5 Most Common Reasons Why Students Lose Motivation – 2022 Guide

The education system has evolved a long way from what it was in the ancient period. With education becoming more practical, it has its own pros and cons. No doubt, it has made learning easy for students, but still, one needs to be at their toes to stand out in the competitive world. Although every student is born with unique qualities, they have to brush their skills from time to time to stay efficient.

At the same time, many students require extra motivation and help while dealing with their academic problems. But, the good news is, you need not worry anymore, as you can visit this website to get that extra help and motivation with your homework.

However, many students still lose interest and motivation in no time. And there can be various factors that lead to this demotivation. Today, let’s go ahead and discuss these reasons in detail.

1. Comparisons

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Comparing oneself to others is one major demotivator in students. They will try and put in all the efforts, but they start comparing when they see someone else gain better results. This comparison may also come from other people, like parents, friends, relatives, etc. The sentences like ‘if they can do it, why can’t you? Look at her; she does it so gracefully.’, etc. prove to be a great demotivator.

Every student is born with their own caliber, so they should not be compared with anyone. And even if they compare themselves to others, they should be stopped and explained. Comparison is a vicious habit. If there is a constant comparison between students, they tend to lose interest in their respective fields. These students then require lots of help to jump back into the game.

2. Harsh Words

Who likes being spoken harshly? Not even trees and animals. Human beings have the tendency of not speaking to people who don’t use their language properly. The same is the case with students. But sometimes harsh words leave a really lasting impact on the minds of the students.

These harsh words like, ‘You do not know how to do it, you will never learn, you were born dumb, etc.’ is enough to break down the students.

We should choose our words wisely while talking to students. People dealing with students are given special training on how to talk to students. The words have to be used wisely. Even when a student is not performing well, some words of kindness and motivation can help him go a long way.

3. Tired of trying

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Students seldom understand the concept that Rome was not built in a day. It takes lots of failures to reach success. But some students give up easily. They do not realize that just some more attempts, and they would have succeeded.

They determine the number of failed attempts to be their deciding factor and give up easily. Thus, too many trials and giving up is another reason for the loss of motivation in the students.

‘Try till you succeed’ is a motto that should be ringing in the student’s ears if they truly want to succeed.

4. No early detection of a problem

Some students may be suffering from some problems which may not have been detected at the early stage. These problems could be mental, physical, or psychological. If the students did not get their basics right, they would have problems in understanding the higher classes.

Even small fears like fear of the crowd, fear of speaking, stage fear maybe the reasons for loss of motivation in students.

It is very important to detect these problems at an early stage. The right treatment and the right therapy will evolve the students into a confident being.

5. Laziness and pampering

This is one reason that many students are not achieving great heights despite having the caliber to do so. Students are lazy as they are provided everything in hand. Someone has said that ‘don’t give the children things that you did not have but give the children the teachings that you did not learn.’

Too much pampering inculcates laziness in students, which leads to the loss of motivation. Even if you do not pamper your child, but he seems to be lazy, you should try all the methods to ensure that you motivate him the right way. Laziness is a habit that can be changed, amended if paid attention at the right time.

To conclude,

Loss of motivation is a really bad thing to happen. Loss of motivation not only leads to studying less or not succeeding, but it affects the overall behavior of a human being. Even basic habits such as eating, sleeping, and socializing are affecting.

Motivation plays an important role in building up of a human being. Be a motivational parent, partner, friend, or just a person. Being motivational and using the right words will make the other person go a long way.

Being a motivator does not mean that you have to give long speeches. It just means being there and using words of appreciation, even when there seems little or no ray of hope. Occasions have been seen wherein just the right motivational words have made individuals go a long way.

So, just using the right words, kind gestures, and silently showing a person that no matter what the results are, there is always a ray of hope is actual motivation. Be affection and appreciative, and you never know whose life you touch.