What Is PRP Hand Rejuvenation?

As we grow older, there are a lot of changes in our bodies that we’re going to be experiencing. While this is all a part of aging, it doesn’t mean that we are happy with the changes that it gives us. Although it’s natural that we’re all going to go through this, it’s possible for us to go through treatments that can delay the whole thing for at least a year or so.

Have your hands been suffering badly because of aging? If this sounds like you, then you should consider hairandskinscience.You may be asking, what is PRP hand rejuvenation? In this article, we’ll be discussing what it is, how it’s done, and its benefits.

What is PRP hand rejuvenation?

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PRP injections are a fast and easy technique to rejuvenate your hands, regaining skin elasticity and reversing the effects of sun damage and aging. Fine lines, loose skin, discoloration, and wrinkles are some of the most frequent indicators of aging on the hands, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment allows doctors to turn the clock back and eliminate them.

PRP injections have little to no adverse side effects, unlike so many other anti-aging procedures. Age and liver spots, heavy, wrinkled hands, and volume loss in hands with prominent veins can all improve from PRP injections.

How is PRP hand rejuvenation done?

For over a decade, PRP therapy has been used in the medical world to treat various illnesses, including tendonitis, acute injuries, and arthritis. Researchers have recently discovered that you can also use this sort of therapy to reduce age-related imperfections.

The whole process starts with the specialist taking a sample of the patient’s blood during the therapy session. After that, the blood is centrifuged to isolate the plasma from the other molecules. The PRP is then injected into the therapy site as the final step.

The body will begin creating more elastin and collagen after being shot into the hands. These two forms of protein play a significant role in the body’s natural healing process and help in reversing aging signs.

How long until the effects of PRP hand rejuvenation are shown?

Within a month following the operation, noticeable changes might be visible. While it depends on the degree of improvement required, the results can last from 6 to 12 months. Some clients may get the desired effects immediately after their first PRP treatment session. Your doctor will propose a plan for you, depending on the state of your hand.

How durable are the PRP results?

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The durability of PRP treatment depends on the treated area. Even though it takes a few weeks until the first results are visible, you may need another shot after a month or two. Also, this depends on your current skin condition, and sometimes, additional treatment is needed.

In the best-case scenarios, the results will last up to 18 months, and some people report even two years when done properly. That means, the effect is pretty durable, but not permanent.

When it comes to scalp treatment, it potentially reverses hair loss, but there is not enough proof for this. But, people who underwent this treatment, are sure they have more healthy hair. That means, the effect is really durable.

What should I do after the treatment?

You need to stay hydrated and eat healthy meals. We suggest you not consume alcohol. Smoking can negatively affect your body, and the treatment may not give the wanted effect. Repeat the procedure if you don’t have visible effects after two months. Most of the time, you will need to repeat it every 9-12 months, for a prolonged effect. Also, it’s understandable if this is not your cup of tea, since not everyone is comfortable using treatments made from their blood. If you can’t handle this idea, there are so many rejuvenation treatments you can do, so you can keep your youth forever.

What are the benefits of PRP hand rejuvenation?

The PRP can provide us with many benefits but let’s expound on them. Even though it’s one scary process, one thing to note about it is the number of benefits it has, along with the speed of the whole procedure.

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#1 It provides results that can last a long time

The results of your PRP hand rejuvenation can sometimes take up to three or even four weeks to show up. While it may take a little time after your procedure, the results are long-lasting and can stay up to around 18 months, assuming that you have done the three-treatment series.

#2 It’s a safe procedure with little to no side effects

As mentioned earlier, the procedure uses chemicals that are from your body. Since the whole process doesn’t require putting outside chemicals into your body, you can trust it. The whole process just involves taking your blood to separate the white blood cells and platelets from the red blood cells. Because of this, the chances of experiencing harmful side effects are little to none.

#3 It’s a natural type of cosmetic injectable

Compared to the other injectables out there for your body, this is guaranteed low-risk since the process is all-natural with the use of your blood. Moreover, the procedure has been used ever since the 1970s, making it more trustworthy.


It isn’t easy to beat the effects of aging, but all because of PRP hand rejuvenation, you can go back to looking like your youthful self. PRP hand rejuvenation is an immediate treatment with long-term results that gives plenty of us who want to beat aging an opportunity to.

Since the whole process is natural with little to no unwanted side effects, it’s reasonable for many of us to wish to undergo this procedure. However, before doing so, make sure you’ve contacted your doctor and have asked for their professional opinion regarding this. We hope you learned everything you need to know about PRP hand rejuvenation through this article.

Note: Make sure you go to licensed beauty centers. This is not an ordinary procedure, and the staff must be trained to perform a PRP intervention on the clients. Always go for licensed studios, so you can get the wanted results, without putting your health at risk. We hope that you will have the wanted results almost immediately after the treatment.