How to Find The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in 8 Easy Steps – 2022 Guide

If you’re facing a criminal charge, one of the most important things that you’ll need to do is to hire an experienced lawyer. So, your next step should be to start looking for someone that will represent you during the duration of the trial. However, if you do some digging online, it’s quite easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the number of options you can choose from.

This is why you might now be wondering – how can I find a suitable criminal defense attorney in 10 easy steps? Luckily for all people, you’ll be able to find the answer to this question in the article below. Let’s take a closer look at the how-to guide for finding a suitable attorney:

Step 01: Before Anything Else, Make a List of Candidates


Before you do anything else from this list, you’ll want to make a list of potential candidates for hire. This won’t only allow you to simply scratch off the candidate that you don’t feel comfortable with hiring, but it’ll also help you ensure that you choose a suitable attorney for your case.

Step 02: Take a Look at Their Experience

Once you’re done with making the list of the potential candidates, next, you need to check their experience, more specifically, how much of it do they have when represented people with the same charges as you have, as well as their success rate in such trials.

Whether you’re looking at an entire organization or one specific lawyer, it is extremely crucial that you know what charges you’re facing. So, if you’re thinking about hiring someone, but if you’re unsure of the skills they have, it’s always better to ask them how many years have they been handling such charges. This step is crucial when looking for a potential criminal lawyer. Make sure you search carefully, keeping all your needs in mind. For more information, you can check this link here.

Step 03: See What Their Previous Customers Have to Say


Although it is always better to choose someone with a lot of experience, it doesn’t mean that they’re actually good at their jobs. This is one of the reasons why you need to read all the reviews posted by their previous clients. Of course, you should read the ones posted on the official websites, however, there is one more thing that you should do.

When searching for the testimonials, ensure that you also read the ones posted on independent review websites. Why should you do this? Well, the ones posted on independent websites tend to be more honest, hence, it’ll allow you to choose a representative that’ll be entirely suitable for your needs.

Step 04: They Have to Be Experienced With Working in Local Courts

It’s all about the skills and knowledge when searching for a criminal defense legal representative. However, besides them being experienced, they need to have a lot of knowledge of the local court where your trial will be held. Now, you might now be wondering – why is it essential for them to know how the local courts operate?

Well, it’s quite easy, every court has specific methods and procedures, as well as workers, hence, it is necessary for the lawyer to know more about it. If they’re and if they know how the judges usually work, it could help you gain a huge advantage in your trial. If unsure, you can always ask them about their experience and knowledge with the local courts.

Step 05: Are You Hiring One Attorney or Several?


When you’re searching for a law company, you’ll have to opt for one that has several qualified criminal defense lawyers such as Why? Well, depending on your situation, it might get quite complicated later on, so, it’s always better to have several people working on your case than one.

On the other hand, when looking for an attorney that operates alone, they’ll probably be working on several cases at the same time, which means that they might not be capable of completely focusing on your trial. Hence, it’s crucial for you to determine whether you’ll hire a whole crew or a lone wolf.

Step 06: The First Impression Does Matter!

When you make a call to the organization for the very first time, you should think about how simple it is to reach them. Did they answer some of the inquiries you had while speaking to you or did they require you to leave a message and wait for him or her to get back to you later on?

By thinking about the first impression you had, you’ll be capable of determining whether or not a counselor is responsive and attentive to your trial and requirements. Keep in mind, an experienced and good lawyer will know what you’re feeling and they should also always be there when you need them to be.

Step 07: Open Discussion is Crucial


As we already mentioned, the entire process will be daunting and extremely stressful, which is why you have to ensure that you choose someone that you can easily talk with, as well as ask them about all the things that are bothering you. No matter what or how many inquiries you have, your legal representative needs to have time for answering them, and you’ll also have to feel free to ask them whatever you want.

Keep in mind, after you initially speak to a specific candidate, they should leave you their email, and their telephone number. Additionally, if there is a whole crew of people running your case, you should also have their emails as well. Effective communication is quite necessary and it could help you quite a lot during the trial.

Step 08: Honesty is The Key

Last on the list, but not least significant is the fact that you have to be honest with the lawyer you choose. Explaining your side to the entire event is crucial, hence, ensure that you explain everything that happened before, during, and after your arrest. Keep in mind, you must be honest with them, especially since it can make or break your entire case.


The entire process of finding a good and reliable criminal defense attorney is often time-consuming, stressful, and daunting. However, if you choose to follow all of the steps mentioned in the article above, you’ll be able to make the entire process easier, less time-consuming, and more importantly, less stressful for yourself.

So, now that you’re aware of all the steps you’ll need to take in order to find a trustworthy legal representative, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, you should return to the beginning of this how-to guide, and start with the first tip we mentioned, which is making a list of all the potential candidates.