6 Reasons Why Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Is The Best CoD Game So Far

There are numerous factors to consider when assessing any brand, particularly one as huge as Call of Duty. The amount of information and how much it costs, for example, are all factors to consider. In addition, few franchises can boast as many blockbuster releases like Call of Duty, from the Modern Warfare series to Black Ops, Ghosts, and Infinite Warfare. It’s not easy to say whether Modern Warfare is the best Call of Duty game or whether it falls short of previous parts.

What Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty was the best-selling first-person shooter of 2007, although the titles were all set during World War II. While the multiplayer was fantastic, the narratives were slow and eventually stale. Modern Warfare, created by Infinity Ward and distributed by Activision, was the franchise’s first foray into the modern-day, complete with advanced weaponry, drones, and tanks.

But it was the single-player adventure that really set the game apart. It wasn’t an afterthought; it was a fully completed plot that served as a stinging indictment of the current War on Terror. The story was startling at times, but it also exposed us to several remarkable characters, like Captain Price.

The multiplayer, of course, was fantastic as well. The seamless multiplayer, the addition of new weapons with laser sights, and the killstreaks that have become synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise all combined to create the original Modern Warfare, a multiplayer masterpiece.

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There Is New Gunplay

The game’s gunplay is what the Call of Duty series is known for. What more can you do in the game if you don’t know how to shoot, what to do before you shoot, and how to take cover? What Modern Warfare has to offer will surprise you. You can make two types of sprints: standard sprints and sprints in which you hold your pistol in the air and run quicker; however, it will take a little longer to ready your weapon.

For the first time in COD history, you can also open doors. That’s correct, you’ll be able to open doors, and it’s also designed to be tactical. You can either open the door regularly or dash through it, making a lot of noise. You can sneak in by cracking open the door and shooting through the cover. Alternatively, kicking the door open will suffice.

You can also mount your weapon to any wall, giving you pinpoint accuracy and the option to reload while shooting down sights. So, if you were scared that this Call of Duty would be the same as the others, you were mistaken.

Massive Ground War

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Ground War is a classic game mode that has undergone a significant and fascinating update in recent games. Instead of 32 people fighting each other on a map. The maps are much larger, packed with vehicles, and designed for large fights worthy of the Battlefield developers, but with less structure destruction, which is fine. Because capturing the control points on the map is a more difficult task, you’ll need to think differently, as being a one-man army will be difficult with everyone roaming around.

When you combine this with all of the killstreaks that will happen during gameplay and the utter pandemonium of having vehicles on a large map, you’ve got yourself a classic big-battle mode that Call of Duty was known for in the past.

Customized Guns

So, how much do you enjoy guns in video games? Don’t you simply want to add a silencer to your pistol or unlock extra attachments for your AK-47 so you can sneak across the map and backstab everyone? Gunsmith in Call of Duty Modern Warfare is just what rookie players require. Depending on how many upgrade points you have, you’ll be able to customize your weapon. Even with this one restriction, you’ll be able to personalize every weapon in your arsenal in any way you desire as long as you’ve leveled it up.

Cross-Platform Play

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Modern Warfare is attempting to do something that many AAA developers have been doing for a long time: cross-platform play. Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer will be cross-platform, meaning it will be playable on both consoles and PCs. As a result, console players will be able to communicate with PC users. Rather than being isolated by a platform, we can have the entire community interact with one another. Unfortunately, this implies that players will have to deal with players of all skill levels, but this should not be a problem.

Realism Mode

One of the most intriguing settings in Modern Warfare is realism, which accurately reflects the little modifications made to make the game more difficult. Reticles, radar, and night vision are all disabled. Realism will feature many night versions of the levels, encouraging players to use their night vision goggles, which will obstruct the player’s ability to aim down normally because your goggles will get in the way. If players want to keep their realism, they’ll have to cope with a lot more hip-fire and laser sights.

Great Campaigns

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Call of Duty games are known for their fantastic storylines, breathtaking locales, and unforgettable mishaps, but the most recent iteration takes them to a whole new level. It’s epic in every sense of the word.

As is customary, standard levels such as all-out conflict, covert infiltration, and, of course, sniper missions are available. The night vision will be remembered fondly because they provide a unique viewpoint on the dark and gritty atmosphere. It’s still linear, but it’s still entertaining. It also compensates you for participating in multiplayer games.


Every fan will, at the end of the day, have their own viewpoint. Indeed, everyone has different factors that are more important to them than others. Modern Warfare was a financial and critical success without a doubt. However, it is part of a series with a lot of success stories, so it has a lot to live up to.

Modern Warfare is, without a doubt, one of the best Call of Duty games in a long time, harkening back to the golden days of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. Fans can only hope that when it comes to the franchise’s future, Activision learns from its success and continues to steer it in the correct direction.