Exercise Is Self-Care Too: 5 Ways To Add Physical Activity Into Your Daily Life

Everyone is susceptible to stress and physical exhaustion. Hence, practicing self-care is said to be crucial. It’s believed that people who are able to attend to their personal needs are able to become more resilient and optimistic to handle life’s troubles.

Yet self-care isn’t synonymous with self-indulgence. It’s actually a way of tending to your needs to fully assist and care for others, especially when they’re in need. Replenishing your depleted energy is also a surefire way to show up your best at work, accomplish your jam-packed to-do list, feel less anxious, and more.

The Risks Of Leading A Non-Active Way Of Living

Among all the self-care activities you can perform, movement is one of the affordable and quick ways to keep yourself healthy and energized. However, for some working adults, incorporating exercise into their routine can be quite challenging. This is true, particularly for people who have unpredictable work schedules or those who are almost always stuck on their desks.

While everybody’s regimen is different, this shouldn’t be an excuse to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for prolonged periods isn’t good for your health. As reported, people who have insufficient physical activity have a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other diseases. A non-active lifestyle may also trigger feelings of anxiety and depression, harming your mental health.

Conversely, exercising even for a few minutes every day can help you reap significant health perks. This includes but isn’t limited to a healthier weight, lower cholesterol, reduced stress, better sleep, and more. For people who are suffering from stiffness and aging, guided physical activity can help them gain back strength and independence.

Creative Ways To Incorporate Movement Into Your Life

It can be easy to put physical activity at the bottom of your agenda. However, incorporating movement shouldn’t be difficult. There are creative ways to add exercise into your day, no matter how busy you are.

1. Work With An Expert

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For some professionals, their daily schedule can vary from one day to the next. On some days, they can drive toward the gym and exercise for an hour. Yet in other instances, they’re short on time.

If you have a rigorous or unpredictable work routine and can’t seem to find ways to exercise consistently, working with a professional may benefit you. A gym instructor, accredited physiotherapist, or physiologist can help you curate an exercise regimen that suits your schedule and lifestyle. These professionals can also give you advice on exercising safely, especially if you were injured recently or have movement limitations.

There are also businesses that focus on helping clients experience pain-free exercise and individualized self-care. For instance, stretchaffect.com and other similar sites help their clients achieve proper training by initially assessing their unique flexibility and strengthening requirements.

Apart from helping you curate a customized exercise regimen, working with an exercise professional can help you maximize movement by learning how to maintain proper form and focus on the right muscle group. With their insights and pro experiences, they can help you move closer and achieve your fitness goals.

2. Add Movement To Chores

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Another way to stay active amidst a hectic schedule is to simply think of ways to move more while you’re ticking off mundane housework. For instance, if you’re going to the nearest grocery, park your car at the far end of the parking lot. In this way, you’ll be compelled to walk further towards the shop.

On the other hand, if you’re going to see a friend in a nearby café, you can choose either to walk or ride a bicycle. Not only are you moving your body, but you’re also doing your part in reducing air pollution.

If you prefer to jog on a certain day, take advantage of your energy by heading to the nearest store and do your weekly grocery shopping. This way, you can combine two exercises into your regimen. Additionally, when unloading your items, stimulate your arm muscles by carefully lifting the bulky goods before you put them in the pantry or elsewhere.

Thinking of innovative ways to tap different muscle groups while tending to your chores is a surefire way to increase movement into your daily life. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do and how much fun you can have by simply going out of your way.

3. Designate An Indoor Workout Station

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Looking for ways to manage stress while at home? Do yoga or perform your favorite cardio activity in a nook of your workstation. Alternatively, assign another corner of your home where you can be active.

Block off time to commit to exercising in this place. Staying consistent can help you switch to workout mode every time you go to this area, making it easy to build this habit.
If this area is quite spacious, invest in a few, necessary equipment such as fitness mats, dumbbells, and the like. In this way, you’ll most likely be encouraged to move as you already have the devices around you.

4. Take A Walk Outdoors

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If you’re almost always at your desk, take a break for certain intervals to walk outside. Instead of getting tempted to lie on your bed or lounge on the couch, take advantage of the sunny weather, and the greeneries of your yard.

If you’re elsewhere, go out and appreciate the beautiful landscape at your office and the mini art installations at your campus. Rest your eyes and indulge in the sceneries around you. Also, walking is great for your mental health as this helps you slow down, relax, and give yourself time to breathe.

5. Do It At Home

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Conversely, if you can’t go out for certain reasons, walk back and forth from your workstation to the kitchen. While you’re at it, do a few light muscle stretches too. Stretching can help prevent soreness, muscle stiffness, and back pain, especially if you’re constantly sitting.

If you’re up for the challenge, increase your heart rate and sweat for a bit by taking the stairs back and forth. When done correctly, all these short bursts of activity can already be a great cardio alternative. If you have a fitness recording device, track how many steps you’ve already conquered. These small, incremental wins can genuinely make a difference in your health and posture.

Through this, you can add movement into your day without having to head to the gym or compromise any of your work commitments. This technique will truly help you save time, money, and energy.

The Takeaway

Being active and staying fit can help you maintain good health and meet your self-care needs. By taking inspiration from the ideas above, you can surely increase movement into your routine regardless of your schedule.