Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: MR Treats is Back!

Not us and that is for damn sure. We had so much fun and got so few cavities from our MR Treats giveaways that we decided to keep doing it — one treat for every month to coincide with each theme.

This month’s theme, if you couldn’t tell from the giant orange rectangle with flashing lightening bolts above your current eye-line, is ch-ch-changes. Did I stutter? Yes! Someone had to get the beat going because this month’s treat is a dance class that’s also a fitness class called AKT that can and will change your body/mind/endurance/the way you feel about working out and/or dancing.

Hey you in the sweaty neon spandex, over there on the tambourine — hit it!

There will be five winners total. (Sounds like a dance troop to me!) Each winner will receive:

+ 3 months free access to AKT on-demand (online classes)
+ An AKT accessories kit
+ $25 in-studio classes for one month
+ A pink MR hat

Are you just so freakin’ excited? I AM!!!!


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