Instagram Thriving in 2022: What Methods Work, and Which Ones Don’t

Social media marketing is a thing that has gone through numerous changes to stop at the point where it is now – follow for follow, like for like and many other strategies people have used to try and attract other people’s attention to their pages, and now all of them are gone, lost their actuality a while ago. Right now IG is a unique place that has its new trends appearing every week, and you should be there to have time and catch them. However, there are several important checkpoints that you should pass to reach a certain level of popularity, and today we’re going to talk about them.

We will give you a short guide for thriving on IG in 2022: we’ll talk about the methods that work, such as a chance to take on Instagram followers to build a base for your profile’s development in the future, we’ll talk about filming reels and will also tell why targeted ads and PR should be used only in the “end” of the promotional campaign that you have planned for your page.

How to film reels to expand your audience


Lesson number 1: learn from the people who have already reached success in your sphere. Pick up several Instagrammers whom you personally adore and who are building their way up in the niche you want to be in too. Look through all of their latest reels and analyze them: which ones got more views, comments and likes? Why? What effects, music, memes, trends did they use and how it paid them back? After you’d go through a stage of thinking, you’re going to have a blueprint of a perfect reel lying right in front of you.

Keep in mind that reels should be filmed once a week or even more often than that if you’re at the very beginning of your online career. The more you film, the better are your skills at it and higher are the chances for random people who might be potentially interested in your content to see them. It works just like TikTok, but better: Insta algorithms are smarter and have the best recommending algorithms from all the social media nets.

Why purchase subs at the very beginning of your profile’s development


To build a base and reputation. You see, if you use a chance to buy real Instagram followers from Viplikes, you’re safely filling in the gap in popularity that you right now have. You might post brilliant content from the very beginning, but people are not going to believe your success, if they won’t see any metrics confirming it.

When you’re buying real subs, you’re helping yourself to gain some reputation in the eyes of the people who are interested in the things that you’re posting. And this way you won’t have to prove anything to anyone: people will see the content, will see the number of subs and will easily subscribe as your success will look completely natural and believable.

Why use target in the end


It’s obvious enough: you pay lots of money for it, so you should be sure that it is going to work for 100%. If people who come to you because of targeted ads see a half-empty profile, they will doubt whether they want to support you or not. But if it is going to be balanced and developed, filled with likes, comments and helpful info, then there are going to be no doubts at all.

The one important point about the target that you should keep in mind is its duration: you should always have a targeted ad running “in the background” to support the content that you’re putting forward. This way you will have your publications and stories always seen by new people who will randomly come because of the ad that circulates on Instagram: however, the price is sometimes hitting on the budget of people who always use the targeted ad, can you do something with that? Yes, lower the audience reach from time to time, it will help you save and accumulate money for the bigger campaigns.

How to work with bloggers


PR from bloggers your size or bigger than you is a thing that can change a lot: it depends on the current state of your account whether you should try to free PR or go for the paid one straightforward. Basically, if you have a somewhat number of subscribers, you can try contacting bloggers or brands who are the same “size” as you are right now and offer them mutually beneficial cooperation. In this case scenario you’d have to talk about them on your page and vice versa: so if both of you have, let’s say, 200 subs each, together you can increase that number up to 400. You get the fuss: the more subs you and your colleague have, the better are the results.

But if you’re too small for that and have less than several hundred subs, you can use the opportunity of the paid PR which will bring you guaranteed results for a fair amount of money. For example, you’re willing to work with a blogger who has several dozens thousands followers and you’re asking them to make several stories: it costs $50, and you get nearly several hundreds followers out of that cooperation. Yes, it is more expensive than buying followers, but it brings that specific audience to you, which will definitely want to support your content and buy something that you sell (if that’s your aim on Instagram).

So, for the best results it would be smart to use both options with the bloggers and also not forget that you can do collaborations, conjoined streams and reels, if your genre can let that happen.


Be smart about what you’re going with your page, study your competitors and their experience in promoting and developing their page, use free and paid services combined – sound easy, hard to do, but it is definitely worth it. Don’t forget that the main part of success lies in your own creativity and ability to always stay in touch with your audience; without your own efforts no paid or free services will work as they should.

If you follow our strategy you’ll see the greatest results coming your way asap!