Biggest Challenges & Solutions Associated with Sourcing Products from China

Sourcing various product types from China is not a novelty, moreover, it is a viable way to do business regardless of which type of service you specialize in. In a nutshell, China represents one of the global gold mines, so in order to utilize potential benefits, you must know where to dig. If you enter the venture unprepared, the chances are high that you will fail to make the most of it. Fortunately, we have prepared a list of the biggest challenges and potential solutions associated with sourcing products from China that should enable you to strengthen your position and protect your interests in future trading.

Finding a Source


The fact that sourcing products from China is challenging should not imply that Chinese people handle business differently than the rest of the world. On the other hand, it could suggest you do not know the market as well as you should to draw specific business moves.

Larger companies have an advantage over smaller businesses only because they invest more funds in market research. Thus, bear that in mind the next time you decide to sign a partnership with a company about whom you know superficially. Reading online reviews is not enough, especially if you consider how easy it is to pump a rating by hiring bots to do the hard work. Thus, we recommend you focus on checking the source credibility by all means.

Step 2

Unfortunately, no one guarantees that things will go like clockwork upon agreeing on specific terms with your potential supplier. A large number of individuals who try their luck with sourcing products from China learn about hidden costs they initially fail to take into account.

We advise you to thoroughly analyze a deal if it appears to be too good to be true since it probably is. Make sure you inquire about potential custom costs and assess whether buying in bulk would pay off in the long run. Some suppliers even offer taking care of the custom expenses if you order the right amount, while others keep potential snags that would move you away from signing the contract secret.

Lost in Translation


Unless your proficiency in the Mandarin Chinese language is satisfactory, we suppose your communication with potential sources would be conducted in English. Now, there should be no problem if you manage to understand the other party and accept their business proposals. On the other hand, signing papers with a party you are not sure that understood you well could make a serious issue.

Just imagine paying for 6000 instead of 600 pieces of anything, and you will realize the catch behind a relatively imperceptible typo. The aforementioned should serve you as an example of how things can go wrong, so focus on every single detail that might appear suspicious, no matter how strenuous it might be.

China Sourcing Agents


Working with an agent might not be the optimal way to make a profit but it should secure you end up with precisely what you want for a price you are willing to pay. Naturally, as in any other profession, some China sourcing agents do their job flawlessly, while others fail to meet the highest criteria. Unquestionably, they will all do their best to convince you their services are top-notch.

In order to earn their paycheck, a sourcing agent should find you a company that will deliver a product according to your wants and needs and makes sure that you do not spend a small fortune on necessary materials. If you want to learn how to distinguish professional China sourcing agents from amateurs and fraudsters, feel free to consult justchinait for more detailed info.

Quality Standards


Let’s be honest and admit that a vast majority of individuals consider goods produced in China to be of lesser quality than alternative ones. Now, we would lie to you if would claim they are completely right for doubting the quality since the quality of an item produced in China depends on numerous factors.

After all, Chinese craftsmen are considered one of the most skillful professionals in the world but the sad part of the story implies that not everyone producing goods in China has the luxury of calling themselves a master of their trade. Unfortunately, that does not stop them from offering their services on the global market.

What you should do to avoid paying for faulty merch is to insist on following particular quality standards that you feel comfortable with. That does not think you have to explain down to detail everything you expect from a product, moreover, the calls for strict and easily understandable guidelines.

To avoid involving yourself in a hopeless situation, we recommend you only cooperate with Chinese sources that would offer you a free sample of the product. The concept might be time-consuming, but at least you will not end up with a container full of items of unsatisfactory quality you would not know what to do with.



If you have thought we have finished storytelling about customs, we have bad news for you. Namely, other customs-related issues might prevent you from getting your hands on the goods intend on purchasing.

Firstly, you should make sure that the goods you want to import to your country can be imported, or they might be blacklisted for some reason. Naturally, you should take care of the aforementioned before you sign a contract with your source and make huge arrangements.

Also, you should know that patience is a virtue better to have than not, especially if you plan on importing goods from China for a living. Shipping large quantities from one country to another undergoes detailed inspections and takes time. Considering how many goods China sends abroad it is reasonable to expect the products to be held for some time. Thus, if you do not feel comfortable waiting from 2 weeks to 2 months on average for the goods to enter your country, we advise you to consider another profession or prepare yourself both mentally and financially for the potential stoppage.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information will help you avoid making unfavorable deals with your Chinese partners. Just make sure you stick to your plans and never rush into making business decisions since the process requires time for realization.