How To Store Your Beer After Opening It 2022

You just purchased a couple of beers for yourself or for some celebration with friends and family, then you guys popped a lot of beer open and unfortunately, it seems you will not be able to drink the whole thing and thinking of how all these might go to waste, well I am here to let you on a few ways you can keep those beers valid for a few days.

Opened beers can be saved a bit for short periods. With the use of rubber stoppers and a vacuum pump, the same way you preserve a half-full bottle of wine. Just make sure the vacuum sealer is secured. if fixed properly, The stoppers would do a great job in acting as an airtight seal that would keep hold of the C02 in the bottle. Then you can store in a great refrigerator and keep the beer refrigerated.

You’ll find out that the bottle of beer will keep for a while, let’s say three days after which the CO2 might start to escape and lose its carbonation which wouldn’t be so nice as the beer goes flat and not enjoyable at all. And remember beer should always be stored upright to decrease the oxidation process and prevent contamination from the cap.

Constant refrigeration is quite important and during refrigeration of your beer, be sure it is kept in a cool dark place that is at a constant temperature. And always take note of the expiration dates as this varies among beers and its necessary for your health care. Please drink responsibly!