How To Avoid Your Gym Bag From Having Unpleasant Odour in 2022

It is very good to avoid your gym bag from having a funky smell because one can get uncomfortable with a bad odor all around. Here are some things to do that can assist you to get rid of the bad odor;

  1. Removal of all items

The first thing to do as soon as you get home after exercising is to empty your gym bag that is remove all items from the bag. Don’t leave wet or sweaty clothes in the bag but the gym bag can be left open up so as to allow it to breathe fresh air. It will surely assist in avoiding moisture development that can later result in bacteria broadening.

  1. Clean the inner part of the gym bag

It is advisable to at least clean the inside of the gym bag on a weekly basis. A damp cloth or antibacterial wipes can be of great use for this particular purpose. Make sure it gets dry properly after this process. If the design of the gym bag allows you to turn over the inside outward so it can be air dry, that will be good for the bag.

  1. Remove your shoes out of the bag

If it’s possible to always keep your shoes out of the gym bag, it will definitely be healthy for your bag. The bacteria from the soles can easily spread onto the fabric which will give an unpleasant smell. In the worst scenario, you can just put your shoes in a plastic bag before packing them in your gym bag.