What Is A Zero Gravity Chair? 2020

What do you imagine your posture would be like if you did not weigh anything? What is the most neutral of position for arms, legs, spine, and neck? NASA has tried to give an answer to that question when measuring body positions of its crew members aboard the Skylab space station and early shuttle missions … Read more

Enjoying Your Time Outdoors In The Zero Gravity Chair 2020

There are lots of things to benefit from spending time outdoors, and these benefits can be quantified both emotionally as well as physiologically. Only if you live in a busy city is it likely that the indoor air quality to which you are exposed to on a regular basis is inferior to the cleaner, fresher … Read more

Why Zero Gravity Chairs Are Great For Seating in 2020

A zero gravity chair is a specialized recliner that raises the legs to the same level as the chest. It also enables the sitter to assume a gently curved supine position that helps to reduce the pressure that is placed on the spine, especially reducing the pressure exerted on the lower back’s lumbar region, and … Read more

Choosing A Zero Gravity Chair in 2020

When you are choosing an outdoor zero gravity chair, you will first need to consider your personal needs. For the larger adult, it is important that you select a chair that will support your weight and your size. Many zero gravity chairs can support up to three hundred pounds, but then, there are some that … Read more