5 Things You Should Know About Writing a Will – 2022 Guide

Most people think that writing a will is quite easy, but I believe that it is a very complicated task. The idea that you are writing your last wishes, the last words of your life can be a bit scary and confusing. I think of it as expecting or predicting the inevitable departure from life. But, maybe we should not look at it that seriously or morbidly. Death is a natural part of life and we have to accept. It helps to think that writing a will can be good for your family.

However, there are some things that you will have to take seriously if you are going to be writing a will. This list is going to be filled with all of your last wishes. You have to ensure that every single wish will be properly fulfilled and that all your loved ones will get a fair share of your inheritance.

So, to ensure that everyone writes a proper will, I decided to make this guide that is going to tell you about all the things you should know about this process.

1. Do not leave your family without one

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If you cannot seem to accept this fact that you need to write your last wishes on this planet, maybe you should tell you just how important this little piece of paper can be. My recommendation is that no one should leave this life and leave their family without a will.
This document can help all of your close loved ones, family members, and friends properly split your possessions. Of course, if you want, you can also decide not to provide them with an inheritance. This is entirely up to you. If you want, you can donate it to those in need or you could even put it in a bank for all eternity. Whatever you decide to do, it does not matter. What matters is that you convey this message to your sons and daughters.

If you do not make this list, you might end up making a huge problem for your family. They might start arguing when they want to split your property, for money, or who knows what else. To avoid all those complications, your obligation should be to just write a will that will help everyone.

2. You do not have to hire an attorney

One common misconception about writing your last wishes is that you have to hire an attorney to help you with all of this. While it is easier to have a lawyer tell you about all the legal regulations and possible limitations, such a professional is not necessary. You can make it entirely on your own without any external help.

However, there is also nothing wrong with hiring a lawyer or some other professional to help you with this process. I think that it could be easier for you and they could help you make the split of your possessions fair to your family.

If you are not interested in working with a lawyer, there are also advanced online will and estate planning services that you can easily find on the Internet as suggested by OneWill. The best thing about the services is the fact that you can do everything online. In fact, some companies have even released her own application for Android or iPhone, making the entire process even easier for you.

3. You will need a witness

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To prove the authenticity of your last wishes, you will need to have a witness while writing them down and they will have to read through them. This witness can then be used as evidence to preserve that authenticity.

Keep in mind, I do not suggest making those that benefit from your will your witness. It would be best to have someone that is not in any way related to your work to this list. Otherwise, if it is a person of interest, they might try to alter your statements to benefit their inheritance.

The best option would be to use a lawyer as a witness. So, going back to it, it might not be mandatory to use an attorney, but it seems to me like it is the best way to handle all of this.

4. You can be as specific as you want

A will is not limited in any way, shape, or form. It is not a list that has to be just one page. In fact, if you want, you could make it 100 pages. It is completely up to you.

In other words, you can be as specific and detailed about your possessions. For example, if you want one of your children to inherit just your cars, you have to write that down. If you want your other child to inherit your house or just a piece of your land, you also have to write that down. If you want, you can be specific about every item that you own.

So, if you have some specific wishes, do not be afraid to put them on your list. Everything is acceptable.

5. Keep it safe

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This is a very important piece of document that no one should have access to except you. To keep it safe, most people put it in a deposit box in a bank. But, if you want to make some changes in the future, getting it out of the deposit box can be a hassle. That is why I suggest keeping it at home in an encrypted safe.

Make sure that no one knows how to access the safe. No one needs to have access to your will, except you and maybe your lawyer. Keep in mind, if you want, you could also make a few copies just in case. You could put the copy in a bank and another copy for your lawyer. It is always better to be safe than sorry, right?

I hope that with this guide, I have managed to clear some things up about writing a will and that you will have a much easier time writing down your true wishes for your heirs.