How Badly Addiction Can Affect Your Life

People often mistakenly get addicted to drugs. A lot of events happen in our lives which sometimes lead us to stress. As a consequence, people start doing drugs to relieve their stress. Some people in our community think that people who do drugs have no ethical ideologies and they are characterless because they can’t control their use of drugs. People consider such people with no willpower. But in actuality, addiction to drugs is a multifaceted disease like other diseases.

Quitting on drugs is not easy. People think that good intentions and strong will can help but they can’t work alone. People with addictions need a combination of willpower, intention, and a professional guide through a medical detox center like Banbury Lodge for the cure. Drugs change the functions of the brain that makes it very difficult for the person to leave drugs even if he wants to quit. Researchers have gifted us a lot of ways that can help in quitting drugs. A lot of treatments have been discovered. Leaving an addicted life leads to a productive life.

The root cause of addiction


Before exploring the root cause, it is important to know what addiction is. It is a long-lasting disease that regulates your power of control and leads to harmful effects. Initially, people start doing drugs on their own, but their repeated use causes changes in the brain, and then it starts controlling you. At first, you have the power to do drugs voluntarily but later on, they have power. The brain urges and interferes in such a way that you can’t resist drugs.

This is why drug addiction is termed a relapsing disease. Even if you control the drug’s use, they still have the impulsive power to force your brain to smoke or have a drug. It doesn’t mean that one should not take treatment, there are relapse chances but if the person has the courage and willpower, he can beat the need for the drug.  His ability to adjust his needs is in his own hands. Treatment plans work wonders when taken by an authorized detox center. Look at this site, for more information.

Brain function and drugs


A drug fills the brain with dopamine which is a chemical messenger. It ruins the proper working of the brain system. These changes motivate the individual to repeatedly have drugs. It reinforces the feeling of pleasure that grounds the use of intense drugs. This is the reason why a person loses control and starts feeling pleasure. When a person starts doing drugs, he thinks that everything is in his control and he can stop himself whenever he wants to but this is not true. People also have a misconception that it lessens worries and stress.

The brain’s functioning slows down when we consume drugs. This is why we feel less stressed and relieved. People start thinking that it is a stress reliever but in reality, it just slows down our brain functions. When a person continues the use of more drugs, the adaptableness of the brain also rises. A person feels high and relaxed. This feeling is extremely strong that people are no more able to feel pleasure in the things trying new foods, sex, recreation, etc. Also, the longtime use of drugs affects the learning power, judgment, power of decision making, control on behavior, bad memory, and stress. People know about these outcomes but still, many people continue the use of the drug which causes addiction.

Reasons behind the drug use


There is never a single reason behind the fact that why people get addicted. There are varieties of factors involved that lead to a risk of drug addiction. Some of the factors are:

1. Biological factor

Sometimes, the family background has a drug history. Since drugs have a strong effect so, they may emerge in the coming generation.  Some people are born with such genes that offer risk to addiction. The presence of mental disorders also increases the risk of using drugs.

2. Company and environment

We live in a diverse society. We work and meet with a lot of people. Every one of them belongs from a different class and economic status. Some are rich, some are poor. Some have an elite quality of life. When these factors combine, they create peer pressure which exposes you to the drug’s use. At a young age, we often get irritated by parental guidance and get attached to bad company. Such influences lead to drug use as well. It is very important to listen to the guidelines of our parents and elders because it saves us from bad influence. At that time, we get angry and annoyed, but in the long run, the guidance saves us from a big loss.

3. Responsibilities


The ones who are the sole earner of the house often get stress. Due to overburden and a lot of responsibilities, they start using drugs thinking that it will lessen their worries. Some people take a lot of stress because of the career competition, when they can’t handle the stress they find escape in drugs. Such an overburdened situation also often leads to addiction.

Addiction: cure or prevention?

Thanks to the researchers because this is due to them being able to cure this disease. Cure and prevention are two main leads of treatment. At first, the person has to identify which substances he is addicted to. It can be alcohol, heroin, cocaine, bath salts, ice, etc. According to the drug type used, they will have to take a treatment. If they have made use of multiple drugs then they will pursue Polysubstance treatment.

The treatment is a combination of medication and therapies that develops resistance in the individuals and their power to control their actions is back. The amenities and continuous support at the detox center change the mindset of the addicted person. He starts living his life again. When he leaves the center, his body is free from harmful substances and effects. This is how an entire journey of CURE takes place. The next step is prevention from relapse which refers to have control over yourself when you have taken a treatment once.