6 Types of Tires 2022

There are various categories of tires out there that serve different purposes and although a lot of people decide to stick with the particular type of tires that comes along with the car during purchase especially when being new to choosing tires.

It really might not be the best choice as it is important to determine the right type of tire for you in terms of the area you live based on the terrains surrounding you, the weather conditions and as well as how much you go for a ride.

Tire types include all-terrain tires, all-season tires, winter tires, summer tires, off-road tires, etc. we are going to discuss all of these along the way.

1. All-terrain tires:

Created to tackle all surfaces mud, rocky you name it. They are built to handle really rough terrains without sacrificing performance on normal roads and highways.

2. All-season tires:

They are exactly as the name implies, they are capable of handling all seasons. Although they might not be able to handle extreme conditions of the tyre winter period, our next set of tires to be discussed are well built for that

3. Winter/Snow Tires:

They are built for extreme snow, ice and sub-zero conditions that all-season tires cannot handle properly.

4. Summer tires:

These are just regular tires for summer and springtimes. They are often soft and cannot survive during the winter

5. Performance tires:

These are built for users who are mostly concerned about speed and performance. They typically don’t last long but they have a really good grip and improves your horsepower. Perfect fit for sport cars

6. Touring Tires:

These are basically all-season tires actually, they offer reliability on the road with minimal noise and are built to handle both wet and dry conditions as you go on tour