5 Best Frame for Motorized Bicycle 2022 – Reviews and Guide

What model is your motorized bicycle build? The aluminum frame type with 29” wheels? You’d be engineering a killer into a monster if you’d gone for a cruiser. Say something like the genesis onyx 29 cruiser bicycle.

Add to that a Lifan 250cc engine or a 4 stroke 99cc motor to beat the motorized bicycle laws. What else could you add to it? Ah, that one best frame for a motorized bicycle for a tip-top motor mount replacement? Ding, ding, ding… plus a full-packed 4 stroke bicycle engine kit?

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Drag all of that into your DIY station and you’re ready for some plasma cutting and welding. In the end, your bike is transformed into a more personalized ride. And you… you get the needed support for all the long-distance cruising.

Now the hard part. When it comes down to it, and really, having the best frame for motorized bicycle delivered at your doorstep is not a walk-in-the-park. While you may have a hard time requesting for a replacement that never happens, your order may come in good shape and you only get a week from it. Here is another case. The advertisement you read is just the opposite of what came out of the package. Duh…

Best Picks for 2022

So to speak, we have done the work for you. All you need to do is pick your design of choice from our best frame for motorized bicycle review. Ready? Get to it.

1. Grubee Skyhawk Aluminum Motorized Bicycle Frame- GTA 150mm

Grubee Skyhawk Aluminum Motorized Bicycle Frame- GTA 150mm


We learned you’re looking to customize a cruiser. See our analysis of the best on the market. The Grubee Skyhawk GTA 150mm frame.

Frame Geometry: Grubee GTA 150mm is a compact geometry frame. The Manufacturer’s aim is to secure your goal to build a low gravity bike for your charity 200 and your evening club crit. To achieve that a sloppy top frame is engineered to meet an almost perfectly curved down tube in a strong weld bond. This technology blends the frame into an oval compact 70 degree V-angle design to make your cruiser as responsive as the high-ends on the market. As a finish-up for extended strength and weight support an extra tube, a straight rigid tube, comes bridging the gap between the top and the down tubes at a reasonable area that allows enough storage space. This design method speeds up pedaling while giving way for quicker ride for your bicycle races and competitions.

Frame material: Grubee, the manufacturer, designs this frame from start to finish in aluminum and here is why. Aluminum is the toughest design material ever employed in the engineering field. Not only does your bike last longer but resist heat generated from all sources thereby preventing you from burning while making sure you stay comfortable through all your cruises. Again the aluminum choice is much stiffer. With an even distribution of all imposed load throughout the bike you are confident and well-balanced whether on a slow-ride or you are diffusing into the wind on a sunny day. Another upside of the aluminum material is resistivity to corrosion. For this alone we recommend GRubee Skyhawk aluminum motorized bicycle frame-GTA 150mm for an all-season cycling. No rusting in the rain. No excessive heating in the sun. Gets even stronger in the snow. Finally the light-weightiness brought by the aluminum material doesn’t make cycling a work, especially during long distance ride. Needless to say Grubee specifically uses the 6069 aluminum type to help you get away with the harsh ride common with aluminum frames.

Frame tubing: first off, the head tube measures up to 1.125 on the inner diameter as the seat post. This means you may fix most of all the best saddles for road bikes in it. With that said the bottom bracket shell is threaded and has enough spacing for your preferred crankset. You’re able to fit in either of your 40mm or 50mm front mount stud 2-stroke engines easily, securely, and faster. Then the downtube is 38mm thick and curved at 70 degrees to meet the up-tube sharply for the smooth rotation of the crank and chain as you paddle.  These tubing arrangements all-together amounts to a high performance bike build when you use the frame for your road bike.

Our final verdict: the Grubee GTA 150mm is one when looking for the best frame for motorized bicycle. Highly recommended for custom road bikes for its compatibility with both disc brakes and caliper brakes. And did we mention the built-in 2.4L gas tank? In addition a rubber ride cushion block comes inside to absorb shocks and vibration like water so you don’t feel them. Still looking forward to a comfortable ride?

2. BBR Tuning 26 Inch Motorized Bike Frame W/ 3.75 Gas Tank- Black

BBR Tuning 26 Inch Motorized Bike Frame W/ 3.75 Gas Tank- Black


Do you pay as much attention to price as you do the features and benefits of your frame for a motorized bicycle? The BBR tuning 26-inch motorized bike frame W/3.75 gas tank-black is one of the best frames for a motorized bicycles under 200 bucks. Details below…

Frame Geometry: as an opposite of the traditional frames the BBR tuning is spotted as a compact geometry ready for road rides and off-roads. It has an upper tube sloping almost in an arc into the mouth of the down tube and both welded tightly together to be compact and durable. The down tube on the other hand slopes up at a less sloppy angle to add a traditional touch to your ride. The overall design comes down to an oval shape compact frame for a simpler mounting and fixing of 2-stroke bike engine. Who says it’s impossible to escape the clumsiness of the ad-on clunky tanks and the deep scratches they leave on frames? BBR tuning comes with a sturdy 2.4L tank built right into it for a more free ride and the extension of bike life.

Frame material: as another aluminum built bike-part BBR tuning 3.7g gas is another best frame for motorized bicycle made to last. The tubes get tougher and stronger in winter for your in-the-snow races (insert snow crush 2022 fat bike race). You’re able to pedal for as long as you want comfortably in the sun if you repaint this frame into silver or white since the factory black color absorbs heat. Except from that the BBR tuning W/3.75 gas tank frame is lightweight, is of high weight capacity, and allows for easy installation of engine.

Frame tubing: a note though. We find the manufacturer made a wrong representation for this product on Amazon. They make a claim, perhaps by mistake, that this product is disc brake compatible. This is not true as gathered from our experts. Instead the BBR tuning W/3.75 gas tank frame is center–pull brake but here’s an even fascinating feature. To help you escape the sagging of brake cables, avoid splashing out on the inefficiency of zip-ties or fabricating mount, this model has cable ports. The close and tough cable ports run over the inside of the up-tube and on the outside of the down-tube so you don’t slip into a cable and crash.

Our final verdict: judging by engine-fitness and compatibility any cruiser builder will pick the BBR tuning W/3.75 gas tank frame off the shelf among many others. First off it accommodates about every 2-stroke 66/80cc or 48cc bicycle engine on the market. And then for when you’re looking to build a 49cc 4-stroke engine into your bike this is the frame you want to bet your money on. The only downside is the absence of a gas cap.

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3. Dolphin1986 Reinforced Motorized Gas Bicycle Frame

Dolphin1986 Reinforced Motorized Gas Bicycle Frame


Frame geometry: this is the last in our handpicked compact design series. Dolphin1986 reinforced motorized gas bicycle frame made specifically for professionals. For some reasons you’d rather walk over this one as a beginner with a bike that has a quick release rear wheel. Our next recommendation would do. Professional? Great. The Dolphin1986 features a reinforced for mount for motor, the same way the rear hub where your rear rim stays is reinforced. What engine type could this take? A 2-stroke engine only. But your 2-stroke engine must be either of the 3 regulars; 48cc, 66cc, or 80cc. Build this frame into your bike and enjoy up to 2.4L gas space in the tough build-in tank.

Frame material: from the gas tank to the mounts to the ports that hold your brake cables in place, Dolphin1986 is built from scratch to the top with aluminum.

Frame tubing: starting with the head tube, Dolphin1986 is built with 2 sets of 150mm head tubes. The 1-1/8” headset fixes well into your front fork, your fork turns smoothly through the headset and give you more control over turning of your bike. Likewise the 2” diameter bottom bracket is spacy enough to contain your crankset of choice while giving room for a flexibly-tight movement of chain over crank. Easy pedaling, great response. Finally, like most other compact frames, Dolphin1986 has a 38mm diameter downtube bent at 70 degrees to meet the head tube in a V shape.

4. CDHPOWER Bicycle Gas Frame 3.4L, Fuel Tank Built-in 3.4L Frame

CDHPOWER Bicycle Gas Frame 3.4L, Fuel Tank Built-in 3.4L Frame


Frame geometry: want to stand on the fence? Between compact or traditional frame? CDHPOWER just blends the two geometries into its gas frame for professional bikers. An extended fuel space of 3.4L for longer rides without a frequent refuel demand. We recommend this majorly for anybody looking to change into a 4-stroke engine in the long run after a time with a 2-stroke engine.

Frame material: CHDPOWER’s 3.4L gas space frame is built with aluminum for toughness, light-weightiness, and a less stiff ride.

Frame tubing: the 42mm tube takes in most standard crankset sizes on the first fix and it holds firmly. To complement that, the 1-1/8” diameter of the headset fits up to 2” size fork into itself and this doesn’t in anyway stop your bike from being responsive to turns.

5. ICAN 26er Carbon Fat Tire Snow Bike Frame 16/18/20” BSA

ICAN 26er Full Carbon Fat Tire Bike Snow Fatbike Frameset


Frame geometry: the only traditional frame for motorized bike on our list and it’s coming from ICAN. The ICAN 26er is almost perfectly flat at the top bar with a compact design on the low bar. Rear mount and front mount are designed for rims for fat tires. To build a cruiser for the winter rides we recommend the ICAN 26er.

Frame material: again this is the only carbon material built on our list. Carbon is easy to work with and mount the engine into in less time. Welding the extra parts into this carbon is less work than aluminum and the result is an aerodynamic bike build.

Frame tubing: the overall frame size is 16” with 197mm rear spacing. the 120mm bottom bracket holds the crankset well without the need for support. Top tube measures to 580mm and the seat tube at 483mm makes an angle joint of 73.5 degrees with downtube. This frame comes with a gas tank cap.


Still looking up for your best frame for motorized bicycle to build your design with? Let us know your need in the comment box for a recommendation that meets your needs.

Also, there are plenty of available kit sets for upgrading your bicycle to a motorized one. Before you go, check out the following list:

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