Audio-technica AT-F2 Review

You’ve had your Victoria Vintage 3-speed Bluetooth suitcase turntable for years. It’s most likely yours came with two cartridges with both faulted-out, no thanks to constant usage. The next big day is just around the corner and about to meet you 69% prepared. Chances are you’ve heard of how great the Auto technical AT-FT is among other moving coil cartridges. But confirming if it lives up to the promises before raising your card is such a wise decision. And here’s our honest audio technica AT-F2 review.

Let’s bring it in from the cold. MCs (Moving coil) stylus designs track the best. Add how revealing they are, their light-weightiness, and their edge-to-edge accuracy join with their high-frequency filtering. Besides your dream for a nimble needle with the highest responsiveness to mild grooves vibration is best actualized with a good moving coil stylus.

That is why on this page we explain why audio technica AT-F2 is best for you based on what you use it for.

Audio-Technica at-F7 Dual Moving Coil Turntable Cartridge

Why audio technica AT-F2?

This is your cartridge of choice because you lean more to orchestral and soft music. You enjoy a crisp and revealing version of your acoustic music on this one thanks to 0.3mV output. But to those with a taste for rhythm-led tracks and higher output voltage we might have to make some recommendations in future posts.

Another reason audio technica AT-F2 is for you is its competitive price dubbed with an expensive high-end needle. Your best experience so far is with a PC-OCC copper wired stylus design which means you’re up for an even greater catch on this metal body best phono cartridge under 200. Again as a jazz and rock addict looking to have deep but slightly unpronounced bass, audio technica AT-F2 is a sleeper great for you.

Features of Audi technica AT-F2

The audio technica at-f2 is a moving coil needle for standard turntables. The stylus design is elliptical spotting an in-mounted diamond in the stylus shank). The mounting feature is ½ inches in size and the overall dimension of the cartridge itself is 17.3 × 16.8 × 28.2 millimeters. With a tracking force of 1.8 – 2.2 g audio technica at-f2 shells an output voltage of 0.32 mV. That is exactly 1 kHz, 5cm/s. Move around the cantilever and you find it an aluminum tube 23° vertical tracking angle. More so, this same needle claims a refined frequency response of 10Hz – 30 kHz. A high responsiveness for a phono cartridge under 300 you say but here’s even more.

Audio technical at-f2 has a channel balance of 1.5 dB (1kHz) to complement a 25 dB (1 kHz) channel separation for your groove streams. The coil impedance is 25 dB (1 kHz) and the DC resistance 12 ohms. Little wonder most users report massively dynamic impacts on this MC upon maintaining a low background noise, say in-house grooving. On the initial first drive, we confirmed the manufacturer’s 25 ɲH (1 kHz) coil inductance claim and a 35 ɲm/Mn (100Hz) static compliance. The dynamic compliance, however, is 9 ɲm/mN (100Hz) for this MC. And finally, the load impedance records Min. 100 Ohm on connection with head amplifier.


Special note

This is a dual moving coil system with a PCCOC coil connection. You won’t get a high output from it before connecting an amplifier. A head amplifier to be specific. The recommended devices however according to the manufacturer are; audi-technica AT-LP120, Denon DL-103R, Victoria vintage 3-speed Bluetooth suitcase and other turntables, record players, and Denon DL-103.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question; is this considered a high output mc of at least 4 mv?

Answer; no. this is a low output moving coil (LOMC). The output voltage on MC type stereo is low. Exactly 0.32mV

  1. Question; how can the output be increased for this mc?

Answer; set the MC up with a phono stage with an MC setting. Either or both SUT (Step Up Transformer) or head amp

  1. Question; is the stylus replaceable?

Answer; Yes. But the best decision is to purchase a new one when considering the cost.

  1. Question; can I use it and mount this MC on my half-inch mount headshell? Say my mkii xl-500 turntable

Answer: Sure you can. In fact, it’s best to use a half-inch mount cartridge on a half-inch mount headshell.



This is our auto technica at-f2 review based on beta testing and real users’ feedback. We hope to hear from you immediately after usage as we’d like to continuously update this post according to real users’ experience. Just so you have a question or miss something or have a thing to call us back to, use the comment box immediately.

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