3 Ways Religion Can Help You With Your New Year’s Resolutions

There is something special about the arrival of the New Year that makes people enthusiastic, eager to change, and finally achieve the things they always wanted. It is much more than another year arriving and our calendars going up by one. The new 12 months have so much in store for every single individual but that is usually not enough. As humans, we cannot help but wonder about the future and daydream about what can happen to us down the line. This is why we mark every new year as a new chapter in our lives, one that we hope will be better and more prosperous in comparison to the last.

A Time to Reflect

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However, this is not all we hope on December 31st each year. When the clock strikes 12 and when January 1st arrives, we begin to reflect on the past 12 months and think about our achievements. What did we really accomplish? Were we the people we wanted to be? Was there more room to grow and did we really take advantage of our time and resources to do something positive? Whatever people think about, it is a chance to reflect and look back. At that same time, it is customary to promise to yourself what you want to do in the new year. It is a new start, so naturally it means a new chance for yourself to become and better in some way. New Year, new me, you know?

The Phenomenon of New Year’s Resolutions

This is how the famous concept of resolutions came to be. People make a list of things they want to achieve in the new year and start accomplishing them as early as January 1st.

Anything goes, from minor things like tidying up more often to eating healthier and working out. Then there are people who wish to change their life in a major way and finally graduate, change their job, meet somebody new and start a relationship, or perhaps propose and get married. Saving money for something important like a home or a new car is another thing that frequently appears on the lists of resolutions. Traveling the world and devoting more time to oneself are two common entries as well.

This is all fine and dandy, but resolutions are also infamous for one big reason. People tend to fall back on them, forget about them, or outright ignore them after a few months or even weeks. This is why resolutions on New Year’s Eve get a bad reputation. They instantly turn from something deep, spiritual, and life-changing to a joke that people make knowing full-well they will fail yet again. In order for an individual to truly go through with their wishes, they need something greater in their life that was not there before. Many find that religion is the key they were missing for success and happiness. Religion comes in many ways and it does not always imply being overly religious by certain standards. Allowing religion to enter your life can help with your New Year’s resolutions in more ways than one.

1. Surround yourself with it

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Achieving religion and feeling more connected to God and your beliefs does not come easy to some people. It is hard to simply start thinking in a different way and change so much about one’s life. Luckily, there is something that can help. Getting a few pieces of religious art into your home and surrounding yourself with symbols and imagery that will remind you of faith is the perfect way to allow religion to help you grow as a person. Art comes in many ways, shapes, and forms, and it is capable of providing spiritual peace and tranquility in a home. It can be a figure, a painting, a small shrine, or anything else you like. Learn more about religious art by visiting holyart.co.uk.

2. Understand what it means to be religious

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Going to church every Sunday and denying yourself earthly pleasures are not the only ways to feel close to God and consider yourself religiously enlightened. The Bible teaches that it is far more important to be a good man, to help others less fortunate than you, and to forgive. Coming to the defense of others and wishing well on everyone in your life is how you yourself will start appreciating things more. Moreover, it will help you think positively and bring about the changes you want to make in the new year. Resolutions you have made are not far away and they will become more achievable and easier to accomplish if you become religious in the right way. Do go to church but only if you truly want to and if you feel you need to. But do not talk behind other’s backs, gossip, or wish ill on others. Clearing your mind of these thoughts will leave more room for good intentions, strategic plans, and eventually fulfilling your resolutions.

3. Be aware of God’s presence

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Starting and ending the day with a prayer is one of the best ways to connect with God and feel more in line with your faith. However, it also helps us become more aware of the presence of God. Without thinking about it and without actively doing something in life that is as meaningful as a prayer, it is quite difficult to feel his presence. Believe in God’s plan and that he is interested and more importantly, involved in your daily routines, activities, and even struggles. It is of great help to know he is on your side, but you can only feel that if you give back. At first it will be hard to remember to say prayers and to turn your heart towards God, but you can make reminders and will yourself to do it. Simply uttering something along the lines of “God is here” or “God has got me” is enough. It may sound informal, but it does not matter in the grand scheme of things how you address him or talk about him. What matters is that you believe he is there with you. New Year’s resolutions will get done pretty quickly if you do so.