Too Busy to Exercise During the Holidays? There’s an App for That

Keeping up with your fitness routine during the holiday season can be downright exhausting—waking up at 5:00 a.m. to fit in a Spin class before catching a plane, running to a midday HIIT class between meetings. An easier solution for these hectic times: streaming workouts. Led by the same top-tier instructors who command sold-out studio classes, these mobile-enabled sweat sessions let you blast through high planks and lunge split jumps in your home—or hotel or guest room.

“Whether it’s a 45-minute live cycling class or a five-minute ab workout, the market for streaming content has erupted lately,” says New York City trainer Emily Abbate, who notes that you can “definitely see results” from such routines. And what participants sacrifice in face-to-face bonding and high-fives, they more than make up for in convenience. Here, Abbate names the five best streaming workouts for toning on your own time.

For Time-Crunched Circuit Masters
New York City trainer Anna Kaiser whips clients like Naomi Watts and Shakira into shape with a hybrid mix of strength training, cardio, and plyometrics. Her recently launched AKT On Demand app provides access to more than 1,500 minutes of high-energy workouts spliced into 10- to 90-minute increments. “It’s great if you want to target certain muscle groups, like arms or legs, or do a full-body routine that blends all the essentials—strength, cardio, and HIIT—so you get maximum burn in the shortest amount of time,” Abbate says. $50 per month

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