What YouTube Video Has the Most Views and Can Get as Many

How to get a lot of views on YouTube – ways and secrets

Do you want to get more views on your videos? Re-optimization can help you do just that.

What is re-optimization?

To put it simply, over-optimization is a trivial change in the title, tags, and description of a video sometime after it’s published.

Optimization of fresh videos is different from the optimization of old, already added to the index of search engines videos.

1. Re-optimization of new videos

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After you publish a new video on your channel, you get a chart showing how many views your videos get on average (by hours, by day, etc.) in the YouTube Creative Studio.
Based on this graph you can analyze whether viewers liked your video from the first minutes of its “life”.

In cases where the video’s performance is severely below the average for the channel, it is recommended that you re-optimize it. But not earlier than 48 hours after the premiere.

I don’t advise you to change the data of a video within the first 48 hours after publication. Even if it’s a point in the description. This can have a negative impact on optimization.

Even one changed letter in the title can cause the video to fall out of indexation by search engines (including YouTube itself). As a result, the view count is practically zero.

After 48 hours, the new video can be reoptimized. And it, in turn, is divided into 2 types, depending on your goal:

You are promoting the video in search engines. In this case, you can either change the keyword for which the video was optimized, or act not so radically and make partial adjustments to the tags, title, and description.

You are not betting on promotion in search engines. If you want to get into “recommendations” and get views from “like”, it makes sense to rename your video completely and come up with a more successful title that will attract more attention from your viewers.

Note! Re-optimization is not a panacea. In my practice, it has worked in about 10% of cases. However, sometimes over-optimization brings really tangible results. If you also want to get a lot of views on YouTube, then at https://lowcostsmm.com you can buy them, and in addition get likes and subscribers to your channel.

2. Re-optimizing old videos

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If your channel has been running for a long time, you are likely to find examples of videos lying dead weight and absolutely useless. You can check their presence in the following way: first, go to YouTube analytics, then choose your channel and set the sorting by the number of views. The outsiders of the list are those videos that are better to reoptimize.

However, it’s better not to try to “witch” on videos that have already lost relevance. If the content is obsolete, or if it’s related to a long-forgotten event, and you understand that it won’t be interesting for the audience, delete it.

If the old video has not lost its relevance, but has stopped gaining views, you need to take action. And I advise you to reoptimize old videos in batches of about 5 videos.

After changing the internal data of the old video, you need to direct traffic to it. You can do this in several ways:

  • Order advertising
  • Post the video on your own pages in social networks
  • Encourage subscribers to watch the video in the “Community” tab of YouTube
  • Put the video in the final screensavers of other videos (one of the most effective ways)
  • I advise you to reoptimize all old content which in your opinion doesn’t get many views.

Warning. Don’t re-optimize videos which are currently popular and successfully gaining views.

As a result of reoptimization video can both get a “second life” and lose position. So, it’s better not to take the risk and change only videos that are currently unsuccessful.

Groups and communities

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Another good way to increase the number of views is to create your own Vkontakte group. You can post your videos there as well. People will have the opportunity to subscribe to you on both resources. You increase your chances of popularity.

There are those who are constantly sitting in Vkontakte and watch videos right there, even without paying attention to the popular video hosting. You’ll get credit for all the views these people have made through another popular network.

Other Social Networks

By the way, now I was talking about Vkontakte, but you should understand that there are also Odnoklassniki and Facebook. No one is stopping you from creating an additional profile on these social networks as well. Both of them will be more useful.

There are many foreigners sitting in Facebook, who willingly subscribe and become friends of our countrywomen. If you create videos without sound or with subtitles, they may also become interested in the channel and become avid fans of your art.

Electronic resource

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A lot of bloggers run their own website in addition to their YouTube channel. It’s very simple and increases the chances of getting into search engines. You can win first place for a particular query now in two ways – a video on YouTube and a text on your own site.
It’s not so important which way to develop you choose. I can advise you a few designers, in this case, even they will do. You just need a platform to increase your own popularity.

Although, I would still advise you to use the exchange Kwork. They can help you create a good modern website on some free hosting. Very advised to read about the control panel WordPress, sites built on this engine have a number of advantages compared to others.

Fighting for a spot at the top of search results

YouTube has transparent requirements for videos that reach the top of search results: you need more likes and comments. That’s why the channel is usually promoted comprehensively, simultaneously working with likes, views, subscribers and comments.

There are several ways to increase activity in order to get to the top:

  • Asking viewers to rate the likes, adding appeals to actively rate the videos in the description.
  • Asking viewers to share their opinions. Optimally, ask a question that does not require a detailed answer and you can write “yes” or “no”.

It pays to get likes and comments. YouTube doesn’t care if the channel owner bought reviews or not. The platform sees the activity, which will allow you to get to the top of the output. It is important to use authorized, “white” methods of promotion. The safest method is “live” promotion, when the task is performed by real people with an active profile.

YouTube Views via Trends and Recommended

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The home page of YouTube posts videos that may be of interest to a particular user. The selection is created individually, which allows for many times more views. These categories include videos that get a lot of views in the first 48 hours, as well as a higher chance for popular channels with a large number of subscribers. Often, they use paid boosting for a new video so that it gets into these categories later and helps to increase views in YouTube even more.

Mutual PR and advertising

There are many options for how to increase views on YouTube 2022. Some require a financial outlay, while others require a lot of time. The choice of promotion method depends on the project, its topic, popularity. Most often these methods are used:

  • Using groups and communities, within which bloggers help each other to get views. This option is suitable for a young project whose owner has a lot of free time.
  • Adding videos or announcements to popular sites or promoted groups. The service will be paid, but you can choose a community that will match the theme of the video. If the owner of the group likes the video, you won’t even have to pay for its publication. It will take the initiative of the channel owner and his ability to find suitable sites.
  • Advertising through popular bloggers, Google AdSense. This type of promotion is suitable for large projects that have already been promoted.
  • Services freelancers, booklets. These are a few more paid ways to quickly gain views. There is a probability that some of the performers will be interested in the video, but most likely, you can just raise the views. It’s important to be careful with a new performer or service so you don’t get scammed.

All these methods will help you get more views, which not only reflects the popularity of the video, but also directly affects the income and statistics of YouTube. The Help on YouTube in Google Help Center has detailed information about how YouTube evaluates user engagement. This will help you get a better idea of how to promote your channel and make better use of ways to increase views.