Do Dogs Prefer to Sleep on the Floor or on the Bed?

Dogs are the best friend of people. We love them because of their loyalty, cuteness, and their good nature. Even though the love for their owners is unconditional, not giving them something in return is simply not nice. We can do that by providing them with the utmost comfort.

One of the ways you can do that is by providing them with dog beds. We’re talking about products that have become quite popular in the last couple of years. Still, it wouldn’t be possible for them to become so popular if our little friends didn’t like them. So, we don’t believe you should hesitate whether to buy them.

Making your dogs is great. They are a part of your family, after all. You can be sure that the amount of love they will give you in return will be double. Thankfully, coming across these dog beds is much easier than before. Still, many people wonder whether are these beds necessary.

That’s why we want to talk about this topic in greater detail.

Why Dogs Love Beds?


Dogs are creatures whose life revolves around territory quite a bit. That’s why nobody should be surprised by the fact that all of them would like to have a bed of their own. These are safe, soft, and warm places for them to spend as much time as they like.

When you think about it, purchasing a large dog bed surely beats them sleeping on the floor. Chances are that the floor will be too cold for them. Sure, there are moments when they would enjoy this surface, especially when the temperatures are high. But, they much more enjoy having a bed.

Not to mention that you have certainly witnessed a scene when your dog collets a couple of blankets and puts them in one place, and then lies on it. Without any doubt, this is the biggest indicator that purchasing a bed for your little friend should be on your list of chores as fast as possible.

It Says a Lot About Your Pet

Everyone who owns a dog knows that they spend roughly 12 hours sleeping. Plus, they have a couple of places they consider their favorite ones. Still, we want to say that the place they choose to sleep at tells a lot about them. To be precise, it shows, let’s say, their opinion of you.

Many of them want to sleep in the same room as their owners. Not only that, but they want to be as close to their owners as possible. If this doesn’t confirm their closeness to you, we do not what it indicates. It is not uncommon for many of them to sleep in the same bed as their owners.

They appreciate the love and attention you give them, and they want to give you some of it. Besides that, the dog is your protector, and sleeping right alongside you means exactly that. So, you can see that this is a multi-layered story, and the place for sleep indicates much more than we presume.

Are There Any Health Benefits?


We bet a lot of people didn’t know that dogs who sleep on the floor can experience health problems. While this can happen for many reasons, the most important one is that they will keep too long on a surface that’s too cold for them.

Besides that, it is possible that your little friend already has some orthopedic problems. So, sleeping on a hard surface can make these problems much more severe. Purchasing these can be one of the ways to prevent these problems from getting worse.

Also, some veterinarians recommend using these for pets who have suffered an injury or have undergone a surgical procedure. Having a proper place for them to sleep can enhance the recovery process drastically. Numerous studies and reports have proven this to be a fact.

Most Interesting Dog Bed Styles

Now, let’s provide you with the most interesting options for you when choosing dog beds.

Donut-Style Bed


One of the most interesting beds to check out is the donut dog bed. It needs to be said that one of the factors in their popularity is that they are a cost-friendly solution. They come in numerous shapes and sizes. So, you’re bound to find the one that suits your pet perfectly.

At the same time, you can choose practically any color. The name of these comes from their shape. They mostly look like a donut. However, the changes can occur frequently, depending on the design. Many believe they are a great solution because your pet can sleep in a curled-up position.

Many pets enjoy the curled-up position, and we don’t have any doubt your little one will love it too. If you are interested in taking a look at one of these, be sure to pay a visit to Funny Fuzzy UK. For all of these reasons, a donut dog bed might just be the solution for your pet.

Pet Sofa Bed


Many pets out there like to sit on the sofa, close to their owner. If your pet has the same preferences, then taking a look at the dog sofa bed is the way to go. When you see one of these, you will immediately understand why they bear this name. They are shaped like little sofas.

People who purchased these say that they are comfortable almost as real ones. It can mimic the situation when someone is taking a nap on a real sofa. They have all the most significant features like being supportive and lavish. So, no wonder many pets adore sleeping in these. So, we should provide them with this possibility.

The Verdict

When someone asks a question about whether dogs prefer to sleep on the floor or in a bed, the latter is the right answer. In this article of ours, we’ve provided our readers with high-detailed information on why this is the truth. We’re sure this insight will help you understand the needs of your pet even better in the future.