Ormus Earth Minerals: 4 Reasons Why They Are called the Elixir of Life

Ormus Earth Minerals are known as the Elixir of Life and have been used for centuries to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Known as the life force that regenerates our lives, Ormus plays an important role in holistic healing. There are a variety of sources for Ormus Earth Minerals that can be found worldwide.

So, what makes these minerals so vital to our health?

Their Composition and Properties

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The living soil is the source of these minerals, which contain trace elements that were once thought to be lost in traditional farming practices. These Ormus Earth Minerals are a form of energy that works on a quantum level, offering healing and balance at a cellular level.

The composition and properties of OEM vary by product, but they all contain powerful antioxidants, plant-based enzymes, and phytonutrients that protect cells from environmental damage and disease-causing agents while helping to restore tissues’ balance physically. They also can provide improved mental clarity as well as increased levels of energy, both physical and spiritual.

They also promote optimal cellular health with documented evidence suggesting that their health benefits extend beyond general nutrition requirements. Their unique concentration of minerals with additional trace elements may induce changes in brain chemistry along with an increase in the number and content of neurotransmitters in the brain that help regulate body and mind functions. They also seem to improve neural networks responsible for cognitive activities such as thinking, learning, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

With their unique energizing components believed to be essential for life on earth, it’s no wonder why people often refer to them as “The Elixir Of Life”.

Boosts Immunity

OEM are extracted from pristine environments and contains a high concentration of monoatomic elements, which helps to support healthy cellular communication. Regular consumption of Ormus minerals can help to boost immunity by equipping the body with the essential elements and minerals it needs for optimal health.

It helps to restore an electrolyte balance in the body, enabling it to perform more efficiently. It is believed that regular consumption of Ormus can reduce free radicals in the body, which cause inflammation and weaken the immune system. By reducing inflammation, Ormus can also help to reduce pain felt by people suffering from chronic diseases like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Enhances Mental Clarity

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When consumed, these minerals may help promote general well-being as well as enhance mental clarity. They may help improve concentration and alertness and help reduce symptoms associated with a poor focus such as difficulty concentrating or staying on task for extended periods of time. Furthermore, Ormus earth minerals can provide calming and relaxing benefits that may lead to better sleep quality and less stress or anxiety.

The energetic properties within the minerals may also influence spiritual enlightenment, bringing clarity to situations where there might not have been any before. Many people who use Ormus report experiencing improved intuition which can strengthen one’s decision-making abilities and trust in their own inner guidance system. Additionally, consuming this amazing supplement is also said to improve creativity and heighten positivity in an individual’s life perspective.

Improves Physical Performance

Many athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and sportspeople use Ormus Earth Minerals for their beneficial effect on physical performance. It helps to improve the production of enzymes, which in turn increases the rate at which cells can repair themselves. This leads to improved overall performance in terms of increased endurance, strength, and muscular development. Furthermore, its energizing effects enable you to recover more quickly from the fatigue and over-stressing your body.

The minerals also help to reduce lactic acid buildup in muscles, making it easier for them to contract and relax across sessions of intense workouts and physical exertion. As a result, your body is able to produce more energy during exertion as well as being better able to recover afterward. Taking Ormus regularly can improve recovery time between workouts as well as reduce soreness associated with extensive training schedules or sports activities.

These minerals have a direct impact on how efficiently your muscles function allowing you to get more out of your exercise regime without compromising your health or pushing yourself too hard or too fast.

How to Use Ormus?

Ormus Earth Minerals have been around for centuries and have been used for a variety of purposes. The minerals are believed to be the Elixir of Life due to their ability to provide energy, promote health, and improve overall well-being.

Internal Use

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They can be taken both orally and internally. Internally, it can be taken in the form of drops or powder, mixed with liquid, or dissolved in food. It is recommended to start out by taking just a few drops a day and gradually increasing the amount over time. For those who are sensitive to particular herbs or foods, start out with just one drop to see how it affects you before gradually increasing the dose.

It is important to take Ormus with distilled water or fresh vegetable juice for optimal absorption, as other liquids may interfere with its effects. Additionally, it is recommended to either get up early in the day (such as 6-8 am) and take Ormus prior to eating anything else, or late in the evening after dinner (around 10-11pm). This helps ensure that no digestive substances interfere with its effect on the body.

External Use

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It can be sprayed directly onto the skin. Comparable to aloe vera, it can soothe sunburn, provide anti-inflammatory relief, and much more. Ormus Earth Minerals is one of the few substances that can help transfer vital energy into our systems with stronger effects than other methods like juicing or eating raw foods.

Ormus Earth Minerals has powerful anti-aging properties as a topical application. It improves cellular health by restoring injury and reducing oxidative stress on skin cells. When absorbed through the skin, its powerful molecules penetrate deeply into circulation pathways of the body and brain, allowing for faster absorption rates on contact.

Because of this efficient system of delivery to numerous vital organs in the body; including the brain; Ormus Earth Minerals is naturally taken up about 4 times faster in comparison toor even ingesting vitamins and minerals orally via pills or liquid supplements making it extremely effective when used over extended periods in helping restore balance and vitality in those with major ailments such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis MS, chronic fatigue syndrome etc…

Adding to Water

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Adding the powder directly in your drinking water is a simple process – just add two teaspoons of Ormus Earth Minerals powder into a quart of filtered or spring water and stir until completely dissolved. Then let the mixture sit covered overnight before consuming either directly or adding it to other beverages such as tea or juice. You may also add fruit or vegetables such as berries, bananas, pomegranates, or kale to increase their taste and nutritional value simultaneously!


In conclusion, Ormus minerals are quite often called the Elixir of Life. The many benefits they offer our bodies, minds, and spirits show their positive effects beyond doubt. They give support to the immune system, help with physical renewals, and mental clarity and increase overall brain power for concretized thought processes.