERFUL COOLING SYSTEM - Our 120V 240W heavy duty, vertical chiller features energy efficient advanced technology, and a whisper quiet compressor that works with a small convection fan to cool...
  • AUTO DEFROSTING FUNCTION - Beverage cooler is also designed with an additional temperature sensor for auto defrost mode. External size: 18.9” W (front across) x 33.3” H (top to bottom) x 17.30”...
Bestseller No. 4
Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler - 48 Can Beverage Refrigerator Black Glass Door for Beer Soda or...
  • KEEP BEVERAGES COOL: Heat is enemy number one for wine. The Wine Cooler enables you to store your wine in optimal conditions for long-term aging. Working temperature range is 40°F- 61°F, and knob...
  • BLUE LIGHT and HUMIDITY: With its reinforced glass door with air tight seal and help to maintain an ideal humidity level, this beverage refrigerator gives you a compact and modern design perfect for...
  • IDEAL BEVERAGE COOLER: 16.46"D x 16.93"W x 18.5"H mini refrigerator can keep a variety of canned drinks or wine chilled without taking up too much space at your home, dorm, bar or office. It can...
  • COMPACT BUT BIG STORAGE: 1.3 cu.ft drink bottles capacity, also better for canned beer and beverage storage. Horizontal racking is a space-efficient way to store your bottles, and it definitely can't...
  • FREESTANDING: Freestanding application only, NOT for built in use. The beverage and wine center door will close more easily when the two front leveling legs are extended slightly.
Bestseller No. 5
HAILANG 3.2 cu.ft Beverage Refrigerator Cooler, Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Beer Soda or Wine,...
  • 【DIMENSIONS】:Dimensions:15.75in.×16.73in.×32.84in
  • 【Temperature Control】:The control knob allows you to adjust the temperature from 32°F up to 54°F with 7 custom thermostat settings to keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature.
  • 【Adjustment Feet】:Beverage Refrigerator with adjustable leveling legs to balance the unit on an uneven surface,offers much convenience to use.
  • 【REMOVABLE SHELVES】4 removable shelves allow you to adjust the height between shelves to accommodate cans and bottles of various sizes and shapes.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY SERVICE】We provide 180-day warranty policy.You can contact us whenever you have problems about our products. We will provide you the satisfied service.
Bestseller No. 6
WANAI Mini Fridge Glass Door 58 Cans Beverage Cooler Refrigerator Mini Beer Fridge 1.7 cu.ft...
  • 🥇【Practical & Versatile Beverage Cooler】WANAI beer fridge is an ultimate fridge to chill soft drinks, beers, wine, champagne, snacks for family gatherings, freeing up space in your main...
  • 🥇【Powerful Cooling】Our drinks cooler features energy efficient advanced technology, consistent and uniform temperature supply inside. With a super quiet R600a compressor that cool quickly,...
  • 🥇【Stylish Design】Black body & special stainless steel exterior --Complete with recessed door handle & 2 layers of tempered glass door, blends beautifully with any home or office decor. Interior...
  • 🥇【Blue LED & Smart Control】Thanks to mechanical button to adjust temperature, you can simple adjust the temperature from 32℉ to 50℉, and turn the interior LED light on or off.
  • 🥇【WARRANTY SERVICE】Our product have 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy. If there is any problem with the product, customers could contact us first,and we will try to give a 100% satisfied...
SaleBestseller No. 7
ICYPOLK Mini Fridge Cooler- 62 Can Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Digital Temperature...
  • [Sleek and Stylish Beverage Cooler] Indulge in the ultimate convenience and elegance with our freestanding beverage refrigerator boasting a generous 1.6 cubic feet capacity. Featuring a chic...
  • [Smart Temperature Control] With a temperature range spanning from 35 to 65℉, you can effortlessly and precisely adjust the climate with a single button press. The digital thermostat display enables...
  • [SilentFlow Technology] Its powerful compressor and built-in air cooling system ensure fast and even cooling throughout, providing the perfect chill for your wine and drinks. With quiet operation and...
  • [Adjustable Interior Space] This 1.6 Cu. Ft. beverage cabinet offers ultimate versatility with 3 removable shelves and 5 optional slots. Adjust the heights to seamlessly arrange the interior space,...
  • [Rock-Solid Design] Experience enhanced heat and dust insulation with our high-quality transparent glass and tightly fitted sealing strips. Enjoy a more stable internal temperature and humidity level,...
Bestseller No. 8
WANAI Mini Fridge Cooler 60 Can Beverage Refrigerator Black Mini Beer Fridge Glass Door for Wine...
  • 🍻 【LARGER DRINK CAPACITY】 1.7 CU.FT &‎18.5 x 17.7 x 19.7 inches compact size for wide application such as bedroom, dorm, apartment, office or commercial use. No installation required, WANAI...
  • 🍻 【SIMPLE & FRIENDLY DESIGN】 Sleek black enamel & stainless steel exterior - blends beautifully with any decor; 310°open double-layer glass door - keep fridge drinks cold; 3 adjustable steel...
  • 🍻 【QUIET COOLING TECHNOLOGY】 R600a high quality compressor and back air outlet vent for quiet operation. Less than 40dB noise - suitable for any places you need cool drinks. The mini fridge...
  • 🍻 【ADJUSTABLE TEMP CONTROL】 1-7 adjustable mechanical temperature control is easy for children or elders to operate. WANAI beverage refrigerator makes approximate temperature range from...
  • 🍻 【QUALITY & SERVICE PRIORITY】 Thanks for choosing WANAI and trust in WANAI. Our customer service is online 24 hours, and we are dedicated to solving every after-sales problem for you. For...
Bestseller No. 9
Honeywell Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler, 115 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or...
  • Three pane glass door for ultimate temperature control
  • Electronic digital thermostat control panel
  • Slide out plastic coated shelving
  • Adjustable legs
  • Interior LED light
Bestseller No. 10
Antarctic Star 26 Bottle 130 Can Wine Cooler/Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator Mini Wine Cellar Beer...
  • KEEP WINE COOL: Heat is enemy number one for wine. The Wine Cooler enables you to store your wine in optimal conditions for long-term aging. Working temperature range is 40°F- 61°F, and allows you...
  • IDEAL LIGHT and HUMIDITY: The reinforced glass door with air tight seal helps to maintain an ideal humidity level, this beverage refrigerator gives you a compact and modern sensation. Perfect for your...
  • PERFECT WINE STORAGE: 26 standard wine bottles capacity, also perfect for canned beer and beverage storage. Horizontal racking is a space-efficient way to store your bottles, and it definitely can't...
  • NO VIBRATION and QUIET: Equipped with an advanced cooling system that will keep your beverages at the right temperature without making any noise. With no disturbance to its natural occurring...
  • FREESTANDING: Freestanding application only, NOT for built in use. The beverage and wine center door will close more easily when the two front leveling legs are extended slightly. NOTE: For your...