4 Most Famous Cycling Competition in the World to Bet On

Sports betting has reached its peak with the appearance of the internet. People can watch, analyze, and place bets whenever they like, wherever they are. And the choices of sports are plenty.

Individual sports must have always attracted the attention of those who like to bet on sports, whether they are placing regular bets or special playing offers that often come with such sports. All major betting houses are preparing their offer for such sports with special care (read more about it here), so today it is possible to bet on sports that are not so popular in your country, and you definitely like to watch them.

One of the sports that are traditionally interesting to players with refined taste, but also to fans of racing sports in general, is definitely cycling. This racing discipline deserves the attention of bettors around the world, and some of the world’s most popular sporting events come to us from this sport. Below is a list of the most famous competitions, people like to bet most on.

1. Paris – Rouen

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This race was organized in November 1869. It was actually the first race ever organized, with the distance between the two cities. English cyclist James Moore, one of the most famous cyclists ever, won this race, and in 10 hours and 45 minutes, he rode on a 123 km long track.

2. Tour de France

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Certainly one of the world’s most famous races happening, as the name says, in France. This is also one of the three Grand Tours in Europe. It was created as far back as 1903 and has been held over 100 times so far.

It lasts over 20 days and covers a trail of over 3500 kilometers. This demanding race also had several accidents in its history.

3. Giro d’Italia

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Similar to the previous race, this race is one of three grand tours in Europe. The first was held just six years after the first Tour de France and aimed to promote La Gazeta Dello Sport.

Just after the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia is the second most difficult race in a row. It is interesting that the Senca Fine trophy was first created in 1999, and was first awarded to the winner of Giro 2000. The names of all the winners are engraved on it, and at the end of each tournament, the name of the new winner is added.

It is made of copper and is chained with eighteen-carat gold. The trophy weighs 9.5 kg and was first lifted by Stefano Garcelle.

4. Third grand tour

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France and Italy have already been presented, and among the most famous European Grand Trams is the Vuelta a España, which was founded in 1935, after successfully holding Italian and French races.

What does betting on cycling look like?

All the world’s big bookmakers offer several types of bets to their cycling players. However, the most dominant type of bet in this sport is the Race Winner. Although there are other ways to bet within a classic race, before the start of each race the only type of bet is this one.

What surely attracts players, as well as cycling fans, is the number of odds set for the best riders in these races. If, for example, you want to bet on the winner of this year’s Le Tour de France, the minimum odds on the biggest favorite for the winner will certainly not be less than 3.

You can also bet on some of the favorites from the shadows, as well as lesser-known riders, and the odds for these cyclists are fabulous, to say the least, so we have riders with odds of winning 30, 50, and even 100.

The most prestigious betting houses also give you the opportunity to bet on who will be wearing some of the T-shirts given to the best cyclist, but this type of bet is only possible when the race starts. The best cyclists wear a T-shirt after each stage, which shows in which discipline the driver is the best in the general classification, so we have a green, polka dot, white and yellow T-shirt. The holder of the yellow shirt is also the best cycler in the overall standings, so he is often one of the favorites to win the entire Tour.

In addition to these cycling bets, it is worth mentioning another specific type that is offered by the most prestigious bookmakers, and that is betting within the World Hour Record Challenge. The World Hour Record Challenge is a bet given in the cycling discipline in which the rider sets his record within one hour of riding, and this year it is on again. The goal of this race is to cover as much distance as possible within one hour of riding.

A couple of more bits of advice

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All bike races have their advantages when it comes to just bet, so sometimes it’s better to bet on some races and skip some. The most important criteria you want to consider when betting on cycling is the form and strategy of the rider, so pay attention to which race it is.

Many of the best riders know how to use tactics, so it is common practice not to even take part in some races that precede the Tour de France. There are also riders who raise their form for big competitions, so it is possible to see them even in poorer placement within smaller races. However, all are advised to try their hand at the Tour de France in the first place, as it is a race of all races for all cyclists.

When we subtract and add it all up, betting on cycling can be really exciting. This is largely due to the quotas that these competitions bring, but also due to the dynamics and concept of the competition itself. If you are a fan of cycling races, and you also like to guess and cheer for your favorite rider, make your bet and be sure that fun is guaranteed.