Are Mythic Raids Too Hard in World of Warcraft

It’s no secret that World of Warcraft had a tough couple of years. Shadowlands was full of promise: Torghast looked like an interesting and mysterious place, new zones were full of life and diversity and Azeroth’s afterlife gave us the option to meet old heroes and enemies.

But all of Shadowlands ’brilliance quickly faded, faster than any previous expansion. This has turned a blind eye to Blizzard, which is preparing to announce a new expansion on April 19. Now, more than ever, Blizzard must learn from past mistakes and strive to make the new expansion as better and interesting as possible.

Why did this happen?


The Covenant system was one of the great items of this latest expansion. Once you reach the maximum level of 60, you could choose one of four factions to join. Each faction gave its special abilities that are related to your class. Conduits were one of the systems you could use within your faction. Everything sounded great, however after choosing faction and conduit there was no going back, you just didn’t have time to level everything again and get to the optimal gear for raids and other endgame activities.

All the systems in this expansion sounded great on paper and we understand the developer’s hope that each player will find their own style and way of playing in the expansion. However, as is usually the case – and not just in WoW – humans are terribly neo-original and uncreative beings and will always think in a herd mentality. What happened? Immediately after the expansion came out, everyone rushed to the forums and copied the best stats of professional WoW players, regardless of what they played in WoW, be it Mythic raiding, LFR, or Mythic + dungeons.

Despite their best efforts, the choice seized to exist very soon, for most of the players, that is, as soon as someone discovered the newest target. Given all the difficulties regarding changing the Covenant, and the entire class, most players felt somehow attacked, because developers did not care about the time they’ve invested in playing.

However, not everything was that bad. Weekly quests were fantastic because the Great Vault gave them excellent evolution in Battle for Azeroth. One could get as many nine pieces of gear if all the weekly quests were taken care of. Raids were also fun, with super exciting bosses and mechanics. The Mage Tower was back for good, which is one of the things players really hoped would happen once.

Let’s discuss more the difficulty of the raids…


Those who don’t have that much time and skills playing this game, and with a piece of average knowledge on these raids are surely interested to know if the difficulty is something they will struggle with. What most players do is study how to handle them via videos, and forum chats, but the best is to try it out and see for yourself. The experience has shown that although scary at first, once you set yourself out on the adventure, you’ll do good after a week or two. What you actually need to get used to is switching from Normal to Heroic.

However, there are a couple of skills you need to master in order for these raids to become easier. Here is a list:

  1. Being consistent. It is best if you can allocate the same amount of time daily or weekly, to keep the character updated, and for the gear to be at a decent level as well. Consistency in raiding is the best way to become skillful at it.
  2. Being hungry for knowledge. Each raid has some kind of mechanics related to it, so learning how to master them is a key to success. Also, try to find ways to improve by watching other players handle the same things, and so on.
  3. Build endurance. It will take time. And you can expect to be wiped dozens of times during one gameplay session, which will only bring the frustration level to rise. If you manage to endure all this, you’ll be on the way towards becoming a super skillful raid master.
  4. Team player. Achieving your goal in the latest expansion requires teaming up with others, and jointly working towards the goal. There are a lot of compromises to take, and your social skills will play a crucial role in this. Personal sacrifices are to be expected as well.
  5. Mechanics. As we already wrote, raids will require you to handle the mechanics at least a little.

As for the difficulty, it can be concluded that the only difficult aspect of the game is the mechanics. However, with the right approach, it becomes easier. Just remember what we wrote above – you’ll only start going down when you stop investing enough time in playing if the constant wipes bring you down and frustrated if you stop thinking about the ways you can improve. Hence, endurance in all of this is the key.

Once get passed it you will finally get that sense of being rewarded, and it will make all the troubles worth it.

There’s also a shortcut we didn’t want you to know of right at the beginning of the article. It’s called the boost. These are available for buying online every time you feel like you’re stuck in the game. With them, you’ll quickly level up enough to handle the raid successfully. It should most definitely be the choice you take whenever you feel like you’ve had enough, and the frustration level is over the top. One such purchasable WoW Boost service.

What should we expect from the next expansion?

The next expansion definitely, must not try so hard to break the old habits. This game is for a reason one of the all-time best, and the fact that it will soon celebrate its eighteenth birthday says enough. If you ask any person who’s into MMORPG games what place they would like to stay in the most, the answer would surely be Azeroth.