Why You Shouldn’t Air Dry Your Car in 2022

After washing your car mostly at home can be tiring if you’re not a lover of it or you’re probably just quite tired after the whole thorough washing and cleaning. And it may be tempting to just lie back and decide to let the sun or a couple of air trips do the drying work for you. Well, i have got to tell you this is a bad idea.

Basically, one of the major reasons you should allow your car to air dry after washing is because of the residue that is guaranteed to be left behind. These waters either at home or even in the most luxurious car washes contain certain minerals that wouldn’t evaporate during an air dry.

Well you might be thinking “but all the liquids will finally disappear” and yes they will, but you will be subjecting your car to spots, watermarks, streaks and mineral deposits that would make your car look way worse than it did before you washed it. This is especially more conspicuous when the sun rises thereby highlighting all your car’s imperfections especially if your car is a dark-coloured paint finished car.

You might not notice these damages on the on set but as time goes by,you start to see these damages and a continuous air drying of your car after washing could leave behind calcium and other mineral deposits that can ruin the surface. 

An alternative to air-drying, if you are not using a car dryer blower, would be to use a soft squeegee to remove the water from the body of your car. However, be sure the rubber is pliable and doesn’t pick up bits of dirt that could cause scratches. This is an alternative to speed up the process you might employ.