How to Choose a Strong Roof for Your Home?

Maintaining a house is very important if we want it to sustain for a long time because, without maintenance, even minor issues like cracks in the walls can turn into major issues eventually. This is just going to increase our own problems which is why it is optimal that we keep checking various structures in the house to make sure nothing is amiss and in case, an issue arises, then a good construction company should be contacted that will send its workers for our help. Find more info. Whether we decide to repair a structure in our house or we need to install a new one, it is a big investment. For example, having a damaged roof requires that we have a new one installed and since it is one of the basic units of a house without which a house is incomplete, we are making a long-term investment. A good construction company builds its reputation on integrity and honesty. Furthermore, we can get a complimentary inspection of the house by their workers without any obligation. After the inspection is completed, they will honestly tell us about any issues they have noticed and will let us know the estimated cost of repair or reinstallation as well.

Installation of new roofs and their repair


As aforementioned, a roof is a key structure in a house which is why we need to make sure that we choose the best building material as well as the suitable type of roof when we want to have a new roof installed. Roofing experts, like MightyDogRoofing will help us in this area and they will also walk us through the whole project and answer any questions that we might have. Furthermore, they will not try to sell us anything that we do not need and will only cater to our requirements as efficiently as they can. We can let them know of our budget and they will set up the whole project within that amount for our ease. Therefore, we do not need to worry that fixing our roof or having a new one installed will cost us an arm or a leg. Construction companies become even more successful when they treat their customers with respect and honesty. If we are in need of an emergency repairing of the roof, they can send us a worker within the span of one day to help us early as possible because sometimes repairing a roof can’t wait long.

Types of roofs


In case we decide to have a new roof installed, there are different choices to choose from and each of them may have its pros and cons. Some of those types and listed below.

  • Flat roofs

Flat roofs are very easy to install. One of the pros of installing a flat roof is that it can be adorned with different decorating materials as well as plants and flowers to make the house look more visually pleasing. We can even install solar panels that will definitely help with the electricity bills. Another good option is that a patio can be built on a flat roof. As for the cons of installing flat roofs, in case there are occasional heavy rainfalls or snowfalls, the water or snow will accumulate on the roof and if it is not cleaned right away, the stagnant water will become dirty where germs and microbes will be born. This is why it is not suitable to install flat roofs in those areas where rainfalls and snowfalls are relatively frequent.

  • Gable roofs

Gable roofs have a triangular shape. As opposed to flat roofs, rainwater and snow do not accumulate on the top because they slide downwards right away due to the angular structure of the roof. However, when the water and snow slide down, it will create a mess in the yard if not cleaned right away. Installation of gable roofs is cost-effective. One of the most common cons of a gable roof is that it does not uphold well in case of hurricanes and strong winds because these weather conditions can unhinge the roof and it will turn upside down. Gable roofs also have some subtypes such as Dutch gable, false front gable, and cross gable, etc.

  • Skillion roofs

Skillion roofs are usually installed when additional structures are needed to add to a building that has already been built. For example, they are frequently installed while building sheds, garages, or porches, etc.

  • Gambrel roofs

Like gable roofs, gambrel roofs are also unsustainable during severe winds and hurricanes, however, they are easy to build and are installed while building barns, or farmhouses, etc.
A good amount of time and thought should be given to the decision of choosing the type of roof and its building material because these things are what make our houses more durable and sustainable. Otherwise, we may end up making a wrong decision if we make haste, and then in no time, we will have to repair or reinstall the roof again after it is damaged due to low-quality material.

Types of roof damages


If we think that choosing a good building material and the most suitable type of roof is enough, then we are slightly wrong because even after doing this, we need to make sure that we keep on checking the roof for any wear or tear. Everything needs maintenance from time to time and so do our roofs. There are various forms of roofs damage like exposed nails because if they become rusted, water will start to leak through them and cause leakage and damage. Furthermore, the screws that hold the roof in place may loosen up which will make the roof susceptible to damage and even water leakage. Cracks can be formed in the roofs either due to heavy storms or due to incompetent workers who did not pay enough attention or neglected while working which causes cracks and punctures in the roofs. All these aspects need to be kept in mind both by the rooking expert as well as the owner of the house to maintain everything in prime condition.