Stress Management and Sport in 2022

Stress has become a very serious problem these days. It can catch even active and usually cheerful people by surprise.

There are many ways to deal with stress, including extreme ones, but sports are perhaps the most effective and proven of them. In this article, we’ll explore how sports can help you deal with stress and which disciplines can best help you overcome negative emotional states

The Nature and Management of Stress

There are many reasons why our bodies and minds react to external stimuli. Each person is different, so each of us perceives sources of stress differently. This is why some situations can provoke a nervous breakdown in some people, while others see such incidents as positive stress that motivates them to new achievements.

When nervous tension occurs frequently or constantly, and the body is unable to cope with it, it is felt as something negative. Our body produces stress hormones (adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol) to deal with external pressure, but these measures only help for a short time.

It is very important to control your stress as it can damage your health. The most effective way to deal with stress is through active exercise. They contribute to the production of endorphin, a hormone that is synthesized in the neurons of the brain. It reduces physical pain and has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person. Endorphin is called the hormone of joy since it can bring a person out of even a state of prolonged depression.

The Best Sports to Deal with Stress

Honestly, any sport can help you get out of stress. But we will still tell you about the most effective and common types of physical activity that can bring you out of a depressed emotional state.

Fighting stress with martial arts


During the day, a person always accumulates a lot of stress due to minor troubles. He may not even understand what is happening to him. Sometimes the feeling of tension is so strong that you feel like punching the wall. If you don’t want to spoil the looks of your home and not rush at people, you can redirect negative energy into a positive direction with the help of martial arts.

Karate and judo are great sports. They not only help a person learn self-defense and keep him in good physical shape but also fight stress. These martial arts are based on a philosophy of acceptance and self-control. Also, it has long been known that a person who knows karate or judo becomes more self-confident and purposeful.

Maybe if you start to take up martial arts, you will become so successful that you will start to compete.

Reducing stress by running


Many professional athletes and ordinary people go for an evening or morning run to organize thoughts and keep fit. Why this sport is so attractive as a means of dealing with stress:

  • During jogging, the hormone of joy, endorphin is actively produced. It reduces stress after a hard day at the office and cheers you up for the whole evening.
  • The body receives a large dose of oxygen while running, which improves your blood circulation, fills the body with energy and gives a charge of positive emotions. But this effect will be ensured only if you run in a park or far from the highway. Exhaust fumes and road dust will not oxygenate your body.
  • Running can help cope with insomnia, especially if you’re jogging in the evening. Energy consumption and oxygenation of the body will provide you with pleasant body fatigue. Returning home, you will feel that you want to fall asleep as soon as possible. Good sleep is the best prevention and the best stress reliever.

How to run properly to relieve stress?

  • If you are a beginner, then do not make long and difficult routes. Start your workout alternating between race walking and light running. The load on the body must increase gradually, otherwise, you can harm yourself. Try 2 minutes of running and 5 minutes of walking to get started. On the next workout, increase the load: 3 minutes of running and 4 minutes of walking.
  • Experienced athletes can use additional equipment to increase the load. Wear special weights on your arms and legs that you can buy at a sports store. This way you will be able to keep progressing and improve your fitness.
  • Your workout should be longer than 30 minutes for running to help combat stress.
  • Practice interval running. Alternate moderate and intense loads to the limit of your ability: you run for 3 minutes as fast as possible, and then for 2 minutes – very slowly. There should be at least 5 intervals in your workout.
  • Equipment is very important. Do not forget about comfortable shoes and clothes made of quality breathable materials. When you run, your tracksuit should be free of movement, your pants and T-shirt should absorb sweat and allow air to pass through, and sneakers with a cushioned sole will protect your feet from excessive stress and damage.

Fighting stress with cycling


Each of us has ridden a bicycle at least once, but few have thought that this is a way to overcome stress. It is perfect for both experienced athletes and beginners. Why cycling is so effective against negative emotions:

  • Thanks to the bike, you no longer have to stand in traffic jams, looking nervously at your watch and angry at other drivers. It is an excellent means of transportation in the metropolis and nature because the bicycle is very maneuverable, cheap, environmentally friendly and convenient mode of transport. Leaving behind disgruntled drivers who can’t get to work because of traffic jams, you’ll leave behind the bad mood that used to haunt you from the morning.
  • This is a great way to spend time with your loved one or friends. During such cycling trips, the mood will be upbeat, because the good company always positively influences us and does not allow us to feel sad alone.
  • By bike, you can easily get out into nature. A few hours of cycling in the fresh air along the paths in the forest will clear your head.

Fighting stress with yoga


Yoga is effective in battling stress because it combines meditation, breath control, and muscle stretching. Contrary to popular belief, not all of the asanas in this practice are difficult. Many of them can be easily performed even by a beginner. Yoga exercises have the following beneficial effects on the human body:

  • Yoga relieves muscle tension;
  • Provides optimal physical activity;
  • Improves performance and fitness;
  • Supports wellness and health.

Such workouts are suitable for both the experienced athlete and the beginner with poor muscle tone. Yoga can be practiced at any time and any age. Visit to read more interesting articles on this and other interesting topics.