15 Common Issues Students Face in College and How to Fix Them

As beautifully stated by one scholar, “Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude” which goes mostly with the teen college students. After completing their schooling these students directly get an opportunity to enter into a totally new phase of life known as college.

According to expert essay writers from PaperWritingService, an essay and paper writing service for college students, as totally unknown about the college world, these students undergo certain challenges and as a result suffer from depression. The most common issues faced by college students are social, general and test anxieties, stress, depression, family expectations, bullying, hopelessness and many more.

Cultural bias is a tendency to evaluate people in terms of one’s own cultural assumption. It is most commonly found in colleges.

Challenges Faced by Minority College group of Students

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World” a beautiful quotation by Nelson Mandela. He believes in the concept that education is the best weapon through which an individual can fight with the terrorism, poverty, and ignorance.

However, some educational systems in colleges and curriculum lack knowledge about the minority students. They fail to understand their way of living, thinking, culture and learning and as a result create an educational gap.

Factors for the educational gap include lower school enrollment, low literacy rate, poor college performance and higher dropout rates. Educational gap also creates a sense of terror in a child’s mind as a result he/she quit studying.

They lack proper education, suffer from unemployment, lower income level, are isolated due to their blackish culture, and experience poor cultural development. These students lack employment as proper deserving facilities are not provided to upgrade themselves in order to cope up with the future challenges.

As they face bullying after their admission they quit going to college as a result of depression. Some students also commit suicide out of embarrassment. The poor teacher faculty can also be another reason where these students face problems.

Language differences discomfort them in studies as the minority group of students fails to understand proper English. They were being mocked at classrooms and even in canteens.

Therefore, racial and cultural discrimination is one of the major issues faced by many students in colleges. Achieving success is a dream of every student. It is their right to achieve education equally together in a common institution. “I as a student also experienced these sort of unequal and injustice behavior from my college authority” says Amy who is an expert in TopAssignmentExperts

But today’s students did not follow all this decorum and without any reason started torturing these poor and ignorant students. Teachers also maintain a specific distance from them. There is an ongoing argument about whether the college athletes should get some kind of compensation or not. It has become a huge controversial point.

These college and schools’ students are devoting their precious time and energy for the play. The supporters will contend that many of these sports teams, especially the basketball, football or other types of athlete’s players bring a significant amount of revenue for the college.

As a result of which they undergo depression and prefer to quit college.

The most common Issues faced by college students and their Infusions

College is that zone in our life where we begin to dream of achieving academic success. But most of the students face problems in dealing with the circumstances and fail to cope up with the authority.

Some of the major problems are as follows:

1. The most common issue faced by a college student is bullying.

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A student comes with a perception to build their career and get established after passing out from colleges. They choose their streams and select their courses and get admission with a hope to continue their studies with motivation by enjoying the learning process. They come with a conception that college is a platform where they can prove their talents and skills and get highlighted.

But due to some ex-students, all their dreams collapsed. They break down into grief and depression. The college ex-students often have a tendency to rebuke the newcomers and create a terror within them. They force the newcomers to perform the illegal task and if not done, threaten them to punish severely.

All these phases create a mental trauma and they lack that spirit to continue their studies further.

Therefore, their bullying and mocking should be legally banned by the college authority in order to avoid poor college performance and dropout rates. “I badly got affected from these types of bullying which putted a bad impact on my studies” says Survinder who is an expert at EduWorldUSA

2. Next major issue faced by a college student is family expectations or problems.

These students select their streams and courses as per the decision taken by their family. They are not allowed to express their desire of selecting their own preferable combined courses. There is always a tendency of the family members to create a pressure on their child to be a doctor, engineer, professor, and scientist.

But they fail to understand the inner ability and desire of their child. As a result these children feel hopelessness and get bored from their subjects as they lose interest. Apart from this there are other family problems such as separation, domestic violence, divorce cases and many others which affect a teen age college student terrifically. They lack concentration power and suffer from high depression.

Therefore, families should maintain a disciplined decorum in order to motivate their child towards studies. They should allow and inspire them to make their own decisions in their life.

3. Addiction is yet another major issue faced by a college student.

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In order to get rid from the depression they often prefer to take shelter from addiction. After joining their college they formed new friend circles where they found different mentality students.

Some are inspiring whereas others are destructive. They often misguide their friends and involve themselves in trouble. These indiscipline students often influence others to have alcohol or smoke as it provides pleasure. As a result, slowly and steadily they develop a habit of addiction which leads them towards frustration.

Apart from this, scrolling mobile phones, engrossing themselves in social media like Facebook, Instagram or playing video games are also included in addictive criteria. For these types of addiction they often produce a poor result and fail to achieve success.
Therefore, in this regard the parents as well as teachers should be more careful in handling these types of students and suggest them for better counselling sessions.

4. Poor health problems can also be an issue which college students usually experience.

As they are now grown up they hesitate to carry their tiffin and prefer to have their lunch in college canteens. As they have too many oily and unhealthy foods regularly they lack the proper nutrition and suffer from abdominal diseases. These teenage adolescent students often prefer to eat fast foods the most avoiding the home made nutritional foods which ultimately deteriorate their health. Therefore, the parents should motivate their child to eat more nutritional food, should prepare their lunch box and encourage them to avoid oily canteen foods.

5. Development of new relationships often collapses the student emotionally as well as psychologically.

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As these innocent students build up new relationships either of love or of friendship, but after break ups they break down psychologically and ruin their life. Therefore, these students should be tackled carefully and in this regard proper guidance is needed.

6. Time management is yet another issue which is faced by all types of students.

They fail to manage time in attending the classes. They fail to manage time in preparing for their studies for exams. Therefore, a proper time table should be planned according to the schedule in order to maintain the time properly.

7. Bunking the classes and engaging in illegal activities are most commonly found in college students.

They prefer to bunk the boring classes and often engage themselves in gossiping. They also leave the entire college campus in order to watch a movie or date with a dear one. But in doing all these they forgot that they are actually ruining their own career. Therefore these students should be properly guided by their parents and if not understood with soft advice, punishment should be issued by the college authority.

8. Due to too much academic pressure a student often experiences a stressful life.

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They suffer from too much burden and undergo mental and physical health problems. Therefore, college authorities should check this matter and reduce the academic burden from the students.

9. Substandard faculty can also ruin the academic career of a student.

Therefore, the college management should hire proper and trained teachers to guide the students on the right track. “I had scored poor marks in mathematics due to inappropriate study material provided by my lecturer” says Jacky who is an expert in TFTH

10. English communication skills also isolate some students as they lack confidence in English fluency.

Linguistic problems are a great problem as some students fail to understand proper English and score poor marks. Therefore, the teacher should understand their cultural background and accordingly deliver the lectures which will suit each student.

11. Some students face financial crises because of their poor family background and as a result fail to provide the monthly fees of college.

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Several colleges often raise funds in order to organize various events. But these poor students fail to arrange money for donation as a result are often found to neglect by the leaders and classmates. Therefore, fundraising should be done according to the financial background of the students.

12. Sports management is yet another issue faced by some students.

As college is a vast area where you can show your sports and other cultural talents. “Sports are a preserver of Health”. It not only builds better athletes but also better people. Sports are a fact of life, which influence an individual and communities to grow strong and healthy in various ways which include physically, socially, emotionally, and economically. It is a source of pride, joy, and honor for every country. But unfortunately some colleges fail to highlight the importance and value of deserving sports persons. The athletes’ students devote their precious time and energy in playing and concentrate solely on their respective sports. These students have to practice day and night, they have to travel for their game purpose and represent their college. But the college authority fails to appreciate their talents properly rather their activities were unattended or not noticed at times. These students should be guided and motivated by their teachers.

13. Quarrels with college roommates and leaders are yet another issue faced by several college students.

There are some students who often have a tendency to fight on small issues and extend it in complaining to the authorities. The leaders should behave well with their team in order to build a trustworthy relationship and solve the conflict tactfully without hurting anyone.

14. Competitive backgrounds also build a conflicting mentality within the students.

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They often try to hurt their classmates and friends by discourteous and disrespectful activities in order to rank in their class. They often misguide others in terms of notes, study materials and lecturers advice and put others in traps before exams. The teachers in this regard should be very careful in handling and identifying these kinds of students and should make proper counselling sessions with them.

15. Poor sleeping habits and lethargic tendencies can create a problem among these students in concentrating in their studies.

Due to over usage of mobile phones and playing video games the students often sleep late at night which hamper their sleeping habit and make them lethargic. Therefore, parents should check their sleeping habits and insist on waking up early in the morning and follow body fitness exercises in order to reduce lethargic tendencies.


From the above points the common issues faced by the college students are acknowledged along with the remedies. Therefore, in order to guide these students towards the right track the teachers and the parents should play a crucial role in encouraging and inspiring them.