We currently offer a 3 week intensive course, that takes place at our flagship studio, located in NYC.
Through this course, you will:
  • Learn a 60 min choreographed class in the Happy Hour format
  • Learn how to deliver complete instruction using informative and well timed cues
  • Learn how to breakdown choreography so that anyone can learn the dance routines
  • Develop an understanding of AKT’s core principles and concepts
  • Learn how to master the AKT Happy Hour class format in order to incorporate new content every 2 weeks.
  • Learn how to create and combine your own choreography, style, and playlist within the class format
  • Increase your own strength and endurance using the Anna Kaiser technique, so as to better instruct this technique to others
  • Become an AKTeam member upon successful completion
Each certification program has 10 slots available so please read below for qualifications.
  • A personal training certification, or group class instructor certification
  • Professional Dance background
  • Current CPR/ARD certification
  • Attend the full 3 weeks of the AKT Happy Hour course
  • Take a minimum of 15 AKT classes
  • Observe 4 AKT classes
  • Teach 3 practice classes
  • Pass a written exam
  • Pass the teaching evaluation
  • Pass the client feedback evaluation

The cost of the course is $3,500 and is comprised of

  • A 6 day workshop
  • Unlimited classes
  • Up to 5 practice teaching classes
  • An instructor manual
  • A Written exam
  • An Instructor Evaluation

Upon successful completion of the program, you will become a certified AKT Happy Hour Instructor, and will be awarded an AKT Certificate of Completion.

AKTeam Membership

Once an AKT certified instructor, you will be subscribed to the AKTeam Membership which is $30/month, to stay in sync with our NYC flagship studios.
Staying current with our membership is required and will allow you to say up to date with content being implemented in our classes at all of our studio locations, and includes:

  • Online access to new content every 2 weeks, which will be implemented in to all of your classes
  • Access to new playlists every 2 weeks
  • Access to an AKTrainer concierge
  • $10 classes when taking classes at any of our studio locations.
  • Discount on other AKT certification courses
  • A subscription to AKTimes newsletter, staying involved in everything current that is happening at our AKT studios in NYC.
  • Discount on AKT Apparel
To request an application, and for more information regarding the program, please email ariel@aktinmotion.com