Game Franchises That Have Spanned for Years

Sometimes game developers do a good job with several titles, which is how a franchise is born. There are several such franchises available and they will have lots of fans. They are far from done as new titles are being released.

The world of entertainment is filled with examples of franchises. For example, there are TV shows that span seasons and inspire new ones.

The world of iGaming has franchises of games too. Most of them are slots and they offer the same character in a different setting with a variety of features. Casino fans can click here and explore the variety of options the iGaming industry has to offer.

However, the world of gaming also has its fair share of franchises. In that regard, here are some franchises that have a good track record:

The Fallout Franchise

The Fallout franchise is a potential post-apocalyptic future after a nuke is dropped in the US. You’ll get to look for parts to make weapons and armor, fight various factions and ally yourself with others. New Vegas even lets you visit Vegas in the grim future and gives you 6 casinos to play it so you can earn some gear and special treatment if you’re lucky enough.

Vegas is doing pretty good today and the casino industry is mostly online. The casinos in the game will give you access to gear such as armor and clothes and even weapon ammo, but they’ll also give you drinks and food. The special treatment will come down to a key to one of the suites in the complex. In other words, all the prizes are ones you can use in the game.

Fallout has several titles to offer and all of them are packed with good stories. You’ll get to face mutants and other warring factions and spend bottle caps as currency. It’s a franchise that will continue to thrive in the future.

The Assassin’s Creed Franchise

History is filled with turmoil and factions at each others’ throats but none of them are like the Templars and Assassins that have been at it for centuries. This lovely franchise will take you through the Crusades, Renaissance, Ancient Egypt, The Liberation of America, the Seven Years’ War, and much more. You’ll meet iconic characters such as Altair, Ezio, Connor, and even Haytham, Bayek in Origins, and Eivor in Valhalla. You’ll play as Assassins and Templars and see what makes these factions differ.

Moreover, you’ll get to climb every building you set your eyes on and fight for a worthy cause. In the end, you’ll put your stock with one of the 2 factions. Whichever you go for, you’re bound to have fun with this franchise. It’s not going away anytime soon as there’s another title in the making and its title is Rift, so you might want to keep an eye out for it.

The Resident Evil Franchise

Shooting zombies have been popular forever, which is why the Resident Evil franchise is a great franchise. You’ll get a virus outbreak that turns people into brain-munching creatures and your job is to stop the outbreak from spreading and shoot your way through the zombies to do so. You’ll start in the Spencer mansion then you’ll be taken to Raccoon City during the height of the outbreak and its beginning. You’ll play Chris, Jill, Leon, and Claire in the several titles this franchise offers. The story is pretty good and you’ve even got remakes of the first 3 games that make the franchise even better.

The Dragon Age Franchise

As you might have guessed from the name, this is a fantasy franchise and it’s currently made up of 3 titles. The first one is called Dragon Age Origins and it guides you on the way to becoming a Grey Warden and helping a king defeat the Dark Spawn. But things don’t always go as planned because the king is betrayed and you’ll barely make it out alive.

In the second game, you’re taken to Kirkwall where you’ll spark a Mage Rebellion to save them, and finally, in the third one, called Inquisition, you’ll be put in charge of it as you’ll be the only person that has the power to close the rifts and destroy the monsters coming from the nether world.

All 3 games will give you different starting points depending on the class and race you choose. You can be a rogue, mage, or warrior and play the game as either class. Dialogue also plays an important role as you’ll certain options will give you additional consequences. You can try them out one by one in order or go for the one that seems most suitable to you.

The Mass Effect Franchise

This is another sci-fi franchise, and it just so happens that this and the previous one are made by the same company. In other words, BioWare is responsible for both of them. But Mass Effect is set in space and it relies on the mass effect relays that helped propel humanity into the future and expose them to aliens. Nowadays, they are living together and are looking to continue to do so in harmony.

However, some aliens aren’t that friendly and are looking to wipe out entire civilizations which is why you, in the role of Commander Shepherd, will do your best to stop them. You won’t be alone in the process as you’ll meet all sorts of people and aliens along the way and some of them will stick around and become your companions.

In the end, you’ll defeat the evildoers as is often the casino in these games, but at a steep price. It also has interesting dialogue options that can take the game in multiple directions. Finally, it’s a classic sci-fi franchise that both RPG and sci-fi fans adore. So, you might as well join the club if you’re looking for something new to play.