Top 7 Countries With The Most Casino Players

While offline casinos may be restricted in a particular country due to local and municipal legislation, punters in most nations can access internet casinos and gambling sites online. That’s one of the reasons why online gambling has been growing in leaps and bounds with each passing year.

Even though land-based casinos have not yet become obsolete, their influence is gradually dwindling as people love to play live casino games on internet casinos like And, of course, it’s a global phenomenon. While some nations have partially or fully prohibited internet gambling, others have embraced it and are constantly innovating the sector.

This article looks at the top countries with the most casino players. Although the exact ranks may change as the years roll by, the industry sources agree that these seven countries are consistently among the world’s top gambling zones due to their number of active punters.

1. Canada


In Canada, the internet betting sector is booming. The country is arguably known for its unrestricted gambling. Almost 75% of Canadians participate in this pastime, with the majority of them being enthusiastic bettors who spend considerable time online.

Gambling is not entirely regulated in Canada. Some regions have the majority, if not all, of the casinos. These regions are Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. The country earns $13 billion each year from these locations. There are no restrictions on Canadians visiting and playing at any online casino using real money. However, a casino must acquire a license for players to access games.

It’s worth noting that just a small number of players are addicted to gambling. It affects 0.6 percent of all gamblers or about 250,000 persons. In other words, Canada has a lower rate of gambling addiction than other countries.

2. The United Kingdom

From the age of 18, a person is eligible to gamble on any casino site in the UK. So, you will mostly find a good number of their players in the 21-25. Driving down to the players actively playing, it’s one of the most popular gaming venues globally. The United Kingdom is a poker lover’s paradise.

Gamblers are well-known in the United Kingdom. In the last three months, 46 percent of the population gambled. The market is regarded as the most powerful, and casinos must pay taxes and get a UKGC license.

In the United Kingdom, 3.1 percent of gamblers are addicted. However, there are a variety of platforms available to assist these individuals. These sportsbooks restrict gaming availability to if and when a player requests it.

3. The United States of America


The United States of America sits number three on the list in terms of sheer size, not as a fraction of the country’s population but as a whole ratio of active gamblers. The United States is home to about 70% of the entire community of gamblers.

World-famous physical destinations include the casino city of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Atlantic City. In recent years, many states, including Maryland, Arizona, and Florida, have started enabling offline and online betting access within their borders.

In some cases, states without legal online gaming portals frequently enable their citizens to wager on offshore markets. It’s only understandable that budgets run on the structures of online betting and casino sites, of which the figures are only expected to rise.

4. Australia

Keen followers of the gaming industry may know that Australia has the largest number of active casino punters. They number over 6.8 million (or 40% of the populace) and bet daily. Pokies (slot machines) and table games are the most popular games.

The country ranks among the few gambling jurisdictions that allow players to keep all of their winnings. They are not required to remit any revenue. Addiction seems not a major concern, as only about 0.5 percent to 1% of gamblers suffer from it. A piece of fascinating news is the ban placed on 900 people from entering any of the country’s casinos for illegal gambling practices early in 2018. Since then, proper regulation of the activity has tightened to a large extent.

They are also very popular in online gaming. More people are playing online than in physical houses in Australia. Even a $1 investment will get you started. You can easily browse the web for $1 minimum credit sites to find where you can play, deposit and relax. Users can always play the best games with the right casino on the ground.

You can also explore and look at the country’s most popular casinos that regularly gather tens of thousands of people. These websites provide incentives, fun games, and bonuses for every game chosen.

5. Japan


Japan is both an outlier among Asian countries when it comes to breaking down gambling taboos and a role model for vetting and regulating the unlicensed sites available.

The combination of stringent safety regulations and an insatiable desire for casino betting has resulted in a massive annual spend of about $20 billion by the Japanese.

Like the United Kingdom, good Japanese selections are likely to be legitimate. There are sites you can easily research to choose the best quality gaming experience.

6. Singapore

Singapore only launched its first-ever casino in 2010, but it has since grown to lead as one of its major gaming nations. The establishment of casinos in the country ignited a major concern among Singaporeans, who feared addiction and financial losses.

Locals who want to join the casino must pay a registration wage of $80 to the government, discouraging them from gambling. Under the “Family Exclusion Orders,” families can also prohibit their relatives from attending casinos. However, these limitations have had little effect on the country’s gaming culture. In 2010, the country lost an average of $1,174 per adult.

7. Italy


The beautiful country of Italy completes the list here. Although gambling had a terrible reputation among Italians because of its recognition as a Mafia nation, activities have begun to alter this perception in recent years.

Currently, 80 out of 100 persons in Italy gamble, and most of them play online, particularly poker. The country proudly boasts rich gambling history, hosting the world’s first casino, which opened in Venice in 1638.

The Bottom Line

While numerous nations and authorities are licensing offline spaces, the global trend continues to be tuned to the online world. Each country on this list has a large population of gamblers who regard sports betting and online gaming as a top form of entertainment.