May 2017Self

I Worked Out Like a Celebrity for a Week at Anna Kaiser’s Retreat

What do I have in common with Karlie Kloss, Kelly Ripa, Shakira, and Hilary Duff? Pretty much nothing—except now, we’ve all sweated it out with celebrity trainer extraordinaire Anna Kaiser. OK, so I may not be a private client, but I did get a taste of just how challenging it is to be on Kaiser’s impressive roster when I went on a weeklong Anna Kaiser retreat in Austin. I’ve never worked out harder in my life.

Even though celebs often have the cash, support, and access to clock time with top-tier trainers for top-tier results, ultimately, they still have to put in the work—and so did I. During the six-day retreat, our group of about 25 people pushed through two high-intensity 90-minute workouts a day, which is more than she typically has her clients do.

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