Things to Know about CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD is one of 80 different natural chemical compounds found in hemp. This information might not have been so important if scientists had not discovered the great potential of this compound and its positive impact on health. They came to the revolutionary knowledge that both humans and animals can benefit from using CBD.

It has been discovered that CBD can act as a kind of defense shield against various diseases. Since both humans and dogs have an endocannabinoid system affected by this compound, the positive outcome is the same in both species.

Vast Health Benefits

Source: Source: LolaHemp

If you are looking to increase your pet’s quality of life, you should look at CBD for dogs and its many health benefits. While still being studied, this hemp derivative has been shown to help with many forms of chronic pain and disease. When your pet is stressed or anxious, cannabidiol can relax and soothe the upset animal without sedation or disturbing their consciousness.

Animals diagnosed with arthritis or any other inflammatory disease may benefit from regular CBD use. This compound is a natural remedy providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial actions. If your pet is in constant pain, and you don’t want to subject them to pharmaceutical drugs, CBD oil is the answer.

This product can provide relief if your pet is suffering from epilepsy, too. It’s a disease of the nervous system that disturbs brain functions. That causes uncontrolled muscle spasms, i.e., seizures. When these happen, the dog becomes extremely confused and disoriented. CBD has been proven to reduce the frequency of these attacks, thus allowing your pet to live a happier and fuller life.

As well as helping dogs suffering from epilepsy, CBD can also be beneficial for various types of tumors. For example, dogs that are undergoing chemo should get regular cannabidiol doses. It is believed that this compound can reduce some of the side effects associated with chemotherapy treatment.


CBD is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system. This system is in charge of almost every body function. If all works well, the animal is healthy and energized. But if ECS lacks ‘fuel,’ you have to compensate for it. CBD is a natural alternative to endocannabinoids secreted in the mammal’s body.

As soon as you implement CBD oil to your pet, try to introduce it gradually so that their system is not overwhelmed. Start small, whether you plan to use this product as a supplement or adjunct to regular therapy. If you don’t see any improvements, consult your vet to increase the amount of CBD.

You must check with your vet to ensure no allergic reactions to the supplement before using it on your pet. Make sure you provide your pup with healthy and balanced meals, along with quality supplementation. By keeping their bodies energized and well nurtured, dogs will reward you with years of healthy and happy companionship.

Product Types

There are two popular forms of hemp-based treats for dogs. The first is the liquid form, like CBD oils and tinctures. Both products are quite effective (high cannabidiol content) and convenient for dosing. Yet, dogs don’t find them quite enjoyable because oils and tinctures may have a taste that is not pleasant for your four-legged friend. That’s why you’ll often come across flavored pet products customized for picky eaters.

Another variant of cannabidiol for pets is chewable products. Whether in the form of soft chews or kibbles, dogs love these snacks. They are easy to digest and should not cause digestive problems for animals. Also, a great thing about edible pet products is that they are mostly pre-dosed, so you will know exactly how many treats you need to give your pet.

Potential Side Effects

At the very least, you will want to discuss with your vet the benefits and risks associated with the use of cannabidiol in your dog. These experts are usually familiar with cannabidiol and its potential adverse effects. These are usually nausea, stomach cramps, and possible appetite or sleep disorders. But these happen in rare cases.

Researchers found that CBD oil is one of the least harmful pharmaceutical drugs to animals. In fact, it’s the most beneficial remedy when it comes to treating certain medical conditions. So, it’s not merely a question of if this product is safe for dogs, but in what dosage.

Purchase Tips

Make sure that you purchase pet oil from a reputable company with a proven track record of making great CBD products. When buying from trustworthy sources like Holistapet, you will be receiving a genuine product rather than a copy or cheap synthetic version.

You should research the Internet and find brands and products that instill trust. Lack of information about them might be suspicious. So always look for companies transparent about their products. You can consult knowledgeable vets, too. They should recommend a wide range of different products that can help animals.

The purpose of pet CBD oil is to ease pain, relax, and improve the immune response in your dog. If your pup has a history of adverse reactions to prescription drugs, that might not be the case with this natural remedy. Just in case, you should let the expert determine the initial dosage and supervise the health condition of your dog.