Woojer Vest Edge Review 2022

The gaming industry is under constant development with many serious gadgets and accessories that enhance the player’s experience. While playing, we need all our senses activated to feel the game better. That is why the monitor’s fresh rate is higher, and the headsets are constantly improved.

Adding sensation to your gaming experience is always a great thing. Previously, people complimented their setup with ambient lighting to create a visual atmosphere. It is now time to improve our tactile sensations and feel the game on our bodies.

Woojer’s Vest Edge is a new addition to gaming peripherals that surely impact your sensations. With six stereo vibrating motors, we feel everything that is going on on the screen. To give you a more thorough explanation, we made this article as a review for this interesting gadget.


Source: yankodesign.com

The Vest is equipped with six vibrating transducers that are arranged to stimulate the larger portions of the torso. It has two transducers on the chest, two on the back, and two on the flanks. The whole system is stereo arranged so each side is separately controlled depending on the screen activities.

When it comes to audio specs, the Vest has plenty. They have integrated an amplifier of hundred and fifty megawatts that can be used for improving the sound quality of your headset. If your headset comes with a mic, you don’t have to worry since the Vest has an input for that as well. In addition, it has 0.1 percent of total harmonic distortion output which is one of the most important audio parameters.

Woojer’s vest comes with various connectivity options. Firstly, we have the latest Bluetooth version with the lowest latency possible. In addition, it has the 3.5mm connectivity option that offers stereo features, and a microphone input jack. It has a USB-C point used both for audio and charging purposes. Lastly, it comes with BLE that’s intended to be used for future updates.

With 3350 milliampere hours, the Woojer’s Vest has plenty of power. In relation, it needs around three hours of charging time through the USB-C port we mentioned above. This offers around eight hours of usage time, depending of course on the intensity of the volume and vibration used. As a battery-saving mechanism, it comes with a function to automatically turn off whenever it is not used.

Controlling this device is rather easy. With an integrated volume and sensitivity control found on the left chest area, you can easily adjust everything with a few clicks. In addition, there are two light indicators to help you with your navigation and control of the Vest.

You don’t have to worry about getting the right size because Woojer’s vest fits everybody. You can adjust it tightly by pulling on the straps and making yourself comfortable. Another comfortability factor is that it is super light, weighing around two kilograms.


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You receive the item in a trapezoidal box and it offers a quite nice unboxing experience. The front is reserved for a large image of the Vest itself, Woojer’s logo on the left, and some of the matching devices.

On the backside of the box, there is a large anatomical image of the Vest. Everything is properly marked so you can understand its features better.

The box gets opened in a wing form and you are introduced to a large cardboard piece that serves as a protection measure. When you remove that piece, you can see the back of the vest.

The device is being held by two cardboard pieces from both sides, which are also the place where all the other pieces are found. Along with the Vest, you get an adapter for charging as well as an audio and USB-C cable and manual. To prevent situations where the plugs do not match the socket depending on the region you live in, Woojer provided five additional tips.

For the full unboxing experience, check out this video review:

The Vest Edge itself

The main item from the box is the Vest Edge itself. It is a synthetically made peripheral that weighs around two kilograms. The six vibration motors are arranged in a way to cover most of the torso. As mentioned above, there are two motors for the chest, two for the upper portion of the back, and two for the flank area.

The first thing that is being noticed on the Vest is the control point. It is located on the left chest area and is responsible for the futuristic look of this accessory. The power button is located in the middle of this control panel with up and down arrows, and volume controls around it.

The connectivity features are located at the bottom portion of the control point. From the right to the left side, we have the headphones out port, the charging hole, a USB-C connector, and a 3.5 port to insert audio. Lastly, on the left portion of the control point, we have a small button to reset the device if needed.

To help with navigation, Woojer has included a lighting notification. It has three colors that signal the momentary condition of the Vest. If the red circle flashes, you are getting low on power. If it stays red it shows that the item is charging. When the battery gets full the ring becomes green. Red and blue whenever the device is available and when it is connected.

Getting comfortable inside the Vest is easy. The straps are convenient so you should have no problems. In addition, on the back portion of the device, there are instructions on how to adjust the settings properly on your body for the best results.

Using the Vest

Source: yankodesign.com

If you want to increase your gaming experience, this device is surely for you. The sensations that it gives whenever something happens on the screen are immaculate and create an unforgivable experience. It might be hard for you to get back to regular gaming since this item will change the way you play forever.

When turning it on for the first time, be sure to update it to the newest version. Get yourself comfortable and adjust the audio and the intensity of the vibrations. The arrows on the control unit are meant for the vibrating motors and the plus and minus functions for the audio.

What is left for you to do is enjoy the full submersion sensations and explore your favorite games. It is best to pair this device with a VR machine for a complete real-life feeling. However, it is also a great fit for music listening since the bass will be felt across your body and movies for the complete surround.

If you want to learn more about this Vest, it is advisable to watch some video reviews. Since we all need reassurance, it is great to see how other people react to Woojer’s creation for the first time.