The Wide and Wonderful World of the Adult Video Categories

If you’ve been watching just a few kinds of adult video categories, use this guide as a shining light next time you want to do some exploring in the wide and wonderful world of adult entertainment.

Either you love it or you hate it, but either way pornography and the thriving adult entertainment industry is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It has been around in one form or another, since the dawn of time, and consequently, has provided people with an important source of entertainment and escapism for millennia.

Throughout the many years that men and women alike have been enjoying pornography, a huge amount of diversity has blossomed within this industry that we know and love today.

For those of you that think all erotic videos are exactly the same, keep reading my friend. This article is for you.

Porn is just like other forms of art and entertainment – it has genres that suit different people’s unique tastes

Like music and movies, there exists a huge variety of adult video categories, genres, and styles, simply because people’s tastes vary so drastically from one another’s.

From the outside, it might seem like the only category out there today is focused around the male gaze and strictly includes blondes with big fake tits, but this simply isn’t the case.



Big beautiful women or “BBW” for short, is a category for those that are actually turned off by the typical porn videos with unrealistically skinny models and big fake boobs.

The BBW category celebrates the sexiness and sensual appeal of women that have lots of curves. This category is enjoyed by millions of people, and all the best pornographic sites will have this specific category for the lovers of the big and beautiful women of the world.

Female friendly

Female friendly content is continuing to rise in popularity as more and more women around the world continue to watch adult videos themselves. As sexual freedom continues to be an important aspect in women’s lives, the search for this type of video that is made from the female perspective (instead of the male’s) is a search that happens regularly.

Some of the most popular sites in this industry like Porndoe, now offer female friendly video categories, that offer women just the right kind of content that they can’t find in other kinds of videos.

Female friendly, is usually less suggestive and tends to pay more attention to both partners during sex, not just the woman. And female friendly also caters to females of all sexual orientations, not just straight women.

Outdoor sex


Outdoor sex is one category of porn that you just can’t even compare to other video categories because it’s truly unique.

Unlike the “fake” vibe that comes from studio porn (harsh studio lights, fake indoor setting), outdoor adult videos bring watchers back to nature, and therefore, create a hotter and more primal feeling.

Outdoor usually takes place in a scenic setting like a park or on a trail and oftentimes in places that are considered public property. This makes the sex appeal and excitement that much stronger and can really turn people on.

HD Videos

Not all adult websites offer video categories dedicated to high-quality HD videos. Porndoe is one site that has tons of HD videos that completely stand out from the rest.

It’s difficult to fully understand just how much better to experience HD videos are than regular low-quality videos until you’ve seen them with your own eyes.

HD videos provide such an incredible amount of detail that viewers often feel like they’re seeing one of their favorite stars performing in real life in front of them. This realistic display can turn any masturbation session into almost as good as a real blow job experience.



Lesbian adult video content usually consists of two or more women having sex or engaging in other sexual activities. The sex usually includes anything ranging from oral sex, fingering, or penetration with a strap on dildo. Lesbian porn is typically in two classes; actual lesbian and lesbian designed to cater to the male audience´s pleasure.


Hentai is an animated adult content whose origin can be traced to Japan. Hentai was not originally used to describe a particular category of adult entertainment. The meaning actually translates to ‘perversion’ or ‘pervert’ in Japanese. This category has many subcategories under it which include ecchi (softcore sex), kenomo (furry sex), yaoi (gay sex with feminine men), and teratophilia (mister sex).


As the name implies, this is a category that involves stepmoms having sex with their stepsons. However, please note that the performers are usually actors and actually not related. This category of porn appeals to many people because it is taboo and fits into the fantasies of many people.



This means ‘Mother I’ll Like to Fuck.: This category usually involves an older woman and a young man. Like the stepmom category, the performers are usually actors who are not actually related.

Big Ass

This is one of the trendiest categories specially designed for viewers who love big buts. Big ass adult video content category can be further subcategorized into big butt anal and others.

Pregnant porn videos

One category of audiovisual entertainment online that is really true, unlike any other video category, is the genre of pregnant sex.

This category can often be considered a fetish, because those that are turned on by pregnant porn, are often blinded by the passion of it, and find themselves to be obsessed with it.

It may not be the most popular around the world, because usually, you either love it, or you hate it, but it definitely does exist. Pregnant sex content is a great example for proving to naysayers just how diverse and rich this industry is today.

Final thoughts

No matter what you’re looking for, top-notch pornography sites will have something for you. And for those that usually stick to the same category, it’s time to start exploring.