How to Maintain a Brilliant Beard – 2022 Guide

So you’ve done the hard part of growing a luscious beard, how do you maintain all that hard work? Like anything that looks nice, it can only stay looking nice if it is maintained.  Here are some tips on how to maintain a brilliant beard.

Wash Your Beard


Keeping your beard in a good condition will not just make it look better, but it will also make it stay looking better for longer and keep it feeling strong and healthy. Investing in a good beard wash can stop it from feeling itchy and keep it feeling soft.

According to All Things Hair, avoid using shampoo designed for the head, as it will dry out your beard because they are too high in acidity. A wash specially designed for a beard is PH-balanced and will keep your beard feeling softer and fuller.

We recommend washing your hair once or twice a week. Avoid washing it everyday as this will strip the hair of all its natural oils leaving. These oils are crucial to keeping your beard feeling nice and healthy.

Use beard oil


Using beard oil will help nourish your beard hair and make it more manageable. beard oil will not just hydrate your hair, it will also moisturize the skin underneath it. When you grow a beard, the hair will absorb any moisture around your chin and make it dry out, using beard oil will stop it becoming broken and dry. By keeping it moisturized, you will also prevent dandruff.

Because beard oil nourishes the hair, it helps prevent split ends. This will help the hair follicle become strong and prevent ingrown hair. Using beard oil will promote hair growth and help even out patchy beards.

Pick the right shape for your face


Not every hairstyle will suit your face shape, in the same way not all beards are not one-size-fits-all.

Because a rectangular face is longer, it can suit a variety of beard shapes and sizes. Having fuller cheeks on a beard will make your jaw look wider and take the attention away from the length of your face. Rectangular faces also suit facial hair that grows higher up the cheeks.

With a triangular face the aim is to distract from the chin. A moustache with a short beard or stable is a great way of doing this. Avoid anything too thick on the cheeks, as this will make the jawline look even wider.

When you have a round face, it’s important to work the beard angles. Opt for a beard that is shorter on the cheeks, yet longer towards the chin. This will create the impression of a longer chin.

A beard on men with heart shaped faces will only make it look smaller. If you do want to start growing facial hair, stick to stubble on the sides. This will not overpower your natural bone structure yet add depth and volume to your jawline.

While a jawline is an enviable, it can be difficult to make a beard work around it. Avoid over exaggerating your chin, instead try a rounded or triangular beard. Avoid sharp lines and squared shapes as they will make your chin look broad.

Those with diamond face shapes want to keep hair on the chin, this will offset the cheekbones. Square off the chin to create the illusion of a more balanced bone structure. Avoid growing a long beard that goes beyond the chin, this will only make it look more pointed.

Style your beard


A good styling routine shouldn’t be a time-consuming chore, all it takes is the right tools and the right knowledge. Everyone has a different routine; it may take some experimentation and some misses before you find the right styling products and techniques for you.

Try spraying a sea salt it throughout wet beard hair and distributing it evenly with the comb. A good sea salt spray will give the hair more texture and volume but avoid using it if you have dry hair. Next apply a conditioning agent like a balm to the damp beard hair.

To shape your beard, use a hairdryer and a round brush. These two tools will help you manage your beard hair and get rid of any unwanted curls. To smooth the surface, use a beard comb, this will help you achieve your desired shape and finish.

The last step in your beard styling routine should be using a styling balm. You’ll only need a small amount, help warm it up by rubbing it in your hands. Rub the balm down the base of your beard and then your moustache. If you want to smooth out your beard and moustache, use a beard comb after the balm has been applied.

Get trims


The longer the beard gets the more attention it will require. The more a beard grows out, the greater chance there is of getting split ends. An untrimmed beard will also feel dry and itchy, an unpleasant experience.

When hair becomes brittle, usually through heat, cold and wind, it becomes brittle and split ends occur. The longer the facial hair stays untrimmed with split ends, the worse it will look and feel. Using a beard oil will help fight the elements and stop the hair from becoming brittle.

Trimming your beard will actually make it fuller. By removing the stray hairs, your beard will look healthy, full and thick. Asides from strengthening the beard, a trim can actually strengthen a jawline. If you want to give yourself a pronounced jawline, trimming and contouring it will give you the illusion of a more defined chin.

A good beard takes time

Before you can maintain a brilliant beard, you have to give it the time to fully grow. The best way to grow our beard would be to leave it alone, no trimming. You shouldn’t teach your facial hair for the first 4-6 weeks. Messing around with it too soon may cause it to grow patchy and uneven. You should only trim your beard when it reaches your designed length. It may look messy and feel itchy as it starts to grow, but we promise it will look better when it reaches full length.

Don’t worry, every beard grows at a different rate and every grower’s experience is different. For some people it takes up to a year for their beard to grow to its perfect length. It will also take some people longer to work out the best products and shapes for them. Luckily hair grows back, so have fun and experiment with your new beard.Also, make sure to have your beard growth kit with you to ensure it is perfect. You can easily get the customized one for yourself through the best digital healthcare platforms like Numan. Check out their official site to know more about it.