Phono Cartridges For Turntables 2022

More and more people are getting into vinyl these days, and while you can just go on the internet, pick up a record player that might go for under fifty dollars, or you can even head over to a local thrift store and get yourself a vintage one that would go for, maybe, less.

The fact of the matter is, if you really want to hear vinyl in all its glory, you will have to upgrade or even replace the phono cartridge that the record player you are using has. This is what will give you that crisp vinyl sound that we all crave.

Know what is a good phono cartridge, and why it can be quite tough to identify one.

What is a Phono Cartridge?

Well, some of you audiophiles may be snickering at the above-asked question, but there is a whole load of people that are new to this fascinating hobby of enjoying music on vinyl. You probably already know what the needle on a record player does. But for those who do not know, let us explain.

The needle is what touches the record. And a phono cartridge is the whole thing, the needle and what surrounds it, although, stylus is the actual term for the needle.

So, when someone uses the term phono cartridge and suggests that you may need to get a better one for that budget-priced record player that you bought, or that 80s model that you picked up from that local thrift store, this is exactly what they are referring to.

Do not worry, it is not something that is very complex. Sometimes, many people will say the needle when they are referring to the phono cartridge.

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How Do You Know What Phono Cartridge You Need?

Well, with the huge amount of choice out there on the market when it comes to phono cartridges, it may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you are able to find out the kind of record player you have, finding a complete phono cartridge is quite easy. One of the major benefits of getting into the world of vinyl collecting is the community itself, seeing as there are many people that will be willing to help you out.