10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Your Child’s Medical Appointments

Surveys suggest that over 40% of kids in 2011 suffered from at least one serious health condition. As we can see, these numbers have declined today. However, one-third of Americans aged 17 and younger have one serious health issue. This means parents shouldn’t be careless about their children’s medical appointments.

Visiting an expert pediatrician is important for the well-being of your kids; these healthcare practitioners can help your kids grow healthily and develop properly. For this reason, even if your kids don’t show any visible signs of health decline, you shouldn’t ignore keeping their medical visits.

Some unforeseen circumstances often make parents skip their kids’ medical appointments. However, forgetting these prescheduled medical visits shouldn’t become a habit. Surveys suggest that almost one-half of pediatric appointments are missed; missing your child’s doctor visit can have drastic consequences. So, here’s why keeping these medical appointments has become crucial:

1. Let kids develop healthily

Source: mychildde.org

Birth injuries often cause developmental challenges; these injuries can take place before, during, or even after childbirth. For more information, you should visit childbirthinjuries.com and learn why they occur and how to seek compensation for them. Simply put, birth injuries can happen when the doctor puts too much pressure on the newborn’s head, neck, or shoulders, damaging the nerves or fracturing the bones.

Visit a pediatrician if you suspect your child’s facing developmental issues.

2. Keep kids mentally healthy

Many kids suffer from stress and anxiety. However, parents aren’t trained to recognize the signs of psychological challenges among kids. For instance, COVID-19 and the resulting isolation may impact the behavioral development of children. Attending medical appointments can help you recognize any mental health problem facing the child. So, don’t underestimate mental health checkups; know that a person’s mental health can easily affect the physical well-being of the person if gone untreated.

3. Detect health issues timely

Many health issues go undetected, and kids remain undiagnosed for a long time. Surveys suggest that 61% of children aged 5 and younger don’t get their vision checked. So, when their eyesight goes unchecked, they get corrective glasses only after their vision has deteriorated significantly. A parent shouldn’t be careless about medical appointments because neglecting them can make even smaller problems incurable in the future.

4. Give kids their vaccines

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Newborns should be vaccinated immediately to prevent different diseases, e.g., polio. So, delaying or skipping medical appointments may cause you to miss proper vaccination. Don’t forget that a kid’s immune system needs some time to adapt and get stronger; you must bring the kid to a doctor for vaccination. Your children shall get the required immunization shots so they may prevent measles, hepatitis, chickenpox, and other preventable illnesses common in unvaccinated kids.

5. Give kids proper meds

Many parents attempt to self-medicate their kids with homemade or over-the-counter medications. 70% of parents have prescribed meds to their children by themselves. However, such methods can easily endanger the well-being of your kids, particularly when you’re trying to cure the kid’s congenital disease. Visiting a pediatrician means your children can get proper medications for their health-related problems. Ask a pediatrician about different treatment options and the side effects of meds.

6. Increase pediatric health awareness

Visiting pediatricians can help you know if your child is achieving growth & development milestones. You can share your concerns regarding your child’s well-being and enhance your know-how about a problem your child might be facing. It’s sometimes difficult to understand the health needs of children as they are too naïve to communicate them themselves. So, an expert pediatrician can offer the kind of immediate medical intervention your kids need to safeguard their well-being and development.

7. Complete children’s dietary needs

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Parents often forget about their kids’ dietary needs; studies have shown that one-half of American kids have a poor diet. Nutrition plays an important role in ensuring the proper growth of newborns, and a pediatrician can help you plan a personalized diet for your kid. Advertisements attract consumers into buying the wrong foods for their children. However, visiting your kid’s doctor can help you determine which diet is healthy for your kid.

8. Teaching kids healthy habits

Healthy eating/drinking habits can be enforced easily at a tender age, so keeping medical visits helps your kids adopt these habits effectively. You won’t believe it, but children listen to pediatricians more than they listen to their parents! So, attending medical appointments can let parents stop their kids from adhering to harmful pastimes. You may ask the doctor how much screen time is okay, why flossing is important, and how eating broccoli is healthy.

9. Honing your parental skills

As per a 2016 survey, more than 80% of parents believe that “good parenting” can be learned. How do you learn to be a good parent? It’s possible by keeping your child’s medical appointments. This practice improves parenting skills as you can catch some important parental suggestions there.

Missing out on doctor visits can prevent you from learning how to deal with kids’ health issues more effectively. Bolster your parental skills by attending medical appointments and not neglecting them unnecessarily.

10. Satisfy your parental curiosity

Source: apa.org

If you have questions regarding sensitive issues, e.g., puberty, visiting a pediatrician is the right time to learn the answers. You may create a list of questions you need to ask the doctor. Similarly, a parent can sometimes get more familiar with what the child is going through after meeting with the pediatrician. So, besides raising your pediatric health awareness, you satisfy your parental curiosity. That’s why keeping pediatric appointments has become so important for a kid’s well-being.


Careful parents don’t neglect their kids’ medical appointments because they know keeping these visits is important for a child’s well-being. Therefore, you should attend your kid’s doctor’s appointments to enhance your know-how on children’s health-related problems. Raise your pediatric health awareness and recognize the kid’s developmental milestones.

Moreover, attending pediatric appointments means learning about their dietary needs, behavioral issues, and cognitive growth. Most importantly, if the child suffers from a birth injury, attending these medical visits is important for the kid’s healthy development. Hone your knowledge of children’s health by punctually showing up for the scheduled kid’s doctor’s visits.