Best Exercise Machine For Bigger Glutes

If you have just recently jumped aboard the “Physical Health Fitness and Awareness Train'”, or if you are a longtime member of this party train, you will agree that building your glutes is one of the toughest items you can have on your to-do-list. I am a firm believer that it is much easier to get a six-pack through training than to effectively build your glutes. In this post, we will be looking at some of the best glute exercise machines for bigger glutes.

What Are Glutes?

If you are not familiar with the word ‘glutes’, you may be familiar with its synonym: butt. Your glutes are actually made up of parts, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. It’s pretty easy to see where the name “glutes” comes from. Your gluteus maximus is the most important and “seen” part. It is the part that creates the shape of your butt. The gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus work together to help you raise your muscles to the side. When this action is carried out, you work your gluteus maximus.

In essence, if you’re going for a bigger and firmer butt, your business is with your glutes. Almost everyone has heard of squats. These, however, are only one of the many ways to effectively train your glutes. If you intend to do it properly, you may need to look past squats and involve some machines to help you achieve your aim. If you want to purchase these machines or subscribe to a gym that has them, remember that while it may be tough now, it will totally be worth it in those skintight jeans.

Machines are also much better because they are definite. A system to help your squats is not going to let you get by with cheat-squat because you’re tired. They’ll also guide you on the right muscles to work. If you are considering getting a system to help you exercise and get bigger glutes desired, you’re on the verge of making a wise choice.

Best Exercise Machine For Bigger Glutes: Top 7 At A Glance


Complete Review: 7 Best Exercise Machine For Bigger Glutes

  •  Stair Stepper Machine

A stair stepper is a cardio system. It imitates the movements of climbing upstairs which helps engage your glute workout. This is one of the best glute exercise machines you could possibly buy for your glutes exercises. For a visible change,  engage with this system at least four times a week for like 30 minutes each day. This cardio routine is sure to help you get one step closer to achieving your dream butt.

Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine w/Handle Bar and LCD Monitor - NO. 059

Our Pick for Stair Stepper Machines: Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step system is one of the stair-stepping machines you can pick out. It has an LCD monitor that not only displays the calories you should have lost but also displays the time, how long you’ve been working, as well as other useful features. It motivates you as you can see your progress. There are handlebars that you can hold on to while exercising. The handlebars are soft and padded to ensure you are comfortable when in action. They help to improve balance and in essence, provide safety. The pedals of this system are large and non-slip which further testifies to just how safe the system has been designed to be.

Stair Stepper Machine
  • LCD MONITOR: Monitor displays your Time, Calories, Count, and Scan, you will be able to see your results to keep you motivated and on pace.
  • BALANCE: This stepper has Handle Bars to help keep you balanced while you step. Great for beginners who are new to the stepping world.
  • TWIST ACTION: Tone both your core and lower body weight while performing fun and effective stepping actions to engage deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on bones and joints.
  • NON-SLIP PEDALS: Textured non-slip oversized foot pedals to ensure safety of your vigorous workouts.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Heavy-duty steel construction to stand the test of time, and the everyday engagement of intense workouts. Max Weight capacity 250 lbs.

The system is not too heavy and so, moving it to its chosen spot would not be a herculean task. Pick out a spot for your system and avoid moving it too often. The equipment itself is also affordable and if you consider what it can do for you, it’ll seem like a really great bargain.

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  • Smith Machine For Bigger Glutes

If I were to classify a system as the “best” when it comes to workouts, this would be it. The smith system is one that offers you the opportunity to carry out different workouts with a single system. With it, you can carry out squats such as the front and back squat. You can also perform the barbell lunge as well as various typed of deadlifts such as the regular deadlift and the stiff-legged deadlift.

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing MD-9010G (Renewed)

Our Pick for Smith Machines: Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine

Designed for the home, the Marcy Smith Cage Workout equipment is great for a trainer with big dreams; this is obvious from the design. It has an Olympic free-weight rack, a cable routed pulley system, and linear bearings. With this equipment, apart from the above-listed workouts, you can perform over 100 club-quality exercises. In addition, you can perform three different types of strength building. It comes with a weight bench, a total hamstring developer, and a bicep preacher curl.

Marcy Smith Machine
  • ALL-STEEL CONTRUSTION - This home gym system is made with a heavy-duty steel frame reinforced with a durable powder coated finish. It utilizes sturdy aircraft cable with a tensile strength of 2,000lb thats guaranteed to withstand intense long-lasting use
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL PRESS ARMS - This versatile weight system home gym is designed with dual action press arms. Cage assembled dimensions- 70 L x 83 W x 86 H Inches. Bench assembled dimensions 75 L x 28.5 W x 47 H Inches
  • OLYMPIC FREE-WEIGHT RACK - Engage in intense weightlifting or strength training right in the comfort of your home! It includes 6 weight plate pegs that are built into the frame, letting you organize weights/barbells on the system for easy accessibility
  • ALL-IN-ONE WORKOUT STATION-This complete training system features an innovative structure that combines arm and leg stations for strengthening different muscle groups and executing comprehensive workouts,limiting the need to switch between gym equipment
  • LINEAR BEARING -The unique design of the linear bearing on the Smith system ensures a smooth motion to prevent any snags for an unencumbered experience. For added support, the Marcy MT-3 Barbell Pad provides comfort for select exercises- SOLD SEPARETELY

The system has a seven-degree slant to easily work with the movements made during the exercises. The hand bar catches, as well as the safety stoppers are adjustable to make sure that it works well for you irrespective of your size. The striker plates are made with chromed diamond. The system comes with six Olympic plate storage pegs, 2 single handles, a single triceps rope, Shiver bar, and Lat bar. The hamstring developer performs two actions and has six oversized roller pads and a row/curl handle. The icing on its cake is, it helps with weight loss.

The chrome sliding track can easily be adjusted as well. This system has five safety lockout and racking positions. Due to its build, I can conveniently suit users that are up to seven feet tall. It comes with four plate storage horns and additional plate holders.

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  • Hack Squat Machine For Bigger Glutes

FORCE USA Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo

From the name, it is quite obvious what a hack squat system it is. It’s a hack for ‘perfect squats’. This system helps you to mimic squats when you do not feel like doing full squats. Everyone knows that the key to that firm bubble butt is a squat. And so, a system that helps users squat at the right angles is killer-buy. This system works your butts, quads, and even your hamstrings. If this system is used frequently at least four days a week, you can be assured that your glutes will benefit immensely. The hack squat system works wonder for your quadriceps and hips as well.

Our Pick for Hack Squat Machines: FORCE USA Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo

One of the best squat machines available is the FORCE USA Monster. This equipment is actually a two-in-one system. It is not only a hack squat equipment but also a quadriceps press equipment which we will look at has a powder-coated laser-cut steel mainframe which measures 60″H x 66″W x 94″L. The system has five safety lockout positions as well as five racking positions. It is built so that it can be used by people that are up to seven feet tall. This equipment includes four plate storage horns. There are also additional plate holders under the sled to cope with extreme weight.

Hack Squat Machine
  • 1000 lb weight rating with 2x4 powder-coated laser-cut steel mainframe. 60H x 66W x 94L.
  • The perfect leg machine. Converts easily to perform hack squats, leg presses, calf raises and more.
  • Includes 4 plate storage horns and additional plate holders beneath sled for extreme weight.
  • Includes calf block for calf-focused workouts.

Its glide system is very smooth which makes it easy to engage. The padding and upholstery are designed to provide extreme support for the back. The switch between the quadriceps press formation and the hack squat formation takes little to no time. The back pad and footplate angles can easily be adjusted. The safety stopper can be adjusted just as easily without needing any tools. The FORCE USA Monster is a great choice for hack squat gears and as a bonus, it is two machines in one.

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  • Lying Leg Curl Machine

XMark Fitness 11-Gauge Adjustable Leg Curl/Extension Attachment XM-7455

The lying hamstring curl is just another great system for your butts. Not only does it build your fanny, but also your hamstrings are also not left out. From the name, it is quite easy to foresee the form you will need to take while using this system. With this system, you lay on your chest while your calves lift repeatedly. Your calves should raise slowly but surely to the top and come down again and then, repeat the motion. To do this the right way, your body must be properly aligned. Apart from the lying hamstring curl exercise, you can also perform other exercises such as the reverse donkey kick. To perform it, place your foot on the machine’s pad and kick backward slowly. Repeat either of both exercises fifteen times at a stretch.

Our Pick for Lying Leg Curl Machine: XMark Fitness 11-Gauge Adjustable hamstring Curl

The XMark Fitness is a great lying hamstring curl system. It is constructed firmly to allay any fears. It has a heavy-duty 11-gauge steel construction. This height of this system can be adjusted to fit whoever the user is. The roller pads which measure four-inches each are covered in vinyl. The hamstring and quadriceps adjustment has a plate that can carry up to 400-pounds. Using this system assures that your fanny will get worked out steadily.

Lying Leg Curl Machine
  • 12-position adjustable thigh pad
  • 20-position adjustable press arm and a fully adjustable backrest pad
  • 11-gauge steel mainframe construction with scratch resistant powder coat finish
  • Ultra thick 3 Duracraft cushions offer firm support and double stitched, tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl
  • Oversized 4.33 vinyl-covered rollers for added comfort

In addition, the whole system speaks durability. It is designed to keep up with frequent and long-term implementation. Because of this, you can be assured that your fanny and hamstrings will get the frequent and continuous workout they need to attain and retain your desired shape. Do not forget that with this unit you can also perform the reverse donkey kick. XMark Fitness is the first choice of many fitness-buffs. You are likely to come across this power in your top-quality gyms.

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  • Harmstring Press Machine For Bigger Glutes

Although men usually engage this machine for the sole purpose of training their legs, there is so much more to this machine ad it has a wide range of potential. Those men who gym and have perfect firm behinds are definitely regular users of this system. But how exactly should you engage this system? Using as the men do will not have the desired effects. This is because the way they use it works the quadriceps and not the fanny.

4-Way Hip Sled to use as Leg Press, HACK Squat, Forward Thrust, Calf Raise to give a Full Lower Body Workout Unit has DLX. Pads, Wide Adj. Deck Plates, 8 Wheels for Flawless Movement

The key lies in foot-placement. When you work or exercise your quadriceps, your feet are placed at a low level. That placement will not help you if your aim is on your fanny. To work your glutes place your legs much higher on the system and use a wider stance. That way, your fanny will get worked. This system, when used right, can be the system of your dreams. Be sure to use it as it should be for desired results.

Our Pick for Leg Press Machine: TDS 4-Way Hip Sled to use as Quadriceps Press; Squat

As the name implies, the TDS 4-way hip sled had up to four uses. It can be used as a hamstring press, a hack squat, a forward thrust, and a calf raise system. It has four wheels and each is rated 750 pounds. There are also fur side thrust wheels. The frame of the system is heavy duty and is specially designed. The shoulder pads are thick, stitched, and padded to make them comfortable when in use.

Leg Press
  • 4 Wheels - each rated 750 lbs., 4 Side Thrust wheels for Stability , Specially designed heavy duty Side Frames, 2 Sq. Steel Tube Construction, Thick Stitched Shoulder Pads, Deluxe Stitched Contoured Padding, Solid Steel Deck Plate - EZ to Adjust, Bars can hold Up to 1000 lbs.,
  • 1000 lb capacity. Sizes: 37W X 80D X 52H - Weighs 300 lbs.

The machine has a very heavy base and extra-long plate holders. The place holders are wide enough to work adequately when the machine is being used to engage the quadriceps, a hack squat, a forward thrust, and a calf raise. The TDS 4-Way Hip Sled is a great choice as it allows you to have four gears in one. You can be assured of durability and high quality.

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  • Glute Ham Raise Machine

Valor Fitness CB-29 Adjustable Glute and Ham Developer with Band Pegs and Olympic Plate Storage

The Glute Ham Raise gear is a system that is a bit different out of the many but is very effective for training your glutes. It works your glutes, hamstring, and calves which makes it a compound exercise. To use this system, place your feet steadily against the footplate. Carefully, proceed to lie down on your face. Then, lift yourself up. Remember that you should do this while flexing your knees. When you do this, you will contract. To do this properly, let your body be straight. The Glute Ham Raise gear isn’t one you should overlook when building your glutes.

Our Pick for Glute Ham Raise Machines: Valor Fitness CB-29 Adjustable Glute and Ham Developer

This glute-ham raise machine, the Valor Fitness CB-29, is an adjustable Glute and Ham Developer with Band Pegs as well as an Olympic Plate Storage. Its build is a heavy-duty one with a 2” x 2” frame. It has angled support bars. These will ensure your gear is steady and doesn’t shake. The bars and handles are double-padded for utmost comfort during serious workout for butt. This allows it to withstand intensive workouts. It also has rubber stoppers at the base. These are also for protection and support of the user and the gym floor. There are also padded ankle rollers and a steel foot-plate. This is mainly for the protection of the user.  The two-inch thick-knee platform keeps the body in position before and after your glute exercises.

Glute Ham Raise
  • HEAVY DUTY- Solid steel 2 x 2 frame with angled support bars to prevent moving or shaking during use. Rubber stoppers of the base for added stability and to protect gym flooring.
  • HIGH DENSITY PADDING- Dual layered padding to withstand intensive stress during workouts. 2 thick knee platform supports body while in kneeling position before and after exercise. 8 thick thigh cushion for comfort.
  • SAFE- Padded ankle rollers and steel foot plate allow for a secure fit while performing back extensions or sit-ups. 4.75 long grip handles on each side for extra assistance if needed.
  • ADJUSTABLE- Adjusts in 6 positions horizontally and 4 positions vertically. 2 grip handles on the front of the unit and 2 wheels on the back of the unit allow for easy mobility.
  • ADDITIONAL- Includes 2 band pegs to add extra resistance if needed and plate storage bar in the back of the unit. Warranty, 3-year frame, 2-year pad, 1-year popper pins. Arrives in 2 separate boxes.

This gear can be adjusted to six different positions horizontally and two vertical positions. There are two handles that can be held onto for a firmer grip. It has two band pegs that come along with it. The Valor Fitness CB-29 Valor Fitness CB-29 can be trusted to last longer in order to give you the gluts you desire. The footplate is wide enough and supports heavyweight. The exercises available with this gear are also great for strength enhancement. It allows you to work on your sexy ‘bod’ and have the strength to defend it.

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  • Standing Reverse qudriceps Curl Machine For Bigger Glutes

The name of this gear is actually the hamstring Curl Machine. The exercise, however, is not our choice for our glutes building. With this gear, we will be performing the reverse hamstring curl.

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

The hamstring curl focuses on your hamstrings. However, when you perform the reverse hamstring curl, you can make sure to contract your glutes thereby building them. To do this, lock up your ankles in the pad then push upward. Make sure your glutes contract before slowly letting yourself down. Having the hamstring Curl Machine means you have a wide range of exercise you can perform on that single machine.

Our Pick for Leg Curl Machines: Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

The Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench is a hamstring curl machine. It has a bench that is thickly padded to make it comfortable. The bench adjusts to four different height levels for maximum comfort. It has a heavy-duty two-inch steel frame construction. The grip handles are extended which makes them easy to reach.

Standing Reverse Leg Curl
  • Thickly padded bench with durable stitched vinyl upholstery
  • Bench adjusts to 4 levels
  • Adjustable, split thigh support. Recommended use- Use with or without dumbbells for ripped abs and a strong back
  • Heavy-duty 2 steel frame construction
  • Easy-to-reach extended hand grips
  • Pivoting foam rollers hold your lower leg in place for hyperextension exercises, and feet in place for crunches
  • High-density foam pads add comfort and support
  • Adjustable footrest, backrest, and thigh support to accommodate height and workout intensity
  • Folds for easy storage

The pivoting foam rollers hold your lower quadriceps in place for the exercises. The footrest is nonslip which means you are totally safe when using it. It is not a large system and can fit into most places. It can be folded up as well to create space. The Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench can be used for a wide range of exercises and not only the standing reverse hamstring curl.

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Wrapping Up on The Best Exercise System For Bigger Glutes

You have for sure determine the machine you will be going to buy now. However, we will like to know the one you are copping. Let’s hear you through the comment section.

Now go grow bigger glutes.